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Art • On display at THE NATIONAL GALLERY London still thru 3 February : Rachel Maclean – The Lion and The Unicorn – admission free of charge !

16.01.2019 • Rachel Maclean – The Lion and The Unicorn is a contemporary analysis regarding national identities, we learn from the National Gallery. At the same time as the exhibition of Edwin Landseer’s oil painting 'The Monarch of the Glen', the film by Scottish artist Rachel Maclean, which was created in 2012, illuminates the strange relationship between Scots and Brits.

On the website of the National Gallery, we read: "One of the most sharply satirical artists in Britain today, Maclean’s (born 1987) caustic and darkly comical films look at how we shape collective and individual identities. Her distinctive style combines gaudy masks, grotesque prostheses and elaborate scenography. A counterpoint to Landseer’s iconic image, ‘Rachel Maclean: The Lion and The Unicorn’ reflects Maclean’s engagement with issues of national identity.

Rachel Maclean (born 1987) is a multi-media artist. Using film and photography, she creates outlandish characters and fantasy worlds which she uses to delve into politics, society and identity. Wearing colorful costumes and make-up, Maclean takes on every role...

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Art • 'The Corners' – Chris Dorley-Brown's documentary on London's East End and its residents in hyperrealistic photographs, appearing as an excellent book at Hoxton Mini Press and an exhibition at Robert Koch in San Francisco

14.01.2019 • Chris Dorley-Brown is a British documentary photographer and filmmaker headquartered in London's East End. For his series 'The Corner', he photographed today's hip districts east of the medieval city center and north of the River Thames. East End emerged in the 18th century as an aggregate of factory districts such as those specialized in textile manufacture in the hinterland of the London harbor. Jack the Ripper once wreaked havoc on Victorian East End backstreets, and the district was later notorious for its underworld and gang warfare.

"The Corners. Shot between 2009 and 2017, these images take the street corners of London’s East End as a place of arrival, departure and coincidence. Using the rich textures of the buildings as backdrops that suggest a historical framework, passing pedestrians negotiate the space and one another in the early morning light of spring and summer."

The hyperrealistic photos by Chris Dorley-Brown appeared in 2018 as the eponymous publication 'The Corners' with 96 illustrations printed on fine art paper at Hoxton Mini Press. Now the third...

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Art • GoSee loves : 'Dreaming' – in the 2019 Pirelli Calendar, star photographer Albert Watson tells little stories in photos and films about four female luminaries

12.12.2018 • “Dreaming”, the 2019 Pirelli Calendar: Celebrated photographer Albert Watson created a series of vignettes centering on the dreams and aspirations of four successful and talented women in their personal environments. Created in Miami and New York were four narratives in photos and films consisting of 40 images and four little movies.

The 2019 PIRELLI Calendar was released on 5 December featuring actress Julia Garner as “the botanical photographer”, Astrid Eika as the “model”, Laetitia Casta as “the painter”, dancer Sergei Polunin as the “painter’s partner”, ballet star Misty Copeland as “the dancer”, professional dancer Calvin Royal III as the “dancer’s partner”, Gigi Hadid as “the wealthy socialite” and Alexander Wang as the “confidant”. What a cast.

Albert Watson on his beautiful concept which unites men, women and their dreams in front of the camera: "What I wanted to convey were the characters’ hopes and their way of thinking about the future, in a way that would bring with it the aspect of dreaming.”

About – PIRELLI CALENDAR. From 1964 to 2018, a total of 45...

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Art • GoSee Tip : Paulette Tavormina: A Concert of Birds still on display thru 22 December 2018 at New York's Robert Mann Gallery

12.12.2018 • “I’m in love with the Old Masters, totally fascinated with them. But I create my own personal story within each work. The themes are so universal – love, loss, death – so it is all pretty simple,” says Paulette Tavormina about her series entitled 'A Concert of Birds', which is stil on display thru 22 December at Robert Mann in New York.

'Paulette Tavormina: A Concert of Birds' presents new works by the artist which are once again about flowers, fish, birds & fantasies. "In a selection of exquisite still life photographs that recall painterly perspective reminiscent of 17th century Old Master paintings, Tavormina uses props such as antique bird cages, moss, insects, birds’ nests and leaves from her home in Connecticut to look at the art historical roots of the genre. The meaning of each object is often multilayered as this series in particular is autobiographical in nature." the gallery tells us about the works.

The gallery continues: "The series began with a single bird, the symbol of the human soul and representing goodness, joy, wisdom, and intelligence, locked in a...

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Art • Oli Kellett: Cross Road Blues tells slightly melancholic stories about waiting at American intersections, appearing at HackelBury Fine Art London and as a preview on GoSee

12.12.2018 • HackelBury Fine Art presents 'Cross Road Blues', the first exhibition by British photographer Oli Kellett (16 November 2018 – 23 February 2019), for which large-format photographs of intersections in the US were created. The photographer deals in this very atmospheric series reminiscent of a movie set with the time that we (inevitably) take when waiting at red lights and street crossings. Each picture tells its own little story.

The photographer on his project: "Legend has it that Robert Johnson, the Delta Blues musician, met the devil at a crossroads outside Memphis and sold his soul in exchange for his musical talents. He was forever plagued despite his success. Faustian Tales are more popular at times of moral crisis. We live in an era of fake news, political polarization and algorithmic echo chambers. Our experience of the world is fractured as we live out multiple identities on and offline. Crossroads are a democratic place. We all have to wait. Being held at a ‘DON’T WALK’ sign allows us a few seconds, and occasionally minutes, to ask ourselves ‘Where do we come from?’...

