27.10.2010  •  Art NEWS


GoSee Tipp : Creative Destruction is more than a photo collage. Abigail Reynolds, Damien Blottière, Bóas Kristjánsson and Jeremy Kost present Photography 3.0.

Pictures can be taken and pictures can be modified. Quite critically modified for that matter. ‘Creative Destruction’ shows the very modern works by Abigail Reynolds, Damien Blottière c/o ARTLIST PARIS, Bóas Kristjánsson and Jeremy Kost, which go far beyond the mere process of photographing.

On the occasion of the 4th European Months of Photography in Berlin, a lot of experimentation is going on and common expectations are duly ignored – and that is just how it should be.

What we witness is how the relationship between space and time redefine themselves and merge on a two-dimensional basis, like portraits being drawn into a pool of chaos by collages of Polaroid photographs.

The Kunstagenten gallery in Berlin Linienstraße is not into mainstream and is hosting a colourful collage experiment with lots of subtle detail. We like!

The private view will take place on the 12th of November, 6pm

'Creative Destruction'
Kunstagenten Galerie
Linienstraße 155
10115 Berlin

13th of November – 18th of December 2010
Tue – Sat, 2pm – 7pm

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