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Events • 'Little Help' by The BossHoss feat. Mimi & Josie - Pascal BÜNNING c/o BIRGIT STÖVER ARTISTS films 'The Voice Kids Winners 2019' Mimi & Josy for their debut on UNIVERSAL MUSIC

03.06.2019 • Pascal BÜNNING c/o BIRGIT STÖVER filmed the studio recordings of 'The BossHoss feat. Mimi & Josie' (aka The Voice Kids winner) for UNIVERSAL MUSIC. The video entitled "Little Help" chalked up 3,460,909 views on Youtube in the first month alone. Mimi and Josefin, or Mimi & Josy, are a German singer duo from Augsburg. The two siblings, 15- and 13-years-old at the time of the seventh season, won the 'The Voice Kids' season as the first duo in the history of the television program. We present the teaser on GoSee, and the complete clip can be seen here:

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Events • #ourvoteourfuture EUnited 2019 – the EU Parliamentary Elections Awareness campaign with photos by initiator Clara Nebeling c/o AK/KRUSE Artist Management, David Uzochukwu, Wendy Huynh & Maria Sturm in cooperation with the agency Kemmler Kemmler, Berlin

21.05.2019 • European elections are just ahead. What do creatives do to mobilize their fellow citizens? That's what photographer Clara Nebeling c/o AK/KRUSE Artist Management asked herself and teamed up with other photographers and the agency Kemmler Kemmler from Berlin to create the platform including a poster generator ( and the eye-catching 'EUnited 2019 EU Parliamentary Elections Awareness' campaign. We present you to the wonderful project on GoSee.

This week sees the launch of a major new initiative by photographers Clara Nebeling, David Uzochukwu, Wendy Huynh and Maria Sturm ahead of the EU Elections in 2019. The project, dubbed EUnited, is the brainchild of Clara Nebeling herself, who was driven to action after learning that the total participation among 18- to 30-year-olds in the last round of EU Parliamentary Elections was just 28% – and in many cases much lower.

As a proud, politically engaged part of this minority, Nebeling was frustrated that the future of tens of millions of young people across Europe was being decided without their input. This...

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Events • 'Don't let Brexit get in your way.' The Odd Shop gives Brexit a face - the campaign photographed by Jaap VLIEGENTHART c/o SEVERIN WENDELER

21.05.2019 • Brexit, Brexit, Brexit .... and no end. On commission for RIJKSOVERHEID (= Dutch central government), the agency Odd Shop calls upon Dutch companies with its campaign to prepare themselves for day X – whenever it may come. The majority of entrepreneurs would not be prepared for Brexit yet. Many underestimate the consequences and believe that Brexit will not influence them. To make the potential problems visible, the Dutch government and The Odd Shop are now giving Brexit a face. The campaign was photographed by Jaap VLIEGENTHART c/o SEVERIN WENDELER.

The Odd Shop : "How do you warn people about Brexit, when nobody knows what it will look like? Research shows that 75% of entrepreneurs aren’t prepared for the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union. Many of them underestimate the consequences and assume that Brexit won’t have any impact on them. That’s why we created Brexit. He’s big, he’s clumsy and he gets in the way of day-to-day business. Check to see if Brexit will get in the way of your business by doing the Brexit Impact Scan.

The campaign was launched...

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Events • ADC Germany and 'Creative Intelligence' – Germany's Creative Festival (21 May – 2 June in Hamburg) deals with the future of people, brands and machines and brings Jonathan Meese and Pussy Riot back on stage

14.05.2019 • More than 50 international industry leaders and decision makers from the areas of design, digital, art, advertising, business and science are speaking at the ADC congress and open-space stage on 23 and 24 May. They will discuss topics such as 'Creative Intelligence' and the future of people, brands and machines in Hamburg. Equal rights for men and women in the creative industry will certainly also be among them. The key motif came from illustrator and artist Mark GMEHLING c/o VISUALEYES.

“He is a superstar of the international art scene: Jonathan Meese is the world-renowned enfant terrible and sometimes also the world's savior. How so? His "dictatorship of the art" is supposed to save our planet. After a four-year break, Meese is coming back on stage for us for the first time at the ADC Congress stage with a performance entitled "Machine K.U.N.S.T,” says ADC.

Together with Hermann Vaske (Director of "Why are we creative?"), Maria Alyokhina, political activist (Pussy Riot), will be on stage at the ADC Congress on 23 May 23 to speak about the responsibility of creators in...

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Events • Die Klappe 2019 relaunch goes Berlin! The award show of the largest German-language advertising film prize at Anomalie Art Club Berlin on 28 May, 2019

14.05.2019 • Renowned German advertising film competition DIE KLAPPE is coming to Berlin for the very first time! "We have gold, silver and bronze to give, honoring up-and-coming films for Katjes, MediaMarkt and Toyota. A celebration of all winners and a celebration of our industry. For which we thank our sponsors." We have not only expanded the categories for DIE KLAPPE relaunch in 2019 (including InstaStory, FB ad, Best Use of Virtual Reality and Interactive) but have also reduced multiple submissions from seven to nine. As part of KLAPPE's modernization, a team from antoni put together the activation campaign as well as a new concept for the awards show & party.

From 9pm, host Sebastian Merget presents the awards show and upcoming films in Berlin's Anomaly Art Club (Storkower Straße 123, 10407 Berlin). Rolf Scheider & Hubert from the Casting Company will be there once again this year and report for GoSee. Find the nominated commercials on

DIE KLAPPE Jury 2019 is made up of clients, agencies and professionals: media experts, directors, film producers, post production companies, sound...

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