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EXHIBITION •  GoSee presents : Violet Vertigo - Julia Peirone's second exhibition at the f5,6 Gallery, Munich

Gallery f 5,6, Munich is pleased to present the latest works by Swedish shooting star Julia Peirone. She received the prestigious Swedish state funded London residency IASPIS in 2008, where the photographic based series, a sculptural project and a video piece was created. This is the photo artist’s second exhibition at the f5,6 gallery.

To look at Julia’s portraits is to alight the emotional rollercoaster that accompanies young women going through puberty. Her images are created in a kind of cross-fertilisation or seeming duality between the documentary and the staged, the analogue process of photographing, mixed with a digital process of altering, cutting, adding and collaging together and the process of editing and reducing this to an essence and content.

Baby, Sweetheart, Muffin and Violet Vertigo – they may sound like terms of teenage endearment, but they are in fact the titles of Julia’s new work pieces. And they also happen to be real brand names of make-up products. These titles and cosmetic brand names sound promising and seductive to the consumer. But it is hardly the glossy adverts of beautiful retouched models that await the viewer, nor feminist coded social critiques, but rather sensitive observations of an artist with an eye on the women that surround her.

Julia Peirone (*1973) moved to Sweden from Argentina when she was three. She studied in Gothenburg and at the well-known Kunstfack in Stockholm. She belongs to the younger generation of leading Swedish photo artists. She has received numerous Scandinavian artists’ grants, prizes and public commissions and has been exhibiting continuously in museums, institutions and galleries such as the National Portrait Gallery, London, Kunstverein Munich, or the Finnish Museum of Photography, to name but a few. Following the success in 2006, it is her second show at the gallery in Munich.

Julia Peirone - Violet Vertigo

Until 2 May 2009 at Galerie f5,6
Ludwigstr. 7 (Odeonsplatz) . 80539 Munich
Tu-Fr 12-6pm, Sa 12-5pm

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