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Events • 'Faces of a Vibrant Economy 2018' for Global Player GRANT THORNTON UK - with photos by Jon Attenborough and JSR Agency

28.11.2018 • Photographer Jon Attenborough and London-based JSR AGENCY were booked by GRANT THORNTON UK with the project 'Faces of a Vibrant Economy 2018'. Grant Thornton International is a global, company of members with some $ 5.00 billion in annual sales and approximately 50,000 employees in more than 135 countries. The project included a mentee contest: The task was to find five protégés on Instagram who get to assist Jon Attenborough in his shoots of the 100 most innovative business people. It goes without saying that the protagonists were scattered all over the UK.

"Jon travelled the length and breadth of the UK – as far north as the Isle of Harris in Scotland. The project was completed by an exhibition held to celebrate the portraits. The 'Faces' included the Managing Director or Isle of Harris Distilleries, Catherine Johnstone CBE – CEO of the Royal Voluntary Service, Jenn Merrick founder of Earth Station Community Brewery." JSR AGENCY tells GoSee, and we have several portraits for you.

About – Jon Attenborough left England and headed to Australia after graduating from Plymouth...

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Events • Paris Photo 2018 in 250 with photos by Casting Director Rolf Scheider for you on GoSee – the 