11.04.2012  •  Editorial NEWS


Basics : editorials for BG magazine, HUF magazine, EXCLAMA REVISTA mag, THE DRAFT e-mag, MATERIAL GIRL mag and Glam in GALA

Gunnar SCHENDERA was in charge of the art direction and the perfect hair and make-up look for BG magazine. Photographer John Janshesky took the photographs on location in Miami.

Mischka HART (hair & make-up) was booked for a shoot for HUF magazine. Alicia Freksa photographed the spread in Berlin.

Nathalie GROS (hair & make-up) enjoyed a day in the great outdoors for EXLAMA REVISTA magazine. The outdoor series was produced in collaboration with photographer Anna Schnauss in Berlin.

Conny Kirste and make-up artist Nathalie GROS produced a series for THE DRAFT e-mag, also on location in Berlin.

The most recent issue of MATERIAL GIRL featured the artwork of Mischka HART (H&M), with photographs by Lea Nielsen.

Last but not least, GALA Nr.2 is all about 'Sportswear meets Glam'. The glamorous and athletic series was realised on location by Mischka HART (H&M), as photographed by Nils Rodekamp in Berlin.