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Celebrity • 'Bad Banks' actress Paula Beer in a STERN portrait, photographed by Peter RIGAUD c/o SHOTVIEW

11.04.2018 • Peter RIGAUD c/o SHOTVIEW met up with sought-after actress Paula Beer in a Berlin Studio for a STERN special. In her new film 'Transit', she plays at the side of yet another shooting star of German cinema, Franz Rogowski. Director Christian Petzold was so utterly convinced by both that he casted her right then and there without an audition. "I was so fascinated to create a story that embodies both the present and past at the same time, that is political and a love story", the actress tells us about the film. "What I love about it is that you don't have to see anything in it at all, but you can see everything."

Paula Beer is different than the successful actresses of her generation because she avoids social networks and never shares photos from her premieres. "I am a bit reactionary", she tells STERN, "but when half a million people see what you do every single day, boundaries are obscured. Everyone thinks they know you, but they just don't."

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Celebrity • Exceptional musicians in private: Nina Kraviz and Francesco Tristano in a VOGUE chat on sounds that have changed their lives - portrayed by PETER RIGAUD c/o SHOTVIEW

11.04.2018 • PETER RIGAUD c/o SHOTVIEW accompanied the new VOGUE TALK with his camera and photographed Nina Kraviz and Francesco Tristano. SHOTVIEW on the portrait shoot: "Trained as a classical pianist and having recorded a number of classical albums, Francesco broke new ground with 'Not for Piano‘, establishing himself as one of the most original and eclectic musicians of his generation. His latest single 'Hommage‘ came out in 2018. Producer, occasional vocalist, and DJ Nina Kraviz hails from Irkutsk, Siberia. Kraviz fell under the spell of house music and made a splash in 2009. After her EP Mr. Jones in 2013, Kraviz founded the Trip label in 2014. Her last release is titled 'Pochuvstvui'. Peter Rigaud, known for capturing not only pictures but personalities, photographed both talents for this stunning editorial. Please take a look."

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Celebrity • 'Ciao Bella' the fashion editorial by Hanspeter SCHNEIDER c/o VISUALEYES Artists in ANNABELLE mag including an interview with the celebrity photographer

10.04.2018 • "Zurich-based celebrity photographer Hanspeter Schneider photographed Helen Mirren and Claudia Schiffer, has displayed his photos in exhibitions around the world – and realized the fashion shoot entitled "Ciao Bella" in the newest issue of annabelle. We spoke with him about humor, photos of women and developments in fashion photography." ANNABELLE tells us. VISUALEYES artist Hanspeter SCHNEIDER was in summery Milano for the shoot presented on GoSee. Read the interview with the photographer of 'My pictures are like frozen stories' here: annabelle.ch/my-pictures-are-how-the-freeze-stories

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Celebrity • Portrait of South African singer & songwriter Alice Phoebe Lou in her home away from home Berlin - three portraits by Caroline MACKINTOSH c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS for you on GoSee

07.04.2018 • "Caroline Mackintosh shoots the young South African performer in 35mm film, creating pure and carefree visuals." her representation SHOTVIEW tells GoSee. We read on the website of the young singer: "Alice Phoebe Lou's fiercely independent approach to her music has given the singer songwriter a creative confidence that shines through in her captivating vocals and stripped back music. Having developed her bluesy, folk sound busking on the streets of Berlin, Alice has caught the ears of a community of music lovers the world over with her honest storytelling and raw, beautiful voice." Go & See : alicephoebelou.com

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Celebrity • Nadja Auermann c/o VIVA MODELS Berlin is the star of the 'Ubermood Issue' of TUSH magazine

04.04.2018 • 'Invent Yourself. And then reinvent Yourself. '* That's the story it's all about. That's what it means when you say every human being is unique. Don't swim in the same slough, stay out of the clutches of mediocrity... And one thing is certain: Whether in red, white, beret, Dior or a nun's habit – Nadja Auermann is in a class of her own. We bring you the cover spread with the German Supermodel including a promotional clip for the 42nd issue of TUSH magazine. The iconic model was photographed by Armin Morbach, with styling by Sascha Gaugel, make-up by Loni Baur and hair by Stelli. Nadja Auermann is represented by VIVA MODELS Berlin, and here is the source of the quote:

*“invent yourself and then reinvent yourself,
don't swim in the same slough.
invent yourself and then reinvent yourself and
stay out of the clutches of mediocrity.

invent yourself and then reinvent yourself,
change your tone and shape so often that they can never categorize you.

reinvigorate yourself and
accept what is
but only on the terms that you have invented
and reinvented.


