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Events • Ben Kaufmann - 'A4', Cologne's MARTINETZ Gallery presents from 24 February thru 6 April 2018 drive-by works shot from 2013-2017

21.02.2018 • The exhibition, A4 by Ben Kaufmann is based on a series of photographs, all of which were taken on a stretch of the A4 motorway between the cities of Cologne and Aachen from 2013 to 2017. The series documents existing components found within this public space and emphasizes two key focal points, the Weisweiler brown coal power station and commercial lorries travelling on the motorway. The Weisweiler power station is one of the most environmentally damaging in Germany and has become symbolic of environmental discussions, the demand for an energy revolution and for ensuing societal and workplace controversies. The lorries that Kaufmann photographs on this stretch of motorway depict advertisements that, for the most part, present a sexist view of women and ignore critical discourse about socially established gender stereotypes.

We learn from the press text: "In passing neither the power station nor the lorries advertised messages are explicitly scrutinized, they become just a part of the everyday exterior space that passes us all by. The motif, however, is repeated and...

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Events • ELLE Sweden awards Elisabeth TOLL c/o NERGER M&O once again as Photographer of the Year 2018

20.02.2018 • ELLE Sweden once again awarded fashion photographer Elisabeth TOLL c/o NERGER M&O as its Photographer of the Year 2018. We quote the speech in her honor: "Sensual, feminine and breathtakingly beautiful. She is an outstanding photographer with the rare ability to create magical moods both in front and behind the camera. Her epic photos always tells that little bit more and have a timelessness which makes history – this year's photographer is Elisabeth Toll." Here is the ELLE mini interview with the photographer for you on GoSee:

How does it feel? It feels great! Particularly because I received the award a second time. Every year, there are great new photographers on the market, so it's unbelievably flattering.

What does the award mean to you? To me, it means I'm not a one-hit wonder! (lol). And hopefully I will get more jobs! (lol even more) And I'm happy to receive the award from people with such a big name themselves. That these of all people thought I was good... I am very happy about that!

Who would you like to photograph? I would like to photograph Prince Charles. I...

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Events • Hotel MAISON MARSIL recommends : Art ! Come to Art Cologne 2018, Thursday, 19 thru Sunday, 22 April and visit us at our Hotel

24.01.2018 • The oldest art fair of its kind in the world, ART COLOGNE brings together in 2018 around 200 renowned galleries with high-quality works of all price classes by more than 2,000 classical modern artists to the latest cutting-edge art of emerging young galleries. We would love to take this highlight on the bursting Cologne cultural calendar as an opportunity to present our small family-owned boutique hotel in the Cologne Hahnenviertel district, located within walking distance to the old town with time-honored sights and breweries from yesteryear, the trendy high street Ehren-Mittelstrasse as well as museums and galleries galore.

Hotel Marsil in Cologne's Hahnenviertel district offers its guests 18 rooms as well as a suite in a monument-protected ensemble between Rudolfplatz and Neumarkt – all with state-of-the-art tech since it was modernized in 2017. All rooms are lovingly furnished with a box spring bed, modern bath, flatscreen TV, free Wi-Fi, minibar, and some with a balcony.

Founded in 1999, we have been an inside tip far beyond the Cologne city limits for years with our...

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Events • Photographer Darius Ramazani supports with his billboard project the KÄLTEBUS BERLIN in Winter 17/18 and photographs the CARITAS campaign about the housing shortage in Germany for glow Berlin

23.01.2018 • The new Caritas campaign by the German Caritas Association e.V. raises awareness for the housing shortage and demands political action. Under the slogan "Everybody needs a home", the multi-channel campaign advertises with megaposters, ads, banners, a spot, and a campaign website. The photos were shot by Berlin-based photographer Darius RAMAZANI.

DARIUS RAMAZANI photographed a poster motif for his Billboard project in Berlin in order to support the great initiative KÄLTEBUS BERLIN (Cold Bus Berlin) in winter 2017-18 in Berlin. "This year, it was once again an important matter for us to support the Cold Bus project! Winter is here, and the nights can be dangerously cold, particularly for the homeless. The Berlin city mission has sent its Cold Bus through the streets of the city for 20 years. Homeless, threatened by the cold of the night are often brought to emergency shelters to spend the night where they are given a warm meal and can receive medical help. Please save this number in your cell phones : Berlin Cold Bus +49 178 5235838 !"

The reason behind the idea of the Cold...

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Events • We wish you Feliz Navidad – OTTO's 'Together it's Christmas' campaign by Heimat Berlin for you all and everyone else out there on GoSee

18.12.2017 • "What makes Christmas so special: Presents, the Christmas tree, eggnog or Christmas dinner? We think it is more about the special moments and being together with the ones we love. And a time when strangers become friends. Why? It's only Christmas, when we're together. Just like in our film!" Our friend from OTTO tells us about its Christmas film for the holiday of all holidays in 2017. The Christmas film was shot in far away Bolivia, around 4000 meters above sea level. Where people not too seldom commute to work with a cable car – or celebrate Christmas with cheeky gringos – if need be – in the XMAS bus. Direction was in the hands of BAFTA-winning Director Daniel Mulloy c/o RSA FILMS for the executive agency Heimat.

Unlike many other countries, Bolivia celebrates Christmas for 14 days – from 24 December thru 6 January. Even if the majority of the population is Catholic, their traditions are much different than ours. From region to region, the way Christmas is celebrated varies. But it all boils down to a real family celebration. One tradition is for groups of children to go...

