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Art • GoSee presents 'Cooking While Italian' by Alexander Coggin c/o Making Pictures

13.03.2019 • In partnership with food stylist Iain Graham, Alex’s latest personal project draws on memories of his Philadelphia-based Italian family, replicating his grandmother’s cooking style with satire and fondness.

At It's Nice that, we learn more about the series: 'The series came about when “legitimately famous food stylist” Iain Graham reached out to Alexander to see if he wanted to collaborate. The two met, and Alexander mentioned that, being from an Italian family on his mother’s side, he grew up with some women who did Italian “really really well.” “My great grandmother, who was born in Italy, was especially great,” he explains, “her hands were always busy with some food, although she didn’t wear quite as much jewelry as we depicted.” After speaking to a few friends with similar upbringings and laughing about how “most Italian-American east coast women wouldn’t take their jewelry off for anything. Not for dishwashing, not for making meatballs, not for gardening, nothing,” the idea to recreate this world was borne.

Alexander and Iain worked with nail artist Kate Cutler and...

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Art • Photographer Cade Martin presents his Lucha Libre wrestling project on GoSee

12.03.2019 • Photographer Cade MARTIN c/o ANDREA HEBERGER on his project : "I shot the Luchadores on a rooftop in L.A. They carried themselves with such confidence and with an obvious pride in the tradition of Lucha Libre. Some of the older wrestlers maintained their character – in masks – from the moment they parked their car... I loved every second of this shoot."

Lucha Libre (Spanish for free-style fight) is a form of professional wrestling which was developed in Mexico. Lucha Libre goes back to the early 1930s, when Salvador Lutteroth brought American wrestlers he had seen in Texas with him to Mexico. A person who practices Lucha Libre is called a Luchador or Luchadora. The rules are similar to those in American wrestling. Matches are won by pinning the opponent to the mat until the referee counts to three, by forcing the opponent to give up, when the opponent is outside the ring (referee counts to ten), or by disqualification.

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Art • GoSee ART : This Empty World. Photographs by Nick Brandt. Thames & Hudson, London, United Kingdom, 2019

27.02.2019 • This Empty World – A new collection of images by celebrated photographer Nick Brandt – addresses the escalating destruction of the African natural world at the hands of humans, showing a world where, overwhelmed by runaway development, there is no longer space for the animals to survive. The people in the photos are also often helplessly swept along by the relentless tide of 'progress'.

Each image is a combination of two moments in time, captured weeks apart, almost all from the exact same locked-off camera position. Initially, a partial set is built and lit. Weeks, even months, follow, while the animals that inhabit the region become comfortable enough to enter the frame. Once the animals are captured on camera, the full sets – bridge and highway construction sites, a gas station, a bus station and more – are built by the art department team. In all but a few of the photos, the camera remains fixed in place throughout.

A second sequence is then photographed with a full set, and a large cast of people drawn from the local communities and beyond. The final large scale prints...

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Art • GoSee loves : Nadia Lee Cohen : Not a Retrospective, La Térmica in Malaga (Spain) presents the colorful world of the British artist and filmmaker

27.02.2019 • La Térmica presents the first large solo exhibition by photographer Nadia Lee Cohen. The talented British artist is known to the public ever since her highly acclaimed participation in the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize in 2012, for which her works were on display in the National Portrait Gallery in London.

We read on "Nadia Lee Cohen (United Kingdom, 1990) is a photographer, filmmaker and self-portrait artist based in Los Angeles (USA), a city that has inspired her since her first trip in 2014; and that feeds her endless fascination with Americana and conventional life in suburbia. It is, precisely the concept of the perfect life commonly portrayed in those residential areas that present optimal opportunity for Nadia to puncture such perceptions. She documents narratives inside the houses in which the female protagonists challenge the unbearable complacency towards sexual escapism, and outside, where the backgrounds of her cameos incorporating bright signage and pop culture inject cultural references to...

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Art • Eugenio Recuenco, the Spanish master of mise en scène, presents the highlights of 50 years of human history with stage-like tableaus in his '365º' project – an exhibition in Madrid through the end of March 2019

20.02.2019 • Eugenio Recuenco is a director and fashion photographer who realizes global campaigns and commercials for Loewe, Freixenet, Mango, Codorniu, Chivas Regal, Vanderbilt or Motorola. The native Madrid artist originally wanted to become a painter, but in Paris, he discovered the fashion and advertising world and followed his calling. In 2007, he brought his theatrical style into the Lavazza Calendar, and together with Art Director Eric Dover, he contributed to the stage design of the opera "The Huguenots" in New York. His works contain several references to art history such as the Renaissance, Picasso or Tamara de Lempicka.

Since fashion photography became too realistic for him and he loves to create fantastic, often absurd worlds, he needed a new goal. This is how his biggest project to date, '365º', was born. Over a period of eight years with the help of over 120 models, stylists, make-up artists and stage builders, he staged dreamlike sceneries, historical events or personalities of the last 50 years. Topics like Trump, Facebook or the Mona Lisa can be found just as much as the...

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