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EXHIBITION •  Urban and abstract - Andreas Gefeller 'The Japan Series' presents a Far Eastern world without all the ornament and kitsch

A photo artist from Düsseldorf points his camera to the Japanese sky and captures what he comes across – nope, it ain’t that simple. In ‘The Japan Series’, Andreas Gefeller looks at the stress field between nature and urbanity, he composes graphical plays with pictures featuring electrical towers and cable crossings. Nestled in the background is the infinite sky of Japan, tenderly slumbering away.

Every year, the ‘European Eyes on Japan’ project invites three to four European photographers to visualise their view of the Far Eastern world. Gefeller found it to be equally urban and outlandish. He constructs a big picture from numerous snapshots, which comes across as just as abstract as Japanese culture to an outsider.

The composition appears like safety nets in an age of robots. The similarities with calligraphy are no coincidence and are accentuated by technical finesse. Compared to his previous project ‘Supervisions’, his new work is more pure and sparse, but just as haunting.

Andreas Gefeller studied at the University of Essen and was appointed to the German Academy of Photography in 2001. He has already been awarded the Leadaward, the Phase One Prize and the Reinhart Wolf Prize. His works have been exhibited worldwide, at spaces including the Hasted Hunt Gallery New York, the Loerakker Gallery in Amsterdam or the Gallery Hohmann in Hamburg .The artist lives and works in Düsseldorf.

The Rehbein Gallery Cologne will be showing ‘The Japan Series’ until the 23rd of November 2010.

Andreas Gefeller - The Japan Series
Thomas Rehbein Galerie
Aachener Strasse 5
50674 Cologne

until 23rd November 2010
Tue – Fri, 11am – 1pm / 2pm – 6pm
Sat, 11am – 4pm

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