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STRANGER THAN FICTION •  The game of hide and seek for the right story - until the 12th of March NY's hpgrp gallery is Stranger Than Fiction. by Kate Peters.

Just left, temporarily vacated, alone at last. Kate Peters has a very specific way of dealing with people, that is, the places they leave behind and pass through.

The vicinities and places on her photographs tell tales about sorrow and happiness, they give away more about the people than they would probably disclose themselves. ‘Stranger than fiction’ is like an elegant game, searching for the fitting story.

The photographer captures her pictures in de-saturated colours and only opts to put a few distinct details into focus. Initially, they appear more void of a meaning than they actually are.

A glimpse through a door offers a bright square on the wallpaper, an impression of a picture that used to hang on the wall. An old newspaper rests on green parquet, a shoeprint in front of it. Has somebody just been there?

A study, furnished with deer trophies adorning the wood panelled wall. Who is the person that just sat at the desk?

The exhibition is made up of two series: ‘Home’ and ‘Stranger than Fiction’, which stand for the artist’s interior and exterior pictures. All photographs were taken in the United States in Europe.

Kate Peters was born in 1980 in Coventry, England and studied at the Falmouth College of Arts in Cornwall.

Interesting footnote: It was her portrait of Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, which was featured on the cover of Time Magazine.

Her works can be seen in international publications and galleries, including The Independent on Sunday, Monocle, in the Peeping Tom Gallery or during the Darmstadt Days of Photography.

Furthermore, the photographer is represented by GoSee member GALLERY STOCK. The hpgrp gallery NY presents her first solo show in New York, until the 12th of March.

Kate Peters, Solo exhibition
Stranger Than Fiction

Until the 12th of March 2011

hpgrp gallery NY
529 West 20th St. 2W
New York

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