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EPAP 2012 •  EPAP Winner 2012 : Alessandro Imbriaco wins with dark Italian swan song ‘The Garden’

The winner of the European Publishers Award for Photography (EPAP) 2012 has been announced. The award goes to Alessandro Imbriaco from Italy and his ‘The Garden’ project. His garden comprises a wooded swamp area, located right in the middle of the metropolis of Rome and has become home to a motley cru of drop-outs and illegal immigrants. A grim analogy to a country trapped in a downward spiral.

His pictures capture the sinister beauty and the unforgiving nature of life in the twilight of this small piece of nature, caught in the midst of the helpless metropolis.

The series centres on six-year-old Angela and her family who set up home home in a hut under a motorway flyover. Angela was born there, her 'garden' consists of a swampy piece of land off the shores of River Aniene.

Plans to turn the area into a nature reserve, due to the fact that some rare species of birds and foxes populate the habitat, have been in vain. The Jury comments “we can safely assume that -in a few years - Imbriaco's documentary will be the last of its kind, a memorial of this unique 'garden'.

The winning project will be published as a book by five different European publishers at the same time in autumn this year, each in its own edition and native language. The award will be presented during the Fotofestival Rencontres d’Arles's opening week (2nd to 8th of July 2012) at the Théâtre Antique.

This marks the 19th European Publishers Award for Photography. Several European publishers run the award - Actes Sud (France), Dewi Lewis Publishing (England), Blume (Spain), Peliti Associati (Italy) and Kehrer Verlag (Germany). The aim is to promote the publication of contemporary photography.

The jury is made up of five publishers Benoît Rivero (Actes Sud), Dewi Lewis and Caroline Warhurst (Dewi Lewis Publishing), Mario Peliti (Peliti Associati), Leopoldo Blume (Blume) and Klaus Kehrer (Kehrer Verlag). The guest jury member was Paul Herrmann, director of the Redeye network, The Photography Network, Manchester.

Bio : Alessandro Imbriaco (*1980 in Salerno) attended the Scuola Romana di Fotografia and the Joop Swart Masterclass. He won both the World Press Photo Award and the Canon Award for Young Photographers. His works were exhibited all over the world and published in magazines including L’Espresso, Le Monde, D la Repubblica, Rolling Stone, Wired and Vanity Fair. The garden was also featured in the talent issue of Foam magazine in 2011 – entitled Angela's Garden.

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