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Events • GoSee loves... 'Family Values: Polish Photography Now' in the Calvert 22 Foundation London thru 22 July, 2018

12.06.2018 • Under 'Family Values: Polish Photography Now', curator Kate Bush collected various positions and a magnificent photographic potpourri from the second half of the 20th century. The fact that they are not just old family photos is sometimes only visible at second glance. The topics are about identity, home and family in the context of political and sociological changes

"At its heart will be a presentation of the work of Zofia Rydet (1911 – 1997), a photographer much admired in Poland who is now coming to wide international prominence. Her work has never been seen in the UK. In 1978, at the unusually advanced age of 67, Zofia Rydet embarked on a monumental project that was to consume her until she died: she set out to make a portrait of every person in Poland. Over the course of twenty years, she photographed 20,000 people at home, the pace of the project only limited at the end by her increasing physical frailty. The work is known as the Sociological Record (1978 – 1997). She broke her Record into various subcategories such as TV Sets, Women on Doorsteps, Windows and...

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Events • GoSeeAWARDS 2018 – submit your entries for the industry’s big online viewing, and upload your artwork now !

07.06.2018 • When PARTICIPATING is already a WIN... You’re at the GoSeeAWARDS, the annual, internationally established top online viewing in the creative industry. For 20 years, GoSee has stood for serious B-to-B communication in the global creative industry. The GoSeeAWARDS have been organized by GoSee for 15 years and call upon creatives from all over the world to submit their works free of charge – that’s photography, illustration, CGI & animation in 2018 – via GoSee where they are then viewed online by around 100 top jurors from the areas of advertising, marketing, fashion, publication,... in a total of three rounds. Take a look at our high-carat JURY from 2017 online (thank you so much again!); and the 2018 jury will be announced shortly before the event.

You can submit projects or works in the following categories : ART PROJECTS, PORTRAIT, FASHION, TRANSPORTATION, ILLUSTRATION, STILLS, REPORTAGE as well for the first the first time: CGI & ANIMATION.

The SHORTLIST consists of 20 finalists in total per category – who have the opportunity to present visitors...

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Events • GoSee Tip : Group exhibition 'L’Exode au Clair de Terre' in the picturesque Pavillon de la Muette in Paris' equestrian sport suburb Maisons Laffitte

05.06.2018 • Located in the forest of Maisons Laffitte, 18 km north-west of Paris and one of the most expensive suburbs, where horses have their own streets and jockeys from all over the world are trained, is the Pavillon de la Muette. A former hunting castle, which is now used for temporary art exhibitions. On display at the moment is the group exhibition 'L’Exode au Clair de Terre' – an eclectic mix of art, design and paintings, organically integrated into the architecture of the building. A shuttle from the city to the woods of Saint-Germain-en-Laye took us to the vernissage from which we are delighted to present you our impressions here on GoSee.

Our thanks for a perfectly organized day full of inspiration go to participating artists Marion Catusse, Studio Quetzal (Louise Naegelen, Adrien Gadet & Benjamin Lina), Botanical Agency (Simon de Dreuille & Elena J Seegers), Hugo Drubay, Hristo Mavrev, Philippe Henry & Wassyl Abdoun-Tamzali. The exhibition is still on through the beginning of July. The Pavillon can be rented for fests, art events and productions...

Built under the reigns of...

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Events • ANDREA HEBERGER's new photographer entry Cihan ÜNALAN presents 'Coffee Break' in Gallery Sakura Paris

28.05.2018 • 'Who shot first?' The stormtrooper at a coffee break is one of the motifs by photographer and artist Cihan UNALAN, whose work is on display at the moment at Gallery Sakura in Paris. The young photographer at home in Istanbul can now be booked via ANDREA HEBERGER.

About - Cihan ÜNALAN
. Growing up, I have always been incredibly fascinated by movies, mysteries, super heroes, science fiction, and adventure stories which have become my main source of inspiration. Today, I work as a photographer in Istanbul, shooting local and international campaigns. Outside of work – which takes up most of my time – I have always loved collaborating with other talented people from around the world. Meeting artists with similar interests and an equal passion for their craft is one of the great joys that come from working in this industry.

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Events • UPDATE!8BERLIN – Creative salon, buzz hub, talent market, ... We look forward to seeing you! Register as a visitor or come to Berlin as an exhibitor. Save the date : Friday, 19 October, 2018

23.05.2018 • Time flies, not only when your are writing a weekly NEWSLETTER... we ask ourselves sometimes: “Weren’t we just in Berlin? And we’re going again – I wonder what all has happened in the meantime? What do you think everyone else was up to?” Except, of course, for the omnipresent GDPR... Other things come to mind like: “Where is that Art Buyer working now who always used to be Head of Art Buying? And: “What? She stopped working too? Who is driving across Europe in a VW van living the good life? And who is getting things sorted out? What? She’s self-employed now too? And they have outsourced it completely? Where to?

All these and more questions can be answered... Of course, you could consult your social media for hours, check your cell phone, call our hotline... but make it a lot easier on yourself: Come to UPDATE!8BERLIN in Berlin on 19 October, 2018 – where you’ll meet up with well-informed exhibitors, inspiring visitors, lots of new talent from the areas of photography, illustration, CGI and animation... and us. I guarantee you: someone from this great and unique industry...

