16.07.2012  •  Celebrity NEWS


LEGEND •  Anke Luckmann : meets living racing sports legend Michael Schumacher, in GQ and here on GoSee

Anke LUCKMANN photographed super star Michael Schumacher on his private racing machine, a red Honda Fireblade.

The interview and Anke’s images feature in the July issue of GQ – GoSee presents a private statement from the photographer, accompanied by her images.

‘Sabine Kehm, Michael’s manager, took me to his box to introduce me to him… there was a whole lot of machines and men in there… all with these funny bumps on their backs… and one of them was him then … Michael Schumacher. If I told you I wasn’t a bit nervous, I’d be lying…

Meeting Michael Schumacher and photographing him was definitely on the top of my list… a short introduction, handshake, a smile, a bit of small talk.

We had at least one thing in common that day… Michael and I… both pursuing our passions… and no, I said to him, mine certainly isn’t motorbikes!’ Anke laughs.

She continues to tell GoSee ‘oh and I also had fun… and thanks Michael. You are my hero! A great shoot with heroes…’

Click here to watch the making-of. The Schumacher short interview, which includes his love declaration to wife Corinna, is also up on the GQ website, the full interview features in the July issue.

FYI GoSee Member Jeronimo HUMMELSHEIM c/o IMAGE NATION was in charge of the flawless production.