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Celebrity • Actor Matthias Schweighöfer on the cover of DB MOBIL magazine September 2020 – photos by Emil LEVY c/o BIRGIT STÖVER ARTISTS

24.11.2020 • Emil LEVY c/o BIRGIT STÖVER ARTISTS was booked to create a spread for DB MOBIL magazine. In front of his camera, he had no one less than actor Matthias Schweighöfer. DB MOBIL is the magazine of German railway company Deutsche Bahn. The magazine is published twelve times each year at the beginning of the month with around 100 pages per issue. It is available for free in several DB long-distance trains (ICE, IC, EC) as well as regional trains, in travel centers and DB Lounges. It is produced on commission for Deutsche Bahn by the agency Territory, a subsidiary of Gruner + Jahr. GoSee : dbmobil.de/dbmobil

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Celebrity • Schön! magazine interview with ‘Unorthodox’ actor Jeff Wilbusch – grooming by Anna KÜRNER c/o BASICS.BERLIN

11.11.2020 • “Jeff Wilbusch’s life has been everything but conventional. Born in Israel as the member of a Hassidic Jewish community, Wilbusch left the country at the age of thirteen to pursue an education in the Netherlands, before working as a full-time actor in different countries across Europe. Asked by Schön! today, he even admits that he always has a suitcase packed, ready to move at any time to wherever his ever-changing, remarkable career might take him next. “I really love it,” he says about his new mobile life. “It is something that is quite liberating for me at the moment. Perhaps the day will come and I will want somewhere to call my base, but right now, I’ve got a kind of flow. It is truly beautiful.”

German actor Jeff Wilbusch was born in 1987 in Haifa, Israel, as Isroel Iftach Wilbuschewitz. Wilbusch, who has German and Dutch roots, grew up in Jerusalem. Many members of his family were German Jews who fled the country during the Nazi regime and emigrated to Palestine. In the Netflix mini series ‘Unorthodox’ from 2020, he took on the role of Moische Lefkovitch. Wilbusch lives in...

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Celebrity • PHILIPP RATHMER : portrays ‘Alarm for Cobra 11’ commissioner Pia Stutzenstein in action for BUNTE

11.11.2020 • “Alarm for Cobra 11” star Pia Stutzenstein was staged by PHILIPP RATHMER for BUNTE in action-packed scenes. The new commissioner of the RTL series speaks in the BUNTE interview about her role, bold fashion and plans for the future. “I’d love to do all of my stunts myself,” the actress tells the magazine. Since season 25, Pia Stutzenstein is the new partner at the side of Erdogan Atalay in the RTL series.

The athletic beauty was photographed in the original locations of Cobra 11/Actionconcept. Production was wrapped up by Anke Koppe, who has been in charge of elaborate photo productions and art buying for the magazine for many years.

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Celebrity • STUDIO IGNATOV : portrays rally legend WALTER RÖHRL

10.11.2020 • Walter Röhrl is the only German rally World Champion and has been a symbol for rally sport for decades, even after the end of his professional career. The “Genius on Wheels” (Niki Lauda) drove his way to the World Champion title in 1980 and 1982, and won the prestigious Monte Carlo Rally four times in different models as well as a total of 14 World Championship races. Awarded the most diverse range of prizes ever in motor sports, Walter Röhrl is a member of the Hall of Fame of German Sport. Today, he works as a representative and test driver for Porsche.

STUDIO IGNATOV visited the 73-year-old at his home and accompanied the rally legend one day long to get a glimpse of his private car and trophy collections for a portrait spread, which we present you here exclusively on GoSee. Another fun fact: The legendary ‘Memoirs’ or autobiography of the former World Champion from 2002 has just been reissued in an extended and revised edition for € 59.90 and is now available via the rally shop.

Walter Röhrl – Aufschrieb Evo2 – World Champion Edition 1980 . Publisher: McKlein Publishing ....

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Celebrity • Actress Jeanne Goursaud in a sexy portrait staged by Puria Safary c/o AVENGER PHOTOGRAPHERS (portraits, people, celebrities)

10.11.2020 • Puria SAFARY c/o AVENGER PHOTOGRAPHERS photographed Franco-German actress Jeanne Goursaud, known among others from the German-Australian TV series ‘In Your Dreams’ and the RTL comedy series ‘The Teacher’. Plus, the actress who lives both in Berlin and Cologne is the advertising face for the Johnson & Johnson cosmetics brand bebe young care. That Jeanne was more than comfortable in front of the camera of Puria is demonstrated in the sensual photos which we present you here on GoSee.

What makes a photographer good? “Intuition, being a good judge of character, and patience. That and a love of photography and being creative,” the Berlin-based photographer with Persian roots tells us in an Interview for his exhibition at the Seven Star Gallery in Berlin just a few months ago. Puria likes Berlin above all because the city gives him the space to unfold his personality. And Peter Lindbergh and Bruce Weber influenced his way of photographing with their pure approach and inspired him to work in his black and white signature style.

German actors, celebrities and athletes such as Jérôme...

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