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Editorial • 'Demographics of Antarctica' Kids editorial & cover for KID'S WEAR MAG Winter 2019/20 by ACHIM LIPPOTH

10.09.2019 • ACHIM LIPPOTH has published kids fashion bible KID'S WEAR for many years. And, of course, he insisted on personally having a creative blast for the international magazine. So, he turned a play room into a winter wonderland with the help of his little actors and only a few props. Imagination rules, all you need to do is imagine – and before you know it, your bed becomes a slope, and with a bit of flour, you can make snow angels on the kitchen floor. On the team for hair & make-up were Nicole Gnauck c/o Ligawest, stylist Maddalena Montaguti, Production Unit and Ralf Schneider Retouching.

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