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Events • EXILE, the new short film by Düsseldorf-based screenwriter and Director Sylvia BORGES c/o FRÖHLICH MGMT for you on GoSee

05.12.2017 • Düsseldorf-based screenwriter and Director Sylvia BORGES c/o FRÖHLICH MGMT just teamed up with Düsseldorf-based cameraman Max Hüttermann to publish their short film EXILE. The dance film was shot in Düsseldorf subway stations and depicts the feeling of being uprooted of an exiled young man. The film was created in collaboration with the dancer Freddy Houndekindo.

Sylvia Borges on her short film: "I got to know several so-called "economic refugees" personally and realized how emotionally torn they are. They left everything behind for an uncertain future, some of them women and children, and risked their lives... and all they end up with is basic aid, lack of perspective and isolation. They cling to their cell phones to feel a little bit of home... while one day becomes like all the rest and all like just one."

Sylvia continues: "I can not and do not want to explain this situation, analyze it or give someone else the blame. I would like to take a look at the situation from the emotional side. Refugees are often just treated as numbers, statistics and misused to project many...

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Events • GoSee congratulates: Director Monica Menez wins with 'BELLO' an award for 'Best Director Fashion Short Film' plus the award for 'Outstanding Comedy Performance' for actress Nina De Lianin at the 'CineFashion Film Awards 2017' in Hollywood

05.12.2017 • On 8 October, 2017, the 4th edition of the Cinémoi’s CineFashion Film Awards took place at the famous El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. Awarded at the glamorous event were innovative filmmakers, actresses & actors, musicians and designers active in the areas of fashion & film. The film "Bello", produced by star Director MONICA MENEZ on commission for Leica S magazine, was awarded two of the coveted awards: He received one for "Best Director" of a fashion shot film and one for an "Outstanding Comedy Performance" for leading actress Nina De Lianin. GoSee member recomFILM supported the complete visual post production for the wonderful film.

Further award winners included peace icon Dionne Warwick, timeless icons Donna Karan & Forest Whitaker. Best Actress in a fashion film, Sienna Miller for 'The Tale of Thomas Burberry', and the CineSpotlight Award went to Rosanna Arquette for 'DRYVRS – Bob’s Direction Home'. The awards were given by big names the likes of Stevie Wonder, Carmen Electra or even Akon. Watch the entire awards ceremony online under the following link:

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Events • Frank Kayser films for AUDI SPORT and the top model special escort at the PARIS FASHION WEEK in Fall 2017; we have the spot and photos for you on GoSee

02.12.2017 • Quick, chic and always glamorous. That goes for the Paris Fashion Week just as it does for AUDI. Taking place in the city on the Seine are the most important fashion shows of world-famous star designers in the highest frequency and the broadest selection of stunning locations spread all over the beautiful metropolis. What would be more natural for some of the top models than to be escorted by an experienced chauffeur through the hustle & bustle of the city in one of the most elegant sport coupés – the AUDI RS5 *. FRANK KAYSER was responsible for the script and directing the spot presented by AUDI SPORT on several social media channels. Plus, he photographed a lively city story with a contemporary look at the same time.

*The Audi RS5 is the most powerful vehicle of the Audi A5 series. The coupé was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2010.

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Events • Play Studio Hamburg invited on 24 November to Friday Rewind! A night with good drinks, networking, colleagues and friends – and the photo project 'Cowboys: East Germany' by Eric O'Connell

22.11.2017 • Play with us! Finally another Friday Rewind! On 24 November, the Hamburg Play Studios invited to the legendary pop-up gallery in the Schanzenviertel district: A night with photos, good drinks, networking, cowboys, colleagues and friends. Photographer duo Köster & Lumma and Holger Pietsch (Creative Director, used to be Scholz & Friends NeuMarkt) are PLAY (Play Studios, Lippmannstrasse 53, 22769 Hamburg, doors open at 7:30pm).

Friday Rewind was conceived as a monographic exhibition for contemporary photographers, which grants insight into the latest projects of the exhibiting artists. “We want to show private and personal works, i.e. the heart-felt projects of advertising and product photographers. For his very edgy and touching portraits, American photographer Eric O´Connell met up with East-German cowboys over a period of ten years, whose lives are all about freedom, camp fires and genuine communism,” says the studio team. Friday Rewind is organized together with the law firm WLHK.

Cowboys: East Germany is a project spanning more than a decade, exploring the adopted...

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Events • OFFPRINT PARIS presents at the Paris École des Beaux-Arts 130 independent publishers from the areas of photography, art, graphics & design - from teenage love to 'The Future Sausage' or even flux and the abstract

15.11.2017 • OFFPRINT PARIS, which takes place annually in parallel to Paris Photo, is a very inspiring event with fresh ideas and a young audience. The eighth edition took place from 9 thru 12 November, and a total of 130 independent publishing companies or publishers presented books, projects and editions from the areas of art, graphics, photography and design.

Stanley Barker from London presented 'Young Love' by Ewen Spencer. “Today we stay younger longer and become grown up sooner. The successes of making any sort of story around youth is to recognize that we’ve all been there at sometime in our lives. Being a teenager is like a concentrated moment of the human condition — all of the successes and pitfalls all being played out in one messy drama,” says photographer Ewen Spencer.

Japanese artist Hiroshi Takizawa deals with destruction and reproduction in his often abstract works. ECAL graduate Carolien Niebling deals for her Master's degree in Product Design with the topic of 'The Future Sausage'. "The book explores the design of the sausage and existing production methods in order...

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