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DIGITAL FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY •  GoSee Tip : Frederike Helweg - Skype(d) Fashion, the exhibition at Berlin's Gallery of Modern Photography

Frederike Helweg was actually booked to shoot a spread for Lula magazine, UK. It was to feature the Spring/Summer 2010 collections by Marc Jacobs, Chloé and others.

Due to budget reasons the shoot didn’t place on location in New York, so instead the photographer directed the models over her Skype account and then released the shutter of her medium format camera in front of the computer screen.

The results are pictures that don’t quite look like a perfect editorial, but come across as a surrealist study of movement.

The images depict disruptive factors. Sometimes the digital toolbar is in the shot, at other times the images are out of focus or seem to have be taken with a digital delay.

Journalist Adriano Sack describes the work as a collision of two worlds: ‘…Fashion photography and the trashy immediacy of the digital modern age. As if two technically adept friends had played ‘dress up’ across the Atlantic.”

Her style is definitely raw. The aesthetic seems intimate, but in a different context, which makes the exhibition so interesting.

Frederike Helweg on Skype: “The medium suggests human contact where there isn’t any”.

It is probably best to go see just what her images suggest when you are standing directly in front of them. The Gallery of Modern Photography presents ‘Skype’ until 9 September 2010.

Frederike Helweg – Skype

Gallery of Modern Photography
Schröderstr. 13
10115 Berlin

until 9 September 2010
Thurs + Fri + Sat
12:00 – 18:00

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