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Celebrity • DJ and musical shooting star Felix Jaehn in MERCEDES magazine – photographed by Jens RÜSSMANN c/o DOUBLE T in up-and-coming Austin, Texas

04.04.2018 • "I’m afraid of what I feel / You are ready / Am I ready?" Star DJ Felix Jaehn was photographed with his car for MERCEDES magazine by photographer Jens RÜSSMANN c/o DOUBLE T in Austin, Texas. The successful and congenial young musician has been getting the world up and dancing for years and has just made two big headlines – both for the release of his first album entitled "I" as well as for his coming out, which he deals with in the song ' Don’t Say Love' – an both made a big splash.

MERCEDES magazine writes about photographer Jens Rüssmann: "A shoot in Texas? Jens Rüssmann had a whole set of clichés in mind. Cowboys, bright yellow prairies, lots of meat. But Austin really surprised him. The city is full of music, graffiti, students and lives and breathes an infectious hippie spirit. Fortunately, one cliché tuned out to be true: The photographer got to eat the biggest barbecue of entire life in Austin. "Production: Supersonic Production from Hamburg; the assistant was Trent Perret.

Austin, capital of the state of Texas, is located in the interior and is known for its live...

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Celebrity • Musician Will Young in a portrait by Eric FRIDEEN c/o SONJA HEINTSCHEL on GoSee

04.04.2018 • Eric FRIDEEN photographed 39-year-old British musician Will Young, who sold over eight million singles and more than eight million albums after winning "Popidol" (the British pendant to Deutschland sucht den Superstar or Germany in search of a Superstar). With hit singles including "Light My Fire" and "All Time Love" as well as his cover version of "Evergreen", he dominated the charts over the last decade, yet still longed for a life far away from the music industry. He has now found his new happiness as a pop star and musical actor. Since 29 March, 2018, he is appearing in the musical "Strictly Ballroom" at the Piccadilly Theatre in London.

The portraits by Eric Frideen show a thoughtful but also completely chilled artist, for whom great success doesn't seem to be everything. Further works by the London-based lifestyle and portrait photographers are available on GoSee.

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Celebrity • Nadja & Cosima Auermann, both c/o VIVA MODELS Berlin, in the spread 'The Model Mothers', photographed for SELF SERVICE magazine in Spring/Summer 2018 by Sean Thomas

04.04.2018 • The magazine SELF SERVICE dedicated a spread to its topic of model moms in the Spring/Summer 2018 issue, for which 'Model Mothers' Nadja Auermann was photographed with daughter Cosima (19) and son Nicolas (18), Malgosia Bela with son Jozef (13), Natasha Poly with daughter Aleksandra (5) as well as GoSee girlfriend Joanna Preiss with her son Lou (24). The intimate portraits were styled by Claire Thomson-Jonville, hair: Alexandry Costa and make-up Kathy Le Sant.

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Celebrity • Sophia Lillis in SCHÖN MAG, photographed by Elizaveta PORODINA c/o Sonja Heintschel

04.04.2018 • When an avant-garde fashion photographer, leaning toward the great masters of photography, runs into an ambitious upcoming Hollywood star, the result can be nothing but charming. Elizaveta PORODINA c/o Sonja Heintschel photographed the cover spread for the new issue of SCHÖN MAGAZINE with Sophia Lillis. We are more than happy to present you the result of this perfect symbiosis of classic portrait, dramatic facial expressions and dynamic dance performances here on GoSee.

Sixteen-year-old Sophia Lillis was considered the secret star in Stephen King's 'ES' remake, which was shown throughout movie theaters in 2017. The New Yorker already played teenagers in difficult circumstances in "37" and in the short film "The Lipstick Stain". In the HBO series "Sharp Objects" planned for 2018, she will play a broken persona: Lillis portrays the young reporter Camille Preaker who was a victim of psychological abuse. In preparation of the role, the young actress researched the Munchausen syndrome. “Yes, the mother has that. I read the book after I got the part. It tells the whole story, so I...

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Celebrity • 'The Excessive Vision of Donatella Versace' in GQ US with Daphne Groeneveld & Alton Mason clad in Versace Pre-Fall 2018 - photographed by Elizaveta PORODINA c/o Sonja Heintschel

04.04.2018 • Elizaveta PORODINA c/o Sonja Heintschel photographed a special for GQ US with designer Donatella Versace, one of the greatest fashion icons of our time. Her stunning creations are privately worn by several Hollywood stars and on red carpets everywhere. She has just announced that she will be saying no to fur in her future collections. "Versace is a dream," Donatella says in an interview with GQ US. "It's a dream that people want to be part of." Alongside Donatella Versace stood Daphne Groeneveld and Alton Mason in Versace Pre-Fall 2018 for the camera of Elizaveta PORODINA. We have the photos here on GoSee, and the whole interview is available via GQ.

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