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EXHIBITION & BOOK •  Robert Morat Gallery, Hamburg : Emmigration vs Immigration by Maziar Moradi and book launch of SNOW by Martin Richter

The Robert Morat Gallery, Hamburg presents Maziar Moradi’s Otto-Steinert-Award winning series “1979”. Born in Iran, 1975, the photographer presents posed images staring his relatives, re-enacting his family’s story. The photos tell a tale of twists of fate to a family during the Islamic Revolution in Iran and the resulting Iran – Iraq War. For most Iranian families, this tremulous time was marked by big changes, his family now live all over the world.

The second series is titled “Ich werde deutsch“ (I will become German) and follows the subject of emigration with immigration. He presents the stories of young people with migration backgrounds, who came to Germany as children for political reasons or as war refugees.

Martin Richter deals with an ancient German subject – that of good old snow, which has sadly become an ever fleeting guest. On his winter walks through town, the photographer uses his camera to capture tracks left by other people. The collected works will now be published in a picture book titled SNOW, which will be released in November 2009.

MARTIN RICHTER, born in Offenbach am Main, 1974, studied at Bielefeld Polytechnic College and graduated in 2006. His work has already been awarded the European Architecture Photography Prize, the Körber photo award, as well as the Peter-Keetman Prize. He lives and works in Hamburg. Find out if he also realised the Snow images in Hamburg in a personal talk on 22 October, when the book will also be introduced by Robert Morat.

We have attached a selection from the SNOW series for those of you that can’t make it to Hamburg.

Snow - Martin Richter
ISBN 978-3-941347-01-4
13 x 17 cm, Hardcover
96 pages 19 Euro

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