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Events • GoSee Tip : Picto Prize for Fashion Photography 2020 goes to Vietnamese Fashion Photographer CHIRON DUONG – Special Mention awards for LUCIE KHAHOUTIAN and GABRIEL DIA

16.10.2020 • On 13 October, the three winners of the 22nd Picto Prize for Fashion Photography, were announced in the main courtyard of Palais Galliera in Paris. Out of 26 exciting finalists, the jury had the challenging task of determining this year’s award winners.

The jury chair this year was held by Sarah Moon, and among the jurors were Paolo Roversi, Benjamin Lindbergh – Studio Lindbergh, Sylvie Lécallier – Chargée de la collection photographique du Palais Galliera, Guillaume Henry – Art Director Patou, Aska Yamashita – Art Director, Atelier Montex, Gaëlle Gouinguené – Communication Photo, Leica, Benoit Baume – Directeur Fisheye magazine, and Delphine Perroy – Rédactrice en Chef Mode de Madame Figaro.

Since 1998, the PICTO FOUNDATION has awarded young talent under the age of 35 in the area of photography, who for the most part have carved an international career for themselves, including Louis Decamps (Award Winner 1998), Sofia & Mauro (2002), Marjolijn de Groot (2003), Kourtney Roy (Special Mention 2007), or Laura Bonnefous (2015).

First Prize in 2020 went to Vietnamese photographer Chiron...

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Events • EROS & PHOTOGRAPHY Part 1: ‘Behind Desire’, on display at 36 in the Berlin Mitte district, opening 16 October, 2020

05.10.2020 • Following extensive renovation in Chaussee 36 in Berlin, a new exhibition is taking place again soon: Opening its doors on Thursday, 16 October, 2020, is EROS & PHOTOGRAPHY Part 1: ‘Behind Desire’. Awaiting guests at this group exhibition are works by Gerard Musy, Eva Ionesco, Ellen von Unwerth, Renaud de Gambs, … to name a few.

Chaussee 36: “The group exhibition ‘Behind Desire’ to introduce the different facets of eroticism and explore the mechanisms of desire in art photography. Going beyond the mere presentation of erotic images, to investigate the complex perception of erotic sensations, stimulated by photographs and literary extracts. In a society increasingly dominated by sex and pornography, awareness to the significance of eroticism needs to be raised. A participatory journey through the exhibition will enable an intimate discovery. At the same time, a critical examination of the notion of eroticism, which is shaped by patriarchy, must be emphasized.”

‘Behind Desire’ opens the exhibition series EROS & PHOTOGRAPHY, featuring the first insights at Chaussee 36 into the...

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Events • Meet the ‘OUTLAWS’ – a film directed by Dillon BUIRSKI c/o WE ARE CREATIVE

30.09.2020 • “In a world that is constantly in flux and a society that constructs power structures as a way to control life’s natural chaos, the most powerful magical spell is unashamed, unabashed authenticity to self.” – Kyle Bxshxff

The film ‘OUTLAWS’ was born from a conviction that this authenticity that Kyle Bxshxff speaks of, needs to be shared with the world, and that ‘the new, the next and the now’ needs to be confrontationally lived through expression. As part of this exploration of authenticity, the WE ARE CREATIVE production team from Cape Town, as well as their very own creatives jumped at the idea of bringing this one to life. The collaboration between these teams, as well as AFRICA IS NOW magazine and Cape Town’s LGBTQIA+ community resulted in a colorful celebration of the creativity they all have to offer as a whole. “We could not have been prouder of the opportunity to help tell these stories, and it has been an honor to work alongside every person who invested so much to make sure these stories are heard and seen.” says Dillon BUIRSKI c/o WE ARE CREATIVE.

The film roars with a...

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Events • Loch Stock and Salmon – an adventure to the wild west coast of Scotland ... A new short film/campaign has just been launched by THE ECOHUSTLER

30.09.2020 • Loch Stock and Salmon – an adventure to the wild west coast of Scotland. A new short film/campaign has just been launched by The Ecohustler to raise awareness of the dangers of farmed salmon fishing in Scotland. A great deal of research shows that declines are directly attributable to the rise of the salmon farming industry that is rapidly expanding due to consumer demand for this aspirational ‘staple’.

For aeons, salmon have migrated thousands of miles before returning to their Scottish rivers to spawn. But increasingly, on the last legs of their epic pilgrimages back to their ancestral breeding grounds, the wild fish have to swim past cages imprisoning mass-produced salmon. Held at unnaturally high density, these “tortured animals” are plagued by parasitic sea lice which eat the farmed fish alive. As the wild fish swim by, they too are infected, and go on to suffer the same grisly fate.

The film was produced by – an independent online magazine that looks to bring people unexpected, entertaining, ecological content with a focus on connecting with nature and each...

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Events • We look forward to the EMOP Berlin 2020, aka European Month of Photography Berlin 2020, which kicks off on the 1st of October

29.09.2020 • On Thursday, 1 October, 2020, it’s time again: The EMOP, aka European Month of Photography in Berlin, is kicking off once again for an entire month. The opening days are between 1 and 4 October, 2020. This year, around 103 galleries, museums, cultural or art institutes and photo agencies are participating in the EMOP.

Every two years since 2004, Germany’s largest photo festival presents the entire breadth and depth of historical and contemporary photography in Berlin. Museums, cultural institutes, galleries, project spaces, embassies and photo schools in Berlin and Potsdam are presenting numerous exhibition projects and events – all carefully curated by an expert jury. Formats range from outdoor exhibitions and large museum presentations, to solo and group presentations in galleries and project spaces, or even impressive contributions by several foreign cultural institutes and embassies as well as the municipal arts and culture offices. For the 2020 program, GoSee :

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