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The Visual Art House presents: ‘Stop the violence’ by Francois Robert

Francois Robert's series ‘Stop the Violence’ shows symbols that are clearly associated with 'violence'. Dollars, tanks, skulls … Robert deconstructed the human skeleton and creates globally valid imagery.

Francois in his own words: 'I enjoy creating photographs that stimulate contemplation and empathy.'

As a visual symbol, the human skeleton makes clear what remains in the end, be it through violence or by reaching the end of one's lifetime.

His pictures stand for conflict, aggression, suffering and destruction, but they also seek to inspire people to search their own souls and think. They are the warning fingers of the past and show up the potential dangers of violence in the present.

Francois wishes for nothing more than compassion, restraint, tolerance and peace in the heart of the beholder.

Francois Robert was born in Switzerland and lives in the USA. His works were already exhibited in Europe and the USA and his first book 'Face to Face' sold out in no time in the USA and Europe.

This was followed by even more publications. In 2009, his 'Stop the Violence' series (featured on GoSee) was presented the Lucie International Award for best Fine Art series.

He is also a fine artist at the VISUAL ART HOUSE.

'STOP THE VIOLENCE' by Francois Robert
05th of May to the 27th of June 2012
Kampstr. 9, 20357 Hamburg.
Opening Night 04. May
invitation via info@visualarthouse.de

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