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Events • 'Can you imagine what your child is seeing on their smartphone?' A campaign by Darius Ramazani and glow communication for Innocence in Danger

15.02.2019 • Fotograf DARIUS RAMAZANI startete einmal mehr eine spannende Aktion auf »seiner« Großplakatfläche in Berlin. Die Agentur glow communication entwickelten für den Verein Innocence in Danger, der sich für Kinder und Jugendschutz einsetzt, ein besonderes Konzept. Artdirektor Anthony Cliff entwarf eine Illustration, die er zusammen mit Geschäftsführer Johannes Krempl auf der Großfläche des Fotografen Darius Ramazani umsetzte. Die schemenhaften Doodles zeigen was unseren Kindern heutzutage im Internet begegnen kann und stellen einen Appell an die Anbieter von digitalen Medien. Die Aktion wurde vom Team Ramazani als Stopmotionsequenz zur viralen Verbreitung im Netz festgehalten. und bei Gefahr im Verzug, sprich Du benötigst professionelle und kostenlose Beratung, bei der Du anonym bleiben kannst:

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Events • GOSEE PR and GLAM PRODUCTION, Los Angeles, invite you to : CHECK OUT PHOTO LA

06.02.2019 • The 27th edition of PHOTO L.A. opened its doors in Santa Monica Barker Hanger at the end of January. GLAM PRODUCTION visited the internationally renowned photo event for GOSEE and put together a nutshell of words and photos full of impressions.

PHOTO L.A. features an extraordinary roster of more than 60 local and international galleries and dealers, in addition to noteworthy exhibitions by artist collectives, non-profits, museums, art schools, and photo book publishers. PHOTO L.A.’s renowned lectures, roundtable discussions, special installations, and docent tours with distinguished members of the arts community draws an informed audience to the three-day event and sparks critical debates about the state and future trends of photography and the art of collecting.

This year, PHOTO L.A. featured an impressive and exclusive collection of established Chinese galleries. It is interesting to see how many Chinese galleries have booths set up and show imagery we stereotypically do not associate with China. A fresh new look in photography from the eyes of Chinese artists observing...

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Events • The film 'MONSTER' revisited by transportation specialist Patrick Curtet, with photos fit for the big screen for you on GoSee and on display at

05.02.2019 • Following his extremely successful first solo exhibition in Hollywood last September, French photographer and LA resident PATRICK CURTET is continuing to develop his concept of 'The 25TH frame'. He tells us about the wonderful title: "As the cinema traditionally used 24 frames per second to tell a story, I am using a 25th to express my own vision of various iconic Hollywood films. The film 'Monster' served as the inspiration for my latest series." See all previous works themed upon The 25th Frame on his website: His works are now appearing in the print version on

About LA|MIAMI ART SHOW. AC Gallery presents the third annual LA|MIAMI ART SHOW 2019 in partnership with Artsy taking place concurrently with the LA Art Show. Rising contemporary artists living on the cultural coasts will converge in Hollywood to give an eclectic glance into the art of today, setting the precedent for a new year of contemporary art exhibitions and programming at AC Gallery. The show is open primarily to independent, emerging artists seeking to...

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