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GOSEE RECOMMENDATION •  In between toxic waste and techno trash - Pieter Hugo presents the 'Permanent Error' of survival in Agbogbloshie

Surviving is what it’s all about and it is not an easy task in Ghana. Many locals abide in the wasteland and live off what is discarded by our world of technology. They rummage through computer scraps, looking for recyclable commodities and spend their lives between burning piles of electric appliances and a place that contaminates the atmosphere and poisons natural sources of water.

The place is called Agbogbloshie. Pieter Hugo photographed the place and its inhabitants in his ‘Bewohner’ project (Inhabitants) through warning pictures.

After series such as ‘Nollywood’, which interprets Nigeria’s film industry with a sense of humour and wit (as reported by GoSee) or the deeply moving images from ‘Rwanda 2004 – Vestiges of a Genocide’, Hugo once again puts his sights on a serious issue.

The ‘Permanent Error’ picture book documents the downside of our thoughtless throwaway society in his trademark unsentimental manner. The site bordering on the capital of Ghana is home to a society which is infused with poverty and does not know or want to know about the dangers which come in the shape of cadmium, quicksilver or chrome on their hands. A society that probably has no other choice anyway.

Pieter Hugo – Permanent Error
Author: Federica Angelucci
Prestel Verlag
Language: English
112 Pages
ISBN: 978-3-7913-4520-8
40 EUR

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