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Editorial • 'Ethical Mind' presents vegan streetwear by PLANT FACED in BRIGHT ZINE mag - hair & make-up by Stefanie SCHNEIDER c/o BASICS Berlin

21.08.2018 • From vegan fashion by streetwear label PLANT FACED to the use of vegan make-up during the shoot, Sophie Daum shows in her photos that vegan living and environmental awareness are something to see. Make-up artist Stefanie SCHNEIDER took care of hair & make-up during the production for which she also used vegan products. The spread appeared in BRIGHT ZINE mag, which is produced by people interested in ethical living and deals with vegan and ethical lifestyle topics. It's this way to BRIGHT ZINE mag, and we have the link to the label here, too: PLANT FACED.

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Editorial • 'Black & White' – Fashion spread by Editor-in-Chief Kemara Pol with hair & make-up by Maha HÖLBLING c/o BASICS Berlin

21.08.2018 • Kemara Pol is Editor-in-Chief of Austrian ANDY ART magazine and a Fashion Week Jetsetter. In a personal production, BASICS Berlin new entry Maha HÖLBLING got the chance to work with the photographer. Take a look at the works by Maha HÖLBLING here.

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Editorial • Bayrischer Hof - Munich's legendary Grand Hotel portrayed by Benjamin Monn c/o KRISTINA KORB

14.08.2018 • Benjamin Monn c/o KRISTINA KORB photographed at historic 5-star hotel Bayrischer Hof in the heart of Munich. It wonderfully presents the two very different sides of the hotel: very modern rooms on one hand, and historically preserved rooms on the other. Of course, the beautiful view above the rooftops of Munich is among the perks, too.

The history of the traditional hotel dates back to the year 1839. King Ludwig I expressed to Joseph Anton von Maffei the desire for a first-class hotel. Maffei thus commissioned Friedrich von Gärtner, the King's favorite architect. Further information is available via Bayerischer Hof.

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Editorial • Thematic placemats for A&W magazine and coffee drink creations for BEEF MAG by Andreas Achmann c/o KRISTINA KORB

14.08.2018 • For A&W magazine, Andreas Achmann c/o KRISTINA KORB photographed placemats, each depicting a specific theme. Whether inspired by the Orient, Pollock or Pop, the themes are immediately recognizable. Still styling was taken care of by Clementine Guilmoto from Les Artists, with creative direction by Nina Lang.

Andreas photographed several coffee cocktails for BEEF magazine, staged with very chic and high-quality imagery at a bar. The black & white background of the photo series is the perfect fit for the magazine's male target audience. Set design was taken care of by Mirjam Baak c/o agency Rouge.

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Editorial • VOGUE LIVING with actress Rachel Roberts, Deep Sea Baby for VOGUE NL and Good Vibrations for JAN MAG by Anne MENKE c/o KRISTINA KORB

14.08.2018 • Anne MENKE c/o KRISTINA KORB photographed model and actress Rachel Roberts and her daughter Ava in their home on a Malibu beach for VOGUE LIVING NL. She staged the summery beach and surfer life with plenty of sunshine and a big smile. Styling was taken care of by Linda Gümüs Gerritsen, with hair by David Keough and make-up by Adrienne Herbert, both from Art Department.

She photographed a wellness special on the beach for the Vogue The Netherlands. It's all about healthy & natural beauty. Model Cata van Ee from Paparazzi Model Management wonderfully radiates the freedom & naturalness of beach life. Styling was taken care of by Martien Mellema, with hair by Peter Butler from Tracey Mattingly Agency and make-up by Angie Parker from The Wall Group.

Anne photographed a reportage for Dutch JAN MAGAZINE with a young family in surfer's paradise Venice Beach California. Styling was taken care of by Linda Gümüs-Gerritsen, hair by Brian Fisher and make-up by Molly Greenwald, both from The Wall Group.

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Editorial • 'Moda Safiri' with Mariangela Bonanni in DIVA E DONNA MAG by Andrea Varani c/o KRISTINA KORB

14.08.2018 • Andrea Varani c/o KRISTINA KORB staged a safari motif with Daniela Rosa Cattaneo in his spread for DIVA E DONNA by integrating natural structures and exotic animals. Styling was taken care of by Francesca Della Noce and Corrado Balzi, with hair & make-up by Ghisce C. and Paul Mitchell.

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Editorial • 'Broken Glass Boys' in AMAZING MAG, staged by Walter Chin c/o KRISTINA KORB<7b>

14.08.2018 • Walter Chin c/o KRISTINA KORB photographed a minimalistic but very expressive black & white photo series for Amazing magazine. The magazine from New York and Los Angeles is all about fashion & culture. The broken glass used by Walter Chin gives his photos a certain strength.

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Editorial • 'Graphic Flowers' for BURDA STYLE, photographed by Sabine Duerichen c/o KRISTINA KORB

14.08.2018 • Sabine Duerichen photographed the new designs for Burda Style which are all about floral patterns. The topic was realized in beautiful imagery: from holding flowers to flowers in the background or even directly on the fabrics. Production: Anja Shahinniya.

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