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Celebrity • 'Eavesdropping' – Singer and entertainer Max Raabe in ARTE magazine, photos by Heiko RICHARD c/o NERGER M&O

20.02.2018 • Heiko RICHARD photographed singer Max Raabe for ARTE magazine, the periodical of the Franco-German TV broadcaster for sophisticated viewers. Max Raabe, or Matthias Otto, is a German Singer with a baritone voice and is co-founder as well as Director of the Palast Orchestra in Berlin. The spread was produced by CCCP - Claas Cropp Creative Productions. Photo editing was taken care of by Antonia Hrastar. Assistant: Tom Nti, post production: Vividgrey. arte.tv

About - The Palast Orchestra was founded in 1986 by Max Raabe and a group of fellow music students in order to play music from the period of Germany´s Golden Twenties. In 1992, they found themselves in the German charts with their song “Kein Schwein ruft mich an” (meaning “not a single pig calls me”), written by Max Raabe. In January 2018 the new show "Der perfekte Moment .. wird heut verpennt" will be brought to the road in German speaking countries. It is named after the newest album written by Max Raabe and friends and will include a number of Max Raabe songs mixed with the repertoire of the 20s/30s.
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Celebrity • Portraits of the cast from 'Bibi & Tina' - Lina Larissa Strahl and Lisa-Marie Koroll - with Director Detlev Buck by Frank P. Wartenberg

20.02.2018 • And Frank P. Wartenberg also asked new young talents to step in front of his lens: Lina Larissa Strahl and Lisa-Marie Koroll, the actresses who bring friends Bibi & Tina to life – all had the honor together with Director Detlev Buck in Berlin. After 88 audio books and 54 cartoons – the fourth feature film is now in the making. Right now, Detlev Buck and his team are working on the sequel of the successful feature film series entitled "Bibi & Tina: Tohuwabohu Total" about the two horse lovers and their adventures. The photos are available via the Axel-Springer-Syndication.

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Celebrity • Actress Anna Bederke, photographed by Frank P. Wartenberg in the fashion of ROMA E TOSKA in the showroom in Hamburg and on location

13.02.2018 • "Anna Bederke is a multi-talent: She is a graduate Director, successful actress on the big German screen and can look back on experiences as a model during college. In our fashion & portrait shoot, the Hamburg resident demonstrated that she is a master of her craft in front of the photo camera just as much as she is with moving images and behind the film camera," says Frank P. Wartenberg about the celebrity shoot, the result of which he presents us here on GoSee.

Anna was clad in collections from high fashion label ROMA E TOSKA. In the Hamburg shop, the unusual pieces are blended with vintage fashion. Frank P. Wartenberg and Anna got to really go wild with the camera, while Karoline Löwe c/o Louisa Artists took care of hair & make-up, and Birgit Countess Tyszkiewicz was in charge of the perfect styling.

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Celebrity • 'Questions upon questions' - meet author and celebrity specialist Anne Philippi in SALVE magazine, photographed by Bernd OTT

12.02.2018 • "INTELLIGENT ENTERTAINMENT IS WHEN ENTERTAINMENT IS INTELLIGENT. ANNE PHILIPPI SHOWS HOW IT IS DONE. WITH HER INTERVIEWS, PORTRAITS AND REPORTAGES IN VANITY FAIR, VOGUE, GQ, FAZ, WELT AM SONNTAG OR IN SZ-MAGAZINE. HER FIRST NOVEL 'GIRAFFES' WAS PUBLISHED IN 2015. AN INTERVIEW ON SUPERSTARS, GREEN LENTILS AND YOGA AS ZEITGEIST." For SALVE magazine, Anne Philippi, who commutes between Los Angeles and Berlin, stood and delivered for BERND OTT's camera. Fashion Editor and Stylist at the shoot was Sabine Berlipp. The complete must-read interview with exciting contemporary Anne Philippi can be found here : salve-magazine.de/anne-philippi

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Celebrity • 'What do you fancy my precious?' Genuine jewelry trends with super mom NADJA + daughter COSIMA AUERMANN in BARBARA magazine - hair: Noriko TAKAYAMA, manicure: Selina SPITTLER, both artists c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY

12.02.2018 • For BARBARA magazine, superstar NADJA and daughter COSIMA AUERMANN stood in front of the camera of Alexander STRAULINO c/o SHOTVIEW. Hair: Noriko TAKAYAMA and manicure: Selina SPITTLER, both artists c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY. The producer was stylist Silja Lange, and the shoot took place in the Pension FUNK from the Wilhelminian age in Berlin's grand boulevard Fasanenstraße, not far from the bustling Berlin Ku'Damm. hotel-pensionfunk.de

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Celebrity • Laura Harrier, Hollywood's latest fashion darling comes into bloom for INSTYLE US, photographed by Alexander NEUMANN c/o SHOTVIEW

12.02.2018 • Alexander NEUMANN c/o SHOTVIEW photographed Laura Harrier – Spider-Man: Homecoming and Fourth Man Out – for the March issue of INSTYLE US. The shoot with Fashion Editor Carolina Orrico took place in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. “I feel very fortunate to be acting at a time when women and minorities are getting more of a voice. We’re in the middle of a moment where barriers are starting to be broken down. But I just want them to be smashed all the way,” The actress shares in an interview with the magazine.

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Celebrity • Campaign shoot for the AMAZON PRIME Web series 'The Paint is Off' season 4 - hair & make-up by Sandra SCHÜTZ c/o CLOSEUP AGENCY

12.02.2018 • The hit series "The Paint is Off" created by Kai Wiesinger has made it from a Web hit to a streaming series. The fourth season can now be seen on Amazon Prime Video. The campaign shoot by Det KEMPKE c/o DOUBLE T took place with leading actors Kai Wiesinger and Bettina Zimmermann – hair & make-up by Sandra SCHÜTZ c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY.

The 'Paint is Off' is a German comedy series running on Amazon Prime in its 4th season now since 19 December, 2017. The series was created by Kai Wiesinger, who directs it, plays the lead role (TOM) and writes the stories for the series. The role of the wife (HANNA) is played by Bettina Zimmermann. The first two seasons were shown on MyVideo, and the third on Sat1.de. Seasons 1-3 were financed by Opel and Vodafone. The series is produced by Phantomfilm GmbH for Amazon Prime. From March 2018, all four seasons will be dubbed in English and available in more than 200 countries on Amazon Prime Video. amazon.de

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Celebrity • From model to singer - Kacy Hill in MUSIKEXPRESS style, photographed by ROBERT WUNSCH

06.02.2018 • ROBERT WUNSCH photographed singer Kacy Hill for MUSIKEXPRESS Style. Styling was taken care of by Chantal Drywa-Wunsch, with casting by Anissa Payne. Here, the former model is known for songs including "Like A Woman" or "Hard To Love"; before that, she was a successful background dancer for Kanye West, whose label has now signed her. With the spread here on GoSee, we show you just how much fun she had at the shoot with Robert.

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