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Celebrity • LOVE MAGAZINE cover story with singer LIZZO and Alasdair McLellan, produced by Juul van Alphen c/o Pierce & Pierce

11.09.2019 • Juul Emanuelle van Alphen c/o Pierce & Pierce teamed up with photographer Alasdair McLellan to produce a cover story with LIZZO and Creative Director Katie Grand.

American singer, rapper & songwriter LIZZO is dedicated to topics like diversity, physicality, sexuality, skin color, or self-confidence. Her dance-intensive stage shows, extravagant outfits and hair styles have quickly made her an icon of body positivity who takes a stand against body shaming in the mass media. In 2019, she released her third solo album entitled 'Cuz I Love You' which hit number 1 on the iTunes charts.

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Celebrity • GoSee Tribute ... 'I find the entire fashion world quite amusing.' Uma Thurman is the first female cover star of GQ Style, photographed by Peter Lindbergh with a 14-page photo spread, cover and exclusive interview, ... and farewell Peter !

04.09.2019 • German fashion photographer and filmmaker Peter Lindbergh has passed on Tuesday, September 3rd, at the age of 74, as his family has confirmed. “It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Peter Lindbergh on September 3rd, 2019,” we read on his Instagram page. He lived for photography, and despite enjoying worldwide fame, he always remained down-to-earth and inspired others with his unique charm. GoSee met him and his wife on the set of Director Wim Wenders during the film shoot for 'Palermo Shooting'. And we were more than happy when he supported the jury of our GoSeeAWARDS. Although he was busy on worldwide campaigns, he always took the time to have a look at the works of his colleagues. Our thoughts are with his family.

We would like to present his latest publication in the Fall issue of GQ here on GoSee. For the first time, the cover of the 266-page issue is adorned by a woman: Uma Thurman. The actress was photographed by Peter Lindbergh who worked for GQ Germany for the first time. He staged Uma Thurman for the 14-page photo spread in his unmistakable...

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Celebrity • ARTYCAPUCINES PM BY NICHOLAS HLOBO - BAKER KENT produces the designer home story for the exclusive LOUIS VUITTON handbag cooperation in Johannesburg

28.08.2019 • Designer Nicholas Hlobo was born in 1975 in Johannesburg where he also studied Fine Art at Technikon Witwatersrand. The limited LOUIS VUITTON ArtyCapucines model by Nicholas Hlobo pays homage to the monogram canvas theme of the Louis Vuitton house with a flower seemingly growing from inside the Capucines PM. The blue tones paired with the texture, hand-embroidered on the handbag are in stark contrast to the sleek black material of the exterior. The result is a beautiful, handmade, hybrid object. GoSee : louisvuitton.com///artycapucines-pm-von-nicholas-hlobo-capucines

About - Nicholas Hlobo is a South African artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He was born in 1975 in Cape Town. He earned a Bachelor of Technology from Technikon Witwatersrand in 2002. He creates large sculptural works that are expansive masses which at once feel oozey, voluptuous and highly structured. The contrast of femininity and masculinity is created by his use of dissimilar materials such as rubber inner tubes, ribbon, organza, lace and found objects. Hlobo is the winner of the 2006 Tollman Award...

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