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AWARD •  Henri Nannen Prize : Yang Yankang awarded for his Tibet photo report - The Strong Power of Faith

On 8 May, in cooperation with STERN magazine, Gruner + Jahr awarded the Henri Nannen Prize for the fifth time. Twelve journalists were presented with Bronze, at the Deutschen Schauspielhaus, Hamburg. Geo photographer Yang Yankang, awarded for his Tibet photo report, was amongst them. Jürgen Leinemann (Spiegel) was awarded for his lifetime achievement, and Robert Ménard, co-founder of the Reporters Without Borders organisation, for his commitment to freedom of the press.

The judges were particularly won over by the expressiveness of the "The Strong Power of Faith" black and white series (GEO magazine Nr. 5/2008), with which the Chinese photographer documented the “spiritual strength of Tibetan Buddhism”.

948 pieces were entered from 208 German-speaking media (print and online), they were made up of 335 contributions for the Report Category, 253 for Documentation, 210 for Humor, and 74 in Photo Report.

The judging panel included Gabriele Fischer (Editor in Chief, Brand Eins), Peter-Matthias Gaede (Editor in Chief, Geo), Elke Heidenreich (Journalist and Author), Hans Werner Kilz (Editor in Chief, Süddeutsche Zeitung), Giovanni di Lorenzo (Editor in Chief, Die Zeit), Helmut Markwort (Editor in Chief, Focus), Andreas Petzold (Editor in Chief, Stern), as well as photographers Ellen von Unwerth and Thomas Hoepker, and photography and art publisher Gerhard Steidl.

The prize is dedicated to Stern magazine founder Henri Nannen (1913-1996) and endowed with 30,000 Euro.

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