01.12.2011  •  Celebrity NEWS


VERY GOUDE ! •  GoSee Tip : Goudemalion - the 40 years of Jean-Paul Goude Retrospective at Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris

Jean-Paul Goude? Sure, the svelte Grace Jones pulled up to about 3 metres, jaw wide open and the round derrière stretched out as far as possible. Eternal visuals.

However, it would be a mistake to reduce Goude to Grace. For 40 years, the self-taught artist has been working as an illustrator, AD, photographer and filmmaker. His career took off in the 1960s as an illustrator, first in Paris, then in NY where he worked for Esquire from 1970 – 76, when he met his partner Grace Jones.

Think about it: his legendary works were actually created before the age of Photoshop – fine-tuned and polished by hand and equipped with scissors. He called his own technique 'French Correction' – tongue in cheek as always.

Les Arts Décoratifs dedicated a long overdue retrospective to him in Paris - well deserved we might add. Fashion, photography, advertising, music, illustration and live events – each category is well covered. Be surprised – be inspired.

A 432-page catalogue with 600 illustrations accompanies the exhibition.

Goudemalion – the Jean-Paul Goude Retrospective
Les Arts Décoratifs
107, rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris