02.07.2019  •  Celebrity NEWS


'River Street' - new music video by Okta Logue, filmed by Sven SINDT c/o UPFRONT


Okta Logue - River Street (Official Video) by Sven SINDT c/o UPFRONT PHOTO & FILM GMBH

Director: Sven Sindt c/o Upfront Photo & Film GmbH

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 Sven SINDT c/o UPFRONT directed the new music video "Rivert Street" from the German rock band OKTA LOGUE. In the past, Okta Logue played concerts wtih Neil Young and Portugal. The Man, were guests at the influential South by Southwest festival in Texas, and won prizes for their music videos at prestigious film festivals. "Runway Markings" is their fourth album. Peter Doherty has worked with their producers.