01.03.2017  •  Celebrity NEWS


The Jil Sander fashion special mag for DIE ZEIT – styled by Klaus STOCKHAUSEN c/o SHOTVIEW BERLIN

An old dream came true for Zeit magazine in February 2017: the fashion special with designer Jil Sander. It was not all too new for the designer - Jil Sander herself used to work as an editor for fashion magazines before her rocket-like career in fashion. The photo spread was styled by Klaus STOCKHAUSEN c/o SHOTVIEW BERLIN.

ZEIT on the cooperation with the icon: “For ZEIT magazine, Jil Sander doesn't look back, but into the future. She has always wanted to work with people who shape their future with their style. Whoever takes a look at her campaigns photographed by Craig McDean or David Sims today, cannot believe that some of them are 20 years old. Modernity is not a question of zeitgeist, it has more to do with attitude. She found the perfect partner for the project in Norbert Schoerner. The photographer residing in London combines classic photography with digital elements, creating new aesthetic realms between reality and virtuality. In his work, the models seem so near and natural, but sometimes approach viewers in the surreal. That is how we would like to see fashion in the future: the more digital it gets, the more accessible and human it has to present itself.”

The shoot took place in London in December and was realized by Jil together with photographer Norbert Schoerner. In the following weeks, Jil Sander worked on the design of the booklet.