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Editorial • Mathilde KARRER c/o JULIA WALDMANN stages three poems by Marlo Star for the NAPKIN POETRY REVIEW, London

02.08.2020 • For London’s NAPKIN POETRY REVIEW, which was founded as a lockdown project by Anna Seidel and Caroline King, Mathilde KARRER c/o JULIA WALDMANN staged three poems by poet Marlo Star. Concept & styling also came from Mathilde.

Mathilde Karrer : “Poetry is an art I appreciate but had forgotten about. I needed to take time to let the words sink in and find a space in my head where they could sit for a minute. No rushing, no instant gratification. It felt like I was using a long-forgotten part of my brain again.”

THE BOX by Marlo Starr
My problem is rarely
recklessness. Coiled between
syllables, I measure
the distance one might run
from pole to pole without
being seen. The only rule
one needn’t take to heart:
proximity to threat
is one sort of safety.
An arrow spins wildly
around its ordinals,
where the swelling silence
unbrackets memory.
Like the boy in the pit
who pried apart my lips,
his sandbox fingernail
raked hard across my gums,
I am trying to break
open. I told no one.
I am telling you now.

Digital poetry magazine NAPKIN POETRY REVIEW on the author : “It has been such an honor to share work by...

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Editorial • ‘Fine Line’ – an expressive editorial by Verena Knemeyer c/o Double T Photographers, shot in the historical Speicherstadt in the port of Hamburg

28.07.2020 • Verena KNEMEYER c/o DOUBLE T used the days between productions for personal work. Created amidst the fleets of the historical Speicherstadt in the port of Hamburg was a classic-elegant fashion spread featuring Melike König from Model Management striking casual poses. The monochrome photos are confidently feminine, lively, sassy and are extremely expressive particularly in black & white.

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Editorial • Food styling for the weightloss programm myWW of the American company WW (formerly Weight Watchers) by Natasha van Velzen c/o STILLSTARS

15.07.2020 • The myWW program not only helps you lose weight! It also helps you to develop healthy habits, eat better, learn movement and fitness routines, and be more mindful about what you do. Food stylist Natasha van Velzen c/o STILLSTARS prepared the delicacies presented here for myWW, and photos were shot by Jochen Arndt c/o STILLSTARS.

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Editorial • ‘Salad Days’ – cookbook with art direction & set styling by Maaike KOORMAN c/o STILLSTARS for food stylist Ajda Mehmet

14.07.2020 • Maaike KOORMAN c/o STILLSTARS was completely in her element and took care of both art direction and set styling for the cookbook ‘Salad Days’, which she realized together with food stylist Ajda Mehmet and photographer Danique van Kesteren.

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Editorial • ‘Haptical Thinking’ – ANNA ROSA KRAU c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER for The Lissome

14.07.2020 • For THE LISSOME, ANNA ROSA KRAU photographed a sensual “Not Hand-Made but Hand-Thought” spread. ‘Hands have an autonomous, intuitive intelligence and possess something distinctly different and beyond the intellectual capacity of our brains.’

Recent editorial @thelissome styled by @kamilla_richter on @ryoko.berlin and the poetic power of her hands. “Psychologists are only now beginning to recognize something that artists have intuitively always known: We think with our hands as much as our brains.” (Rod Judkins, Psychology Today).

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