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Editorial • Evan Leff & Sami Chukwuebuka in 'Astronauts' by Pascal Triponez for 'Risk VII: The Art of Intimacy' - grooming by Tina FISCHBACH c/o BASICS.BERLIN

16.04.2019 • Like astronauts on a strange planet is how the two models Sami Chukwuebuka and Evan Leff appeared on the photos. Tina FISCHBACH c/o BASICS.BERLIN didn't miss the chance on her trip to Cape Town to shoot with photographer Pascal Triponez and the two Boss Models. Kyle Bischoff breathed life into it all with a video, which can be seen on Risk Magazine's website. GoSee: risk-mag.com/post/evan-leff-sami-chukwuebuka-in-astronauts-by-pascal-triponez-for-risk-vii-the-art-of-intimacy

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Editorial • Model Carlotta Runze in Rollacoaster magazine S/S '19 - styling: Fabiana VARDARO c/o BASICS.BERLIN, photos by Lucas Christiansen

16.04.2019 • The new Rollacoaster S/S '19 edition is finally out! From Hollywood's emerging newcomers to those who have been casting their spells in the music business for some time now, Rollacoaster Magazine takes another glimpse at some of tomorrow's best talents in its Spring/Summer issue.

Also part of it was Fabiana VARDARO, stylist at basics.berlin, who teamed up with Lucas Christiansen to produce the spread presented on GoSee – an intersection between winter and summer fashion. From Iceberg to Katie Ann McGuigan or even Nicopanda, the spread has urban style paired with tweet and biker jackets. GoSee: rollacoaster.tv

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Editorial • Happy 25th Birthday ! - Andreas ORTNER photographs the May 2019 cover story for Czech ELLE's '25th Aniversary Issue' with top models Linda Voytova, Michaela Kocianova and Denisa Dvorakova

16.04.2019 • For the '25 Year Anniversary' edition of ELLE Czech, ANDREAS ORTNER photographed the cover story with three top congratulators Linda Voytova, Michaela Kocianova and Denisa Dvorakova in Prague. Styling: Lenka Kermes, Editor-in-Chief: Peter Maticek.

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Editorial • Actor Leonard Kunz in Aston Martin for INTERSECTION #36 - grooming by Tina FISCHBACH c/o BASICS.BERLIN, photos: David Fischer

16.04.2019 • In INTERSECTION # 36, now in stores, young actor Leonard Kunz was interviewed on his dreams as a youth and his love of cars. H&M artist Tina FISCHBACH c/o BASICS.BERLIN accompanied Leonard on his wild ride in the Aston Martin. For all fans of luxury cars and/or wild young actors, please follow the link: intersection-magazine.com/intersection-nr-36

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Editorial • Model Nadine Strittmatter for DIE STILISTEN on the Elbe river - photos by Andreas ORTNER

15.04.2019 • For the newest issue of DIE STILISTEN in Welt am Sonntag, Andreas ORTNER teamed up with Birgit Schlotterbeck to produce an editorial on the topic of 'Hamburg My Pearl'. Defying wind, rain and high waves, they took it to the Elbe river. Styling and production: Birgit Schlotterbeck, hair & make-up: Peggy Krucke, model: Nadine Strittmatter.

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