27.07.2011  •  Art NEWS


Transcendental Wayfaring - Dylan Culhane's solo exhibition at EB & Flow, London

This summer EB & Flow presents Dylan Culhane’s first solo exhibition in London. What might appear to be the result of post-production is in truth a matter of ingenious multiple exposure.

In the exhibition, Dylan shows us his very subjective interpretation of South Africa. The majority of photographs were taken in and around Cape Town - Transcendental Wayfaring.

Dylan on his photographic philosophy: ‘‘We are all chasing after reality with cameras, not realizing that the attempt to do so is futile and in fact obfuscating our understanding more than enlightening it.’’

Photography, says the EB&Flow gallery, might very well be the most dynamic art form in South Africa, yet the emphasis still rests with documentary photography – a very limited view of the country.

Dylan however tries to break with traditions with his fresh, colourful and experimental approach and shares his personal sensation of the Zeitgeist with the world.

"By layering contrasting exposures, Dylan forces us to appreciate how an artist can be an illusionist, transfiguring generic landscapes into emotive, alternate realities. Dylan pushes the visual boundaries and capabilities of the camera for the aesthetic delight of us, the viewer." Margherita Berloni, Co-Director, EB&Flow.

Dylan Culhane (*1981, South Africa) lives and works in Cape Town.