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Events • 'Advertising' Award at the PDN Photo Annual '18 for the ADIDAS series of the THE WADE BROTHERS c/o MAKING PICTURES; we have the photos for you on GoSee

19.05.2018 • Winners at the PDN Photo Annual ’18 in the category 'Advertising' were THE WADE BROTHERS who took home an award for their ADIDAS series with soccer players, photographed for the agency Iris Worldwide in London and Barcelona. Creative Directors were Eleanor Fitzgerald, Senior Creative Shoot & Production Manager, Iain Robson and David Missen, with agency Producer Lu Howlett at their side. We extend our congrats – and present you their work on GoSee.

from Kansas grew up together and still live in Kansas City. They pursue the same vocation, but follow divergent routes. Brother Lyndon orchestrates vibrant compositions, utilizing an idiosyncratic aesthetic that synthesizes elements of humor, fantasy, whimsy, and wide-ranging influences. Brother Lindsey’s images are unapologetically un-ironic and a powerful combination of realism coupled with an aggressively graphic finish. As a directorial duo, they form a dynamic, singular force that yields the best of both perspectives. They are also the creative force and owners behind

About - PDN...

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Events • Merci France ! 'Mercy', the song by French duo Madame Monsieur is our GoSee Eurovision Song Contest 2018 winner of the heart

15.05.2018 • It just took place, the legendary feel-good guarantee EUROVISION SONG CONTEST – you either love it or hate it. The oldest televised international music competition in the world was won in 2018 by Israel. Broadcasters from 56 countries are eligible tp participate, and since 2015 thanks to an exception, also from Australia. Abba, Johnny Logan, Celine Dion... all made history in this music project which is just as unique today. And we present you with MERCY by Madame Monsieur aka singer Émilie Satt and producer Jean-Karl Lucas the French contribution which unfortunately only made it to number 13 of 43 participants – but is our very personal winner in 2018. The song is about the great Mediterranean crisis which is perceived very differently and is a topic of discussion from controversial to heartless.

The duo on the song: "The song is about a girl named Mercy who was born to Nigerian refugees on a boat on the Mediterranean Sea in the midst of the European migrant crisis. It is a play on words using the French word "merci" meaning "thanks" but also "mercy" like the English word and...

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Events • 'Personal Icons' - the exhibition by Sven Jacobsen at the glass facade of the trade fair halls of Hamburg, on display from 1 June thru 1 December, 2018

14.05.2018 • 'Personal Icons' - portraits by SVEN JACOBSEN on display from 1 June thru 1 December, 2018, in Hamburg, when Hamburg's exhibition halls with their more than 100 meters once again are transformed into the longest gallery in the heart of the city. The photo exhibition entitled "Personal Icons" by Sven Jacobsen on the glass façade of the exhibition halls along Karolinenstraße is part of this year's Photo Triennale. On display are 40 large-format portraits which have been part of an ongoing series since 2011, in which the photographer shows captures unique personalities. People who stick out because, rather than conforming to popular standards, they exhibit an entirely personal interpretation of themselves. They all seem to be uninfluenced by contemporary trends and ideals.

Sven Jacobsen on his personal icons: "In my work I connect with people who, according to my first-sight perception, appear to be exhibiting a very personal, authentic, true form of their identity. This sets them apart from most other people who have been influenced by the media and contemporary trends to...

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Events • Be the difference! The Full Service present on GoSee: 'Someone Like You – The British Red Cross'

14.05.2018 • The campaign 'Someone Like You – The British Red Cross' pays tribute to British Red Cross volunteers and the extraordinary power of kindness. Last year saw an unprecedented level of humanitarian disasters in the UK. But every single time tragedy struck, hundreds of British Red Cross staff and volunteers provided vital support to the victims and their families. So, this year British Red Cross decided to unite with creative agency, The Full Service to form a project focused on the people who stepped forward in the UK’s hour of need.

Zoë Abrams, Executive Director at the British Red Cross, said: “The horrific events in Manchester and London last summer were truly shocking for our nation. But even during these most terrible of times we also saw the extraordinary power of human kindness as the country came together to help in any way it could. In the wake of these devastating incidents, ordinary Brits were moved to not only donate money or goods, but also to share their time and their talents to help those affected by these emergencies.

“For the British Red Cross, last year was...

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Events • Rankin and The Full Service present – 'La Danse De Papa', a danced mocumentary by the British star photographer for you on GoSee

03.05.2018 • Rankin stepped forward this International Dance Day 2018 to declare that ‘dad dancing’ is an art and one that he has truly mastered. Last Sunday, the 29th, was International Dance Day and The Full Service cast their collaborative net as wide as possible and asked for anyone and everyone to contribute to their 2018 film #GETDANCING. Rankin – never one to miss out on the fun – instead of just going behind the camera for the occasion has gone in front with some moves that most of us will recognize as the epitome of ‘dad dancing’.

Rankin has been known to do a mocumentary or two in his time, including Le chaise Ironique, but this one is slightly different; it features the photographer and director, making some serious shapes in a skeleton. Rankin stepped forward this International Dance Day to declare that ‘dad dancing’ is an art and one that he has truly mastered.onesie (you have to see it to believe it).

Rankin says: ‘I was at a loss to know what to do, so I thought I’d take the mickey out of myself! Doing my own bit in front of the camera was silly and exhausting – showing...

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