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Editorial • Fashion shoot for SPECTR mag and the editorials THE SPACE BETWEEN, EPHEMERAL AREA & REFLECTION - new artwork by photographer EDISONGA c/o NERGER M&O for you on GoSee

02.10.2018 • For SPECTR magazine, EDISONGA aka Jana Gumprecht c/o NERGER M&O photographed the editorial entitled 'Urban Collide' in Cape Town, which was produced by Tamara Sarischwili c/o BlueBunny with styling support from Alexandra HECKEL c/o LIGANORD. Plus, GoSee is delighted to present you her personal editorials EPHEMERAL AREA, REFLECTION and THE SPACE BETWEEN.

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Editorial • 'Passed Away Too Early', two motifs for ZH magazine ZKB on our throwaway mentality - photographed by SCANDERBEG SAUER

30.09.2018 • The two images shot for ZH Magazine 03/2018 illustrate the article "Passed Away Too Early". A report about possible ways out of throw-away mentality. ZH Magazine is produced by Crafft Communication for Zürcher Kantonalbank.

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Editorial • Benedikt FRANK c/o SHOTVIEW photographs for the magazine ACHTUNG at the Vitra Design Museum

30.09.2018 • ACHTUNG Mode's latest issue focuses on the relation of Southern Germany’s/Switzerland‘s design scene and its impact on contemporary fashion in Berlin. To do so, Benedikt FRANK c/o SHOTVIEW shot a range of looks in relation to furniture in the Vitra Design Museum.

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Editorial • 'Herbstzeitlos' presents you model Maja Manczak in FOGS magazine - hair & make-up by Stefanie SCHNEIDER c/o BASICS Berlin

29.09.2018 • "The title 'Herbstzeitlos' goes very well with the spread for which Stefanie SCHNEIDER c/o BASICS Berlin took care of hair & make-up of GNTM model Maja Manczak. Just like on the lilac plant, Stefanie SCHNEIDER lightly applied the make-up of Maja Manczak for a delicate and reduced look, accentuating the model's porcelain skin." BASICS Berlin tells GoSee. The spread was photographed by Emma Thoenes. GoSee: FOGS Magazine.

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Editorial • Top model Daria Strokous in the BLACK cover story - styling: June NAKAMOTO c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MGMT

29.09.2018 • June NAKAMOTO c/o SHOTVIEW styles top model Daria Strokous for BLACK magazine’s 'Spirit' issue. Borrowing from the Wild West, she puts accessories such as trucker hats and cowboy boots front and center.

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Editorial • Omega for Vanity Fair - photographer duo Scanderbeg Sauer embarks with Editor Nicholas Foulkes for high-gloss magazine on time travel and a trip to the moon

28.09.2018 • Vanity Fair En Route. One small step... the footprint on the moon 1969, a replica of the Apollo astronaut's spacesuits, an OMEGA Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch – one of OMEGA’s most iconic timepieces – and an original NASA Mission Control console are only a few images shot by SCANDERBEG SAUER at the OMEGA Museum for Vanity Fair.

The OMEGA Museum bristles with bric-a-brac from the days of lunar exploration, ranging from original NASA-issued Omegas, Hasselblad 500EL cameras, pieces from the outer hull of space vehicles, and a full-size, functioning lunar rover vehicle. "The greatest fun was to photograph the magazine’s Editor Nicholas Foulkes taking the lunar rover moon buggy for a spin!" photographer duo SCANDERBEG SAUER tells GoSee.

The OMEGA Museum is located opposite the OMEGA headquarters at Rue Jakob-Stämpfli 96, Biel/Bienne 2504, Switzerland. omegamuseum.com

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Editorial • Artist Michael Salu and friends in the SLEEK magazine DIESEL Special - with styling by Fabiana VARDARO c/o BASICS Berlin

27.09.2018 • The techno charm of Berlin combined with a leather jacket and big patches. Out of the club and onto the streets – for which author, creative director and artist Michael Salu was the focus of the spread photographed by Max Stürmer. Michael Salu and colleagues were styled by Fabiana VARDARO c/o BASICS Berlin. Michael Salu – Brit born with Nigerian descent – is a creative director, editor of art and photography, designer, brand strategist, author, and illustrator. GoSee: michaelsalu.com

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Editorial • 'Napoliamorous' brings you smart Antoni Jankiewicz in DANSK mag - styling: Fabiana VARDARO c/o BASICS Berlin

27.09.2018 • Creative Director Toby Grimditch invited stylist Fabiana VARDARO c/o BASICS Berlin on a photographic adventure with young male model Antoni Jankiewicz in Milan. True to the concept: "Narcissus and Goldmund", Fabiana VARDARO styled him for the photos: 80s shoulder pads with cowboy glam on a marble floor – no problem at all. Photos were shot by Frederico Reyes.

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