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DOCUMENTATION PROJECT •  The 50 States Project : 300 variations of America in pictures, the slightly different documentation of a big country

The 50 States Project’s impressive pictures, in an all the more extraordinary project, go to show that 50 photographers from 50 states have more to offer than just clichés.

Momentary impressions from everyday life, a husky farm, a herb witch in the snow or partially posed shots paint a very personal picture in various shades of a multifaceted country that lets dreams comes true.

This is how the project works: a photographer was picked from each American state and asked to photographically document a year. Pictures were and are still being entered in six different categories, they reflect both their own individual style and state.

The deadline for people photography closed on 2 January, habitat shots were required by 1 March, landscape design was due by 1 May and industry shots were handed in on 1 July. The entertainment category pictures haven’t yet been released, but the coming deadline has: 1 November.

At the end of the project, 300 photographs will be grouped together, to represent the unique faces of the various states.

It is definitely worth following up the work on www.50statesproject.net. It enables you to find out more about ambitious photographers and the stories behind their images.

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