15.03.2019  •  Celebrity NEWS


Where are you? BOSSE is back and sings 'Ich warte auf dich' (I'm waiting for you) - grooming: Soraya HINSCH c/o BASICS.BERLIN



Director: Katja Malinowski & Christopher Häring
Client: Universal Music
Hair & Make-up: Soraya Hinsch c/o basics berlin
Model: Axel Bosse

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Feel-good disco music is made by others, Axel Bosse is quite aware of the fact that he doesn't have to try his hand at it. That's why he makes hearts explode while astronauts roam the city, and Robert de Niro has to serve as a figurehead for social criticism. He delivers fresh, modern poetry that is good for the German singer-songwriter circus and makes it easier for us to think with witty language. On his new album 'Alles Ist Jetzt' (Everything Is Now), he balances between stories from everyday life, desires, losers, a bit of happiness between garden gnomes and the great feeling of embarking.

"Ich warte auf dich" (I'm waiting for you) is also a song that goes straight to the heart. It dissects precisely the feeling of being abandoned. Make-up artist Soraya HINSCH c/o BASICS.BERLIN once again took care of the grooming of actor and alter ego Bjarne Mädel. The spot was directed by Katja Malinowski & Christopher Häring. Visit Axel Bosse on his website – because everything is now! GoSee: axelbosse.de