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YOUNG GUNS •  New Photography 2011 : Manipulation, War, Sex, Internet-Shots, b/w assortment and Propaganda. Contemporary photography on GoSee. A MoMA Moment.

New Photography 2011 – is Moyra Davey, George Georgiou, Deana Lawson, Doug Rickard, Viviane Sassen and Zhang Dali. The six photography artists all stem from different backgrounds and schools and thanks to that, they exemplify what contemporary photography is capable of and the vast areas of interest the medium is capable of covering.

Moyra Davey's (Canada, 1958) come to life through physical handling – she sends them to friends and by the token of their existence, they become subject to vulnerability. An unusual and rare 'blemish' in this digital age.

George Georgiou (UK, 1961) documents the battle of Turkey, the war between tradition and modernity, clinging to reality while not letting go of the future.

Deana Lawson (American, 1979) confronts us with intimate portraits of Afro-Americans – from all conceivable perspectives.

Doug Rickard (American, 1968) takes the viewer on a picturesque road trip through urban America – without leaving the house. Thanks to Google Street View, he photographs moving pictures straight from his computer screen.

Vivana Sassen's (The Netherlands, 1972) colour motifs are distinguished by the dramatic interplay of light and shadow, black and white under the African sun.

Zhang Dali (China, 1963) confronts original archive material from the propaganda age of China under Mao with contemporary lookalikes.

The exhibition is curated by Dan Leers, Beaumont and Nancy Newhall, Department of Photography and will run until the 16th of January 2012 at the NY MOMA. Sneak preview on GoSee.

New Photography 2011
The Museum of Modern Art
11 West 53 Street New York, NY 10019