06.12.2012  •  Celebrity NEWS


Frank P. Wartenberg : pure glamour – the fashion prince crowns fashion of the year. Designer Harald Glööckler’s reviews the year with Elizabeth Hurley & Co on VOX and for BON PRIX, QVC,...

‘Modezar krönt Modejahr’ (the fashion prince crowns fashion of the year) is the title of Harald Glööckler’s current show, which was broadcast on German TV channel VOX on 4.12.2012. In ‘Disastrous to glamorous – the fashion year review by Mr. Glööckler’, the successful designer took a close look at fashion highlights and lowlights of 2012.

Harald Glööckler explains: ‘of course I’m not a professional presenter. But I couldn’t miss out on the exciting opportunity to host my own show.’ Guests such as Elizabeth Hurley and Gina Lollobrigida, Daniela Katzenberger, Jana Ina Zarella and society experts Constanze Rick, Frauke Ludowig, Karen Webb and Mareile Höppner visited him on the show.

At the end of the show the fashion expert awarded the Angel Award to Elizabeth Hurley and Gina Lollobrigida. Interesting to note, the designer does a lot of charity work; he is an ambassador for the German children’s fund and patron of the German children in need fund as well as a celebrity ambassador for the Berlin Zoo and supporter of PETA.

Frank P. Wartenberg experienced a very glamorous year with Germany’s most famous designer as he portrayed Harald Glööckler on multiple occasions.

The cheerful designer was in front of the Hamburg based photographer’s camera for VOX, BON PRIX, QVC, Karlie Heimtierbedarf and Ludwig Schokolade – where he advertised his chocolate creations called ‘Glööckler Pralinöös’.

His fashion repertoire includes haute couture and ready to wear pieces as well as jewellery, lingerie, homeware, shoes, perfume, furniture and chocolates. He still finds time to do charity work, fashion shows, painting and book releases besides his many TV appearances. Harald Glööckler invites 32 celebrity guests and friends on 6 December to celebrate the final highlight of his company’s 25-year anniversary… we’ll report back to you.

The photographer tells GoSee: ‘we’re looking forward to seeing what the new year has in store for us and are delighted to announce further productions with the Berlin based fashion designer.’