06.02.2009  •  Celebrity NEWS


AD AGENCY, BERLIN •  Double Homicide : cold blooded liquidation of the Heymann Schnell and Brandt & de Gelmini agencies

DOUBLE HOMICIDE! The cold blooded liquidation of two of Berlin’s advertising agencies shocks the advertising world. Three suspects take over the agency’s management following a cold blooded double homicide.

On the night of 31.12.2008, the Heymann Schnell AG and  Brandt & de Gelmini GmbH advertising agencies were liquidised in cold blood. The suspects are well known to scenesters: René Heymann, Nils Brandt and Michael de Gelmini... the HEYMANN BRANDT DE GELMINI Werbeagentur AG are currently marvelling at their ingenious fusion.

The new Berlin-based agency, comprising the renowned Heymann Schnell and Brandt & de Gelmini advertising agencies has been operating since the beginning of the year. Now the simultaneous victims and perpetrators are even promoting the deadly action with a campaign and new website to boot : www.du-sollst-nicht-langweilen.de

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