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Events • Afraid of the UPLOAD filter? You prefer a colorful world? Then come to UPDATE-19-BERLIN on 15 November 2019 – because we will show you everything we’ve got !

24.04.2019 • Film, animation, illustration, paper art, photography, hair, make-up, styling, food, set design, models, production, transportation... are several of the topics awaiting you – like every year – at UPDATE in Berlin. As a visitor, you’ll meet exhibitors from all over the world who look forward to networking or to cultivating contacts face to face that have grown dear. #notimeforselfies

Nominees on the eight short lists of the GoSeeAWARDS will also be attending along with the established photographers of international photo agencies. Several events are taking place side by side at UPDATE – including great live illustrations, high-end speed dating, happy hours... – not to mention the legendary Charity Bar that is part of the action again in 2019.

Want to be there as an exhibitor? You are a creative and are thinking about coming to the event (free of charge for CDs,ADs,ABs)? Find further details on our beautiful event on the website under or from time to time in our GoSee NEWS. You can’t wait? Write to us:


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Events • Nemoguce ne postoji, izgovora nema! – The Belgrad Photo Month 2019 by Susanne Junker, the '21st Century Woman' reports exclusively for GoSee on the still very young Serbian Festival by Initiator and Curator David Pujado

24.04.2019 • Now we are stuck, behind a police patrol car on a highway ramp. The city highway was supposed to take us back to the center of Belgrade. But we couldn't budge an inch. The blue light flashing on the police car threw color into the interior of our car. I was sitting in the back, half on the floor, half on the backseat. On my left was one blue face, and two to my right. Two more in front. Six blue heads and bodies squashed into a small car. I lost feeling in my legs, and someones elbow was jabbed into my ribs. We ducked the best we could, while the compact car with its over-crowded cargo of six photographers from all over the world crawled behind the police car. Some of us passengers had met only a few hours earlier at a vernissage at the edge of town. Now we were joking around together excitedly in English with various accents, a selfie was taken, and suddenly the cops in front of us were gone. It was Saturday night, and off we went to kick-off the weekend of the "Belgrade Photo Month" (BPM) photo festival.

The chauffeur of this unforgetable ride was David Pujado. He is the...

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Events • The 34th INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF FASHION, PHOTOGRAPHY AND FASHION ACCESSORIES, HYÈRES takes place from 25 thru 29 April, 2019, in southern France, and the exhibitions are on display until 26 May – GoSee !

24.04.2019 • The 34th edition of the International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion accessories, Hyères, will take place between Thursday 25 and Monday 29 April, 2019, at the Villa Noailles. The exhibitions will be open to the public until 26 May, 2019. Jean-Pierre Blanc is both the founder and the director of the festival which will be presided over by Pascale Mussard.

Since 1986, the festival has promoted and supported young international fashion design. Since 1997, a competition has also existed for emerging photographers. And this year, for the third time, a competition will also recognize young fashion accessory designers. The festival is acknowledged as the oldest fashion competition aimed at young professionals. Several prizes are awarded to the competing designers thanks to grants provided by the festival’s partners who commit, together with the festival, to providing long term support. Practical assistance is provided right on stage at the competition as well as over a period of two years in various different areas: financing, production, workmanship, materials,...

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Events • GoSeeAWARDS 19 : Submit your ARTWORK now via your GoSee account for our renowned online viewing. Winners will be announced once again at UPDATE-19-BERLIN

18.04.2019 • GoSeeAWARDS 2019... anyone with a GoSeeACCOUNT can now submit their work in the categories: ART PROJECTS - PORTRAIT - FASHION - ILLUSTRATION - CGI & ANIMATION - REPORTAGE - STILLS & TRANSPORTATION. Just like every year at GoSee, we are busy behind the scenes putting together a legendary online jury. At the end of October, the submitted works will be viewed in three rounds, and the winners will be announced at UPDATE-19-BERLIN.

The GoSeeAWARDS is waiving fees for submission as always in 2019. Participation is free of charge – and if you make it onto the shortlist with your work, not only the attention of the jury is certain. The AWARDS and its outcome are often the starting point for requests of representation by photo agents as well as from editorial offices. This can lead to exhibitions, book projects, jobs or – not to mention – plain and simple: exciting, new contacts.

We would like to present a little example with two of the winners – GIOVANNI A. SCRIBANO, whose flowers won over the jury in the category STILLS in 2019 and JANINE GRAUMBAUM, whose KOSMOS TRAIN project has...

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Events • 30 four-day photo workshops open to everyone - VENEZIA PHOTO 2019 takes place from 25 April – 4 May, 2019, on the island of San Servolo. Get your last-minute ticket now !

18.04.2019 • Venezia Photo 2019 is synonymous for 30 four-day photo workshops open to everyone, both theoretical and practical. Develop your photographic look, improve your technique and experience special moments in the field. 32 renowned teacher photographers - an exceptional program of photographers to supervise workshops and host conferences evenings. Live and learn photography alongside renowned professionals. 400+ participants expected - Join San Servolo Island in Venice for an extraordinary photographic adventure. Moments of learning, sharing and conviviality between professionals and enthusiasts will punctuate your stay.

The Venezia Photo concept stands for workshops mixing theory and practice with a wide variety of themes, taught by some of the greatest contemporary photographers. Created with the help of the Rencontres d’Arles and San Servolo srl, Venezia Photo offers 30 workshops. Choose the training that suits you best to develop your photographic practice and writing. All Venezia Photo workshops last 3 full days.

VENEZIA PHOTO takes place from 25 April – 4 May 2019,...

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