28.03.2010  •  Art NEWS


RAIN FOREST DREAM •  Michael Hoppen Gallery, London, presents 'Quinault' by Yoshihiko Ueda - otherworldy images marked by nature and gratefulness

In the 1990s, Yoshihiko Ueda travelled to the rainforest in Washington State, USA. Upon his return, he was not just filled with deep thoughts, but his bags were also full of the impressions he captured on camera. A sublime sea of rich turquoises and greens, sporadically pierced by rain and light. ‘Quinault’ is both the name of this ancient piece of earth and his exhibition at the Michael Hoppen Gallery in London.

An impenetrable rainforest glows mysteriously with its rarity and ancient history. In his photographs, Ueda transports these characteristics to our urban lives and thus enables us to share in the emotions of his travels.

Today’s eyes might be quick to make comparisons with Avatar. The photo series thrives on the impregnable mammoth trees and the lushness of a space in which time seems to have come to a stand still.

Born in Hyogo, Japan 1957, Ueda graduated from Visual Arts College Osaka, where he studied under Masanobu Fukuda and Taiji Arita. In 1982 he set out as a freelance photographer and has subsequently become one of the most successful photographers in the Japanese advertising industry. Ueda continues to explore his personal work with a commitment, an originality and an aesthetic purity that has been highly praised internationally.

Michael Hoppen Contemporary presents the Japanese photographer’s first exhbition in Europe.

Yoshihiko Ueda – Quinault

closes 1 May 2010
Michael Hoppen Gallery
3 Jubilee Place