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Celebrity • PETER NITZ, leather craftsman, handcrafts luxury handbags in Zurich - a studio visit by KARINE & OLIVER VISUALEYES ARTISTS for you on GoSee

13.03.2019 • American born PETER NITZ has been at home in Zurich for 13 years, and according to the buzz on the streets, handcrafts some of the most beautiful bags in the world. Unique items in the truest sense of the word. Luxury handbags – handmade in Zurich.

On Peter's website, we read his interesting stories: "We enter Peter’s story in 2008 in a hotel in Paris. The bartender had given him a tip that a leather worker would be there that evening. By the end of the night they made a plan for a week-long summer course. After his first lesson, Peter knew this would be his future. Perfecting the art of leather craft became his obsession. Sharing his passion of the craft is an intrinsic part of Peter’s work. As a teacher, he has become a part of many other journeys. Customers who order bespoke bags are the essential element in the process – narratives are intertwined. Every layer tells a story in the creation of an object. Each piece is constructed using the finest materials and the highest level of craftsmanship. Choosing Peter Nitz connects you to a considered journey, an ethos about...

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Celebrity • On the road in Berlin with Seyneb Saleh ('Mute') and the AUDI E-Tron for a SLEEK Special - photo: Joseh KADOW and hair & make-up: Susanna JONAS, both artists c/o COLLECTIVEINTEREST ARTIST MGMT

11.03.2019 • "Joseph Kadow and Susanna Jonas are not only friends, they also share a common visual language. So it's no wonder that they live out their creativity both in editorials and for commercial clients so often together." COLLECTIVEINTEREST tells GoSee. For the latest project, they were on the road together in Berlin for a SLEEK special with the AUDI E-Tron and actress Seyneb Saleh. German-Iraqi actress Seyneb Saleh became known to a broader audience in 2018 through the Netflix film 'Mute'. In the mystery thriller by British Director Duncan Jones, she plays the female lead role Naadirah alongside Alexander Skarsgård.

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Celebrity • Alba August, the Swedish actress who portrayed Astrid Lindgren, photographed by Norman KONRAD c/o COSMOPOLA for you on GoSee

06.03.2019 • Alba Adéle August (* 6 June 1993) is a Swedish-Danish actress – and the daughter of world-famous Director Bille August and actress and Director Pernilla August. In 2016, she played a hostage in the series Countdown Copenhagen. In 2018, Alba August played one of the lead roles in the Danish Netflix series The Rain and portrayed young Astrid Lindgren for the feature film Astrid that same year. Norman KONRAD c/o COSMOPOLA photographed Alba August, and we have the result for you on GoSee.

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Celebrity • 'He only wants to play' - 11 FREUNDE magazine visits Germany's foward passer Pascal Groß, photos: Norman KONRAD c/o COSMOPOLA

05.03.2019 • 11 FRUNDE writes in January 2019: "Pascal Groß is the best German soccer player without an international match and has long made a name for himself in the Premier League as a striker from Brighton and Hove Albion. When will he finally get the respect he deserves in Germany? " Norman KONRAD c/o COSMOPOLA delivered the photos for the pros & cons in the required reading for every soccer fan. GoSee: 11freunde.de//zu-besuch-bei-deutschlands-bestem-vorlagengeber-pascal-gross

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