20.12.2010  •  Art NEWS


MOCHI UP YOUR HOME ! •  Mochi Mochi Plush Art Friends - magical knit art for kids and grown-ups

When New York’s Hanahou Gallery puts on a show, then it is often otherworldly, colourful and captures the beauty of childhood.

GoSee readers might remember Anna Hrachovecs' ‘Mochi Mochi’ exhibition in October. A world of knitted creatures, clouds and pastures. Now everyone can get his or her own piece of Mochi Mochi for the home.

Pieces on offer include the Self-Actualizing Snowmen, the Rolly-Polly Pandas, Impostor Santas and the MochiMochiLand Pool.

This is art to love and to cherish, art for kids and grown-ups. The prices of the cute knitwear pieces range from $10 to $400 and are a wonderful start for an art collection.

Available from the Gallery Hanahou Shop.

Anna Hrachovecs –
Mochi Mochi Plush Art

10 – 400 US-Dollar

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