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Celebrity • Actress Birgit Minichmayr in STERN - portrayed by Peter Rigaud c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT

16.04.2019 • Peter Rigaud c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT staged Birgit Minichmayr for STERN mag.

'Birgit Minichmayr is an iconic Austrian actress. In addition to various film engagements, she is currently working as a freelance theater actress for the Vienna Burgtheater, the Munich Residenz theater, the Berliner Volksbühne and the Hamburg Schauspielhaus. Peter Rigaud captured her beautiful demeanor while journalist David Baum interviewed the actress for Stern.'

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Celebrity • Actor Ludwig Trepte in INTERSECTION Mag #35 - Grooming by Mischka HART c/o BASICS.BERLIN, photos: Tina Willim

15.04.2019 • Intervention 35: Actor Ludwig Treppe, who became known for his roles in "Deutschland 83" or "4 Blocks", played in some of the best German series in recent years. In the INTERSECTION interview, he reveals why that might be – and grants insight into the dreams of his youth.

Listen! The actor himself assumes that his "historical hair" was responsible for his ability to impersonate so many roles recently – and hair & make-up artist Mischka HART c / o BASICS.BERLIN was on set for exactly this reason: to bring his historical hair into the right shape. Photos: Tina Willim. The interview is available at intersection-magazine.com/blitz-schnell-ludwig-trepte.

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Celebrity • Keep moving softly... Swedish fashion photographer ASA TALLGARD staged famous Norwegian entrepreneur Camilla Pihl for the April '19 cover spread of ELLE Norway

09.04.2019 • Keep moving softly... Swedish fashion photographer ASA TALLGARD staged Norwegian celebrity Camilla Pihl for ELLE Norway's April '19 cover spread. Camilla Sørlie Pihl, born 15 June, 1978, is a Norwegian entrepreneur, blogger, model, business woman, and not least, designer. Camilla recently released her book "Phil in the Heart" and is now busy working on the launch of her first own fashion collection. Camilla was styled for the spread by Petra Middelthon. GoSee: camillapihl.no

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Celebrity • 'I have a dream' with Sophie Auster in the lead role - with a photo by Jonas HOLTHAUS c/o FREDA+WOOLF in ZEIT magazine for you on GoSee

09.04.2019 • "I have already performed at huge festivals and have also won several awards for my music – but only in my dreams: 'The prize goes to Sophie Auster!' Really? Oh how awesome! - But so far only in a dream." Sophie Auster told ZEIT magazine.

Jonas HOLTHAUS c/o FREDA+WOOLF portrayed American singer Sophie Auster, the daughter of Paul Auster and Siri Hustvedt, in a dreamy pose for ZEIT magazine. Sophie Auster has already released four albums, the last was entitled: "Next Time". It's this way to the article with the congenial Sophie (we love everyone who loves Tim Burton!): Zeit.de/zeit-magazin///sophie-auster-musikerin-schauspielerin-traum

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