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TOPMODELS & CELEBRITIES •  Shotview : Claudia Schiffer for TANK, Naomi Campell in HARPER’S BAZAAR, Katrin Thormann and Frank-Walter Steinmeier in STERN and INTERVIEW magazine, SZ MAGAZIN, ELLE, ...

Luis SANCHIS’ shoot with 90s top model, mother and mogul Claudia Schiffer is like a journey back in time to the age of the Supermodel Renaissance. The German model went topless for TANK’s cover and main story, underlining the fact that beauty knows no age.

Luis produced the refreshing “Tendenze Black & Fluo“ story for the latest issue of ELLE Italy. Furthermore, Luis Sanchis once again realised the latest worldwide LINKS OF LONDON campaign, with the Keep agency. The CD was Tom Hingston.

Stylist ALEX Aikiu encouraged top model Naomi Campell to show off her wild side for HARPER’S BAZAAR US. She styled the “Wild Things” editorial in Africa, applying a safari wildlife style.

Alex Aikiu was also in charge of the styling behind the GALERIES LAFAYETTE advertising posters. Both productions were realised together with Jean-Paul Goude, who was once married to Grace Jones and made her the renowned 80s pop icon we know today.

Germany’s new star model Katrin Thormann c/o SEEDS was catapulted back into the 80s for a STERN magazine production. See how Joachim BALDAUF, CD Donald Schneider and stylist Claudia Hofmann reconstructed the colourful past in the attached results.

Joachim also produced the “The Dream of Life” series for the new issue of TUSH, the styling was carried out by Daniele Mancinetti. The latest issue of ROSEBUD magazine presents the wonderfully sexy “The guy called Kiwi“ series.

Portrait photographer Peter RIGAUD accompanied the SPD’s German chancellor candidate Frank-Walter Steinmeier during various election appearances for STERN magazine. He was joined on set by AD Donald Schneider and photo director Andrea Gothe.

He also caught up with Quentin Tarantino and his German colleague Tom Tykwer during the “Inglorious Basterds” promotional tour stop in Berlin and captured the cult director’s portrait for STERN.

Peter Rigaud and his camera accompanied men who faced their fears for SZ MAGAZINE. Confrontations included waxing studios, and rightwing football fans.

In a tribute to PRADA and the A/W 09 collection, model and photographer Christina KRUSE captured herself as a fashionable woman, enjoying her freedom and doing her own thing – quite in keeping with the modern Prada woman, she is classic and keeps her two feet firmly placed on the ground.

Jork WEISMANN produced the innocent “Viva Maria“ series for TUSH magazine. He was helped out by stylist Rhea Leisibach.

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