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Celebrity • Superstar Lily Allen in the cover spread in STYLIST magazine as well as the pop-rock band Haim - with post production of both spreads by RETOUCHED STUDIOS

11.06.2018 • 'Refusing to blend in since 1985'... For the cover spread of British STYLIST magazine, photographer Tom van Schelven staged eloquent and recently divorced pop singer and mother of two, Lily Allen, with lots of color. Lily Rose Beatrice Cooper (* 2 May, 1985 as Lily Rose Beatrice Allen in Hammersmith, London, England), who goes by her maiden and artist name Lily Allen, is a British pop singer, songwriter and show master. The commercial breakthrough for Lily Allen came in summer 2006 with her debut single 'Smile'. She has now released her fourth album 'No Shame' in summer 2018 – read the latest interview with Lily Allen here: luzernerzeitung.ch//das-leben-hat-mir-zugesetzt and buy her music directly on her website: lilyallenmusic.com

Photographed also were the sisters from the pop-rock band Haim for an issue of Stylist mag which was already released. Haim is an American band from Los Angeles whose members are sisters Danielle Haim (* 1989), Alana Haim (* 1991) and Este Haim (* 1986). When they perform live, they are supported by their cousin on drums. Post and look of both...

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Celebrity • 'VW Made a Big Mistake' - German industry giant Wolfgang Porsche in a STERN interview, portrayed by Robert BREMBECK c/o AGENTUR NEUBAUER

08.06.2018 • 'Wolfgang Porsche is a grandson of Ferdinand Porsche and the cousin of Ferdinand Piëch. His family owns the majority of VW. Porsche is celebrating "70 Years Sports Cars" and is still making enormous profits despite the diesel crisis. On 10 May, Wolfgang Porsche celebrated his 75th birthday.' we read in STERN magazine. Wolfgang Porsche resides in Alpenhof "Schüttgut" above Zell am See, 60 kilometers from Salzburg.

Wolfgang Porsche, 75, has a PHD in Trade Science and is the official spokesmen of the Porsche branch within the automobile dynasty Porsche-Piëch. He is chairman of the supervisory board and the most influencial grandson of company founder Ferdinand Porsche. Wolfgang Porsche was portrayed by photographer Robert BREMBECK c/o AGENTUR NEUBAUER for STERN mag.

Read the interesting article on the future of Volkswagen and Porsche by Thomas Ammann here : stern.de///wolfgang-porsche---bei-vw-wurde-ein-schwerer-fehler-gemacht

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Celebrity • Marvel films, AMAZON, HBO and CBS series posters and NETFLIX campaigns with action-packed motifs by Frank Ockenfels 3 c/o EYE FORWARD

08.06.2018 •
TV and film studios queue up at Frank Ockenfels 3 c/o EYE FORWARD when it comes to announcing new films and series. Which is why he photographed the campaign for Marvel’s film 'Cloak and Dagger' for ABC’s Freeform as well as the announcement of 'Strange Angel', a CBS drama series by Director Mark Heyman (Black Swan, The Wrestler). HBO filmed Ray Bradbury’s novel 'Fahrenheit 451' – credit for the key motif also goes to Frank OCKENFELS 3, who regularly realizes key motifs of blockbusters and successful series for NETFLIX.

Everybody knows the iconic photos by Frank Ockenfels 3 c/o EYE FORWARD, who has photographed musicians, actors and artists now for three decades. Frank’s portraits have appeared on the covers of Rolling Stone, Esquire, Premiere, Newsweek, Wired, Entertainment Weekly, Spin, and New York Magazine. His breakthrough came in 1988 with a portrait of Tracy Chapman for Rolling Stone. In 1993, he shot a cover story for SPIN with Nirvana and the last photos of singer Kurt Cobain...

For Ockenfels, photography is not only documentation but the interplay between the...

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Celebrity • Zimna Wojna (Cold War) - the interview with Polish Director hero Paweł Pawlikowski in VOGUE Polska, two portraits by WUNSCHE & SAMSEL c/o AFPHOTO and a synopsis for you on GoSee

05.06.2018 • Polish Director and Oscar award winner Pawel Pawlikowski was with his film Cold War ran in the Cannes competition and brought this year's film festival a first highlight. The film, which was shot in the antiquated aspect ratio 4:3 in black & white, is themed upon love in the Cold War era. It is about singer Zula (Joanna Kulig) and the love of her life, composer Wiktor (Tomasz Kot). They meet each other in 1949 when Wiktor is in Poland putting together an ensemble for folk music, which is politically hijacked all too soon : to perform hymns praising Stalin was demanded by those in power. The plot of the film is set over the period of ten years throughout which the two meet again and again... only to lose one another again. They are united in the end – but we won't spoil it here by telling you at what cost. The portraits of the Director for VOGUE Poland were photographed by WUNSCHE & SAMSEL c/o AFPHOTO. vogue.pl/pawel-pawlikowski-czuje-olimpijski-spokoj

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Celebrity • 'Power Play' - Elizabeth Moss in the cover story of MARIE CLAIRE UK's June issue, photos: Camilla ARMBRUST c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS

04.06.2018 • Blessed be this handmaid – American actress Elizabeth Moss, who became famous with series including 'The Handmaid’s Tale' or 'Mad Men', is the star of the June cover story in MARIE CLAIRE UK, for which she stood in front of the camera of Camilla ARMBRUST c/o SHOTVIEW. In an interview, the actress speaks about her success and her life – after she became famous. Styling: Tommy Buckett, make-up: Daniel Martin.

About - Elisabeth Singleton Moss (born July 24, 1982) is an American actor born and raised in Los Angeles, California, by Ron and Linda Moss, both of whom were musicians. Moss has one younger brother. She was raised a Scientologist. Moss is known for her roles as Zoey Bartlet, the youngest daughter of President Josiah Bartlet, on the NBC television series The West Wing (1999–2006); Peggy Olson, secretary-turned-copywriter, on the AMC series Mad Men (2007–2015), which earned her six Emmy Awards nominations and a Golden Globe nomination; Det. Robin Griffin in the BBC mini-series Top of the Lake (2013, 2017), which won her a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a mini-series or TV...

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Celebrity • 'Love it, Live it' – the PEPSI Football Edition 2018 featuring English star player Dele Alli, illustrated by Iain MACARTHUR c/o JSR AGENCY

28.05.2018 • #LOVEITLIVEIT – Illustrator Iain MACARTHUR developed the artwork for PEPSI presented here about English soccer star and two-time Young Player of the Year, Dele Alli. Pepsi on the concept of the packaging look: "Dele x Iain Macarthur – with Dele’s keen sense for fashion, shapes and patterns create movement with all things flowing to Dele, conveying his unpredictable, yet masterful and daring personality and style of playing." Bamidele 'Dele' Jermaine Alli, sun of a Nigerian father and an English mother, is under contract as a midfielder with the Tottenham Hotspurs and is on the English National team. We have the motif for you on GoSee.

About - the PEPSI campaign. Painting The World Blue: Pepsi® loves and lives football with the Global 2018 campaign. #LOVEITLIVEIT – Throughout history, Pepsi® has brought joy to each generation, connecting fans with the entertainment that has made the brand an icon of pop culture. With the world's most popular sport in the hearts and minds of people more than ever, today Pepsi announces its global 2018 "LOVE IT. LIVE IT. FOOTBALL." campaign. From...

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Celebrity • 'lift off' - Super girl Karlie Kloss in the cover story of PORTER magazine whose radiant beauty was photographed by Camilla ÅKRANS c/o LUNDLUND

19.05.2018 • Camilla ÅKRANS c/o LUNDLUND photographed American super model Karlie Kloss for the cover story of PORTER magazine. PORTER magazine on the equally beautiful as smart Karlie: "At just 25 years of age, KARLIE KLOSS – model, tech tycoon and mentor – sets the bar sky high. The go-getting girl from St Louis talks to Andrew Bevan about that unwavering business drive, her inner science geek and guiding the next generation of independent, intelligent young women." Styling: Cathy Kasterine, hair: Franco Gobbi, make-up: Lisa Houghton. Read the entire interview with one of today's most exciting faces in the fashion and modeling industries here : net-a-porter.com///porter////karlie-kloss

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Celebrity • GoSee loves the Marijuana Growing Nuns Documentary ‘Breaking Habits’ featuring Sister Kate aka Christine Meeusen, premiering at the Cannes Film Festival 2018

15.05.2018 • Written and directed by Robert Ryan, the film follows the one and only Christine Meeusen, a corporate exec-turned-cannabis-farmer who found her calling in medicinal marijuana. And so the story goes: Christine Meeusen, betrayed by a bigamist husband after 17 years, fled penniless with her three young children and discovered the lucrative business of cannabis farming. While adopting the persona of a nun called 'Sister Kate', she created her quite unique sorority 'Sisters of the Valley', a group of nuns who are not affiliated with any traditional religious order, to organize a California business that makes and sells medicinal cannabis products. What can we say - it was love at first sight. And as usual, we want to share the love – we have the trailer for you on GoSee.

Latest news: Cranked Up, the newly launched genre label of Good Deed Entertainment, has purchased U.S. distribution rights to Robert Ryan’s Cannabis documentary from Film Constellation. Good Deed announced the deal Monday at the Cannes Film Festival.

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Celebrity • Visual artist & model Phoebe Collings-James in SLEEK MAG, photographed by MICAIAH CARTER c/o GIANT ARTISTS

15.05.2018 • MICAIAH CARTER c/o GIANT ARTISTS photographed Phoebe Collings-James in Giorgio Armani looks for the new SLEEK. The artist's work is now on display at the exhibition 'Relative Strength' at Arcadia Missa in London. We present the portrait as well as several more works from his portfolio here on GoSee.

Grace Banks, Editor-in-Chief SLEEK MAG on working with MICAIAH CARTER: “I’ve followed the work of American photographer Micaiah Carter for a while now. His spotlight on young black creativity in New York is something to be excited about – his pictures show the power in a new generation of makers, thinkers and creatives who, were it not for Carter’s lens, might not be made visible to us. I’m proud that we’re featuring him in this spring issue of SLEEK, and I know he’s going to be achieve more success and acclaim than he has already. The pairing of Carter and the artist Phoebe Collings-James turned out to be an electric mix; the photos are beautiful, powerful and intimate.”

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