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Art • 10 Corso Como Gallery presents with 'Salvador Dalí, Jean Clemmer: An Encounter, a Work' unusual portraits by the eccentric surrealist in its new New York branch

12.12.2018 • 10 Corso Como Gallery in Milan, initiated 1990 by Carla Sozzani, has opened a branch in New York and is dedicating its second exhibition to the friendship between Swiss photographer Jean Clemmer (Neuchâtel, 1926 – Paris, 2001) and surrealist Salvador Dalí (Figueres, 1904 – 1989), which was curated by Fondazione Sozzani in collaboration with the Jean Clemmer Archive and its Director Hélène Clemmer Heidsieck.

On display in two areas are 42 prints from Dalí’s series “Mises en scène” (1962 – 1967) and “Metamorphoses” (1970 – 1995) as well as photos created during the film shoot for “Le Divin Dalí” (1964), a short film tragically destroyed shortly upon completion.

Clemmer and Dalí met in 1962, and they began their photographic collaboration at the home of Dali and his muse Gala in Spain's Port Lligat.

“The exhibition is not to be missed as many images on display are rare works from projects that were tragically destroyed. This includes extraordinary behind-the-scenes unpublished prints taken on the set of the short film “Le Divin Dalí”, which was destroyed in a fire while...

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Art • DJ Fat Boy Slim is part of the 'Knitted Camouflage' project by Joseph Ford @ COSMOPOLA and a resident artist in the MAUSA Street Art Museum

05.12.2018 • Joseph Ford @ COSMOPOLA presents new motifs from his 'Knitted Camouflage' project here on GoSee, for which DJ Fat Boy Slim recently stood in front of the camera clad in knitwear or better - The shoot was supported by Deutsche Welle.

"As part of my Knitted Camouflage project, I spent an amazing day recently shooting with DJ Fat Boy Slim, AKA Norman Cook. Norman has a bit of a thing with smileys, from the tattoo on his arm to the medallion around his neck, and this extends to the roof of his house, which conveniently has an 8m-wide smiley face painted on its roof. I thought this had to be immortalized in knitwear by the intrepid Nina Dodd.

I balanced on a ridiculously large stepladder, taking advantage of the biggest tripod I own, the Gitzo Giant, while Norman layed back and squinted into the sun in his hand-knit robe smoking a cigar. We also flew a drone around the house while we shot, getting some great behind-the-scenes footage, and making a little film to go with one of Fat Boy Slim’s iconic tracks, Right Here, Right Now.

German TV broadcaster Deutsche Welle flew over...

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Art • Sven Jacobsen : his PERSONAL ICONS are still on XXL display for the public to admire thru 20 December at the Messe Hamburg fair grounds – and are now available as FINE ART PRINTS in his GoSeeSHOP

16.11.2018 • Still on display at the gallery for the general public thru 20 December is photographer SVEN JACOBSEN's exhibition entitled PERSONAL ICONS. The large-format portraits – 225 x 150 cm – are now exhibited in Hamburg along Karolinenstrasse, immediately adjacent to the Messe Hamburg fair grounds. The protagonists were photographed worldwide; the works presented are printed directly on Alu-Dilite plates and subsequently painted with acrylic by Sven Jacobsen.

The exhibition took place as part of the Hamburg Triennial in 2018 and comprises around 40 works. Sven started the series back in 2011 when he began portraying people who stood out of the crowd for him. "We arrange our photo exhibition along the walls of the fair hall as a contribution to urban culture in the public space." says Bernd Aufderheide, President and CEO of Hamburg Messe & Congress GmbH. "Instead of a long glass façade, people see a public art gallery, inviting them to take a break, contemplate and enjoy."

You can now purchase Sven's exhibition motifs.
Find a first selection of his works in his GoSeeSHOP; where you...

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Art • Balthus - the last of the Great Masters with around 40 famous paintings still on display thru December 2018 at Fondation Beyeler

14.11.2018 • “Painting is a language of its own. It is the one I use, and it cannot be translated,” said Balthus, whose full name was Balthasar Klossowski de Rola (1908-2001), and who was one of the last Great Masters of twentieth-century art and among the most controversial modern artists.

With this focus, the exhibition brings together around fifty important pictures from every phase of Balthus' oeuvre, looking also at the strategies employed in the staging of his often provocative images, and illuminating the elements of irony and mystery in his work. His pictures combine tranquility with extreme tension, and embody a wealth of contradictions, mingling dream and reality, eroticism and innocence, the factual and the unfathomable, the familiar and the uncanny, in a wholly unique way." the world-famous foundation says about the artist. GoSee :

About - Balthasar Klossowski de Rola (29 February, 1908 – 18 February, 2001), known as Balthus, was a Polish-French modern artist known for his erotically charged images of pubescent girls but also for the refined, dreamlike...

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Art • Denise Scott Brown – Photographs, 1956 - 1966 : photos by the important representative of postmodern architecture as an exhibition at Carriage Trade Gallery, New York

07.11.2018 • "I’m not a photographer. I shoot for architecture – if there’s art here it’s a by-product," says Denise Scott Brown (* 3 October 1931 in Zambia), who is among the most important representatives of postmodern architecture. With several books, the couple Robert Venturi (who passed in September of this year at the age of 93) and Denise Scott Brown has changed the way we think about and view architecture and has made a significant contribution to architectural theory. Her photos have been published in the book entitled 'Denise Scott Brown – Photographs, 1956-1966' (PLANE-SITE) and are on display at Carriage Trade Gallery in New York through the end of December 2018.

"For Robert Venturi and me, these sequences from Venice to Venice, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas provided inspiration and they still do. And via them, architectural photography initiated a move beyond beauty shots and data. Over the last 60 years, by adding analysis, synthesis, recommendation, and design, it has gone from tool to sub-discipline in architecture," says Denise Scott Brown.

The gallery on the photos : "As...

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