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Editorial • WALLPAPER - VEGGIE & FRUIT-BASED FASHION SPECIAL BY Winnie PLACZKO c/o AK/KRUSE (styling and consulting)

20.05.2019 • 'We’re going bananas for sustainable, fruit-and-veg-based fashion' – says WALLPAPER and presents a spread by Winnie PLACZKO c/o AK/KRUSE (styling and consulting) and photographer Peter Langer.

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Editorial • MAY Ltd Bicylce brand with creative direction by Alexis ZURFLUEH c/o AK/KRUSE

20.05.2019 • Alexis ZURFLUEH c/o AK/KRUSE created the complete identity for MAY Ltd, a bicycle brand he founded with his best friend.

MAY Ltd. was founded by a Swiss graphic designer and a global sourcing expert who started building bikes purely for their own purposes. When their friends showed great interest in their products, they started building the brand as well as the company to offer their product to a wider audience yet at limited numbers.

Working with global partners from Germany, Italy to Taiwan an China, using established elements such as Shimano shifters from Japan, all MAY bicycles are built with highly selected components fused into a unique urban bicycle that meets the highest quality standards. Selling at affordable prices is important to MAY Ltd. since margin was never the purpose of the business, and direct production and distribution processes allow them to limit the costs.

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