04.08.2010  •  Art NEWS


SOLO SHOW BERLIN •  GoSee Tip : Lisa Wassmann's first solo show in Berlin

Photographer Lisa Wassmann’s favourite photographs are on display at the West Berlin Gallery. The show of limited editions of three opens on 5 August.

The Berlin-born photographer’s work always incorporates the element of coincidence, the object’s reaction to the camera, the set, the day. She adds her own cool aesthetic and a superior approach to the final ‘picture’.

Lisa’s photographic path took her through Berlin’s confusing club scene. Including a position as a ‘house photographer’ for the Scala Club, which, in true Berlin style, has already been shut down again.

This is the up and coming Berlin-based photographer’s first solo show.

West Berlin Gallery was founded in 2009 by curator Guillaume Trotin and specialises in Urban Fine Art, Street Art, Illustration and Photography.


5 August – 5 September 2010
West Berlin Gallery
Brunnenstraße 56 Berlin

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