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10.01.2019  •  Celebrity NEWS


"I am not a fashion accessory" - GABO photographs actress and presenter Désirée Nosbusch for animal rights organization PETA

Together with animal rights organization PETA, actress and presenter Désirée Nosbusch and star photographer GABO appeal to all consumers not to buy exotic leather. The claim of the PETA motif: "I am not a fashion accessory!" In the making-of video from the shoot (click here to see it), the native of Luxembourg explains how brutal leather production is and how many animals are killed for a single crocodile leather handbag. Désirée Nosbusch's motif was staged by star photographer GABO, who has supported PETA for many years with heart and soul. "Just imagine, the skin of four crocodiles is used for one single handbag. The animals' necks are slashed without anesthetic, and then a metal bar is pushed into their spinal cord. So, is it even a question of wanting such a handbag? No, right? Please show compassion, and don't buy exotic leather."

As an actress and presenter, Désirée Nosbusch has been involved in several international and domestic productions. In the four-time award-winning ZDF mini-series "Bad Banks", she makes a brilliant appearance as an ice-cold bank executive. Years ago, Desirée Nosbusch already supported PETA: She hosted PETA's press conference for its fifth anniversary and realized a motif against fur. The mother of two children speaks six languages fluently and lives alternately in Berlin and Luxembourg.

GABO: Désirée Nosbusch for PETA

GABO: Désirée Nosbusch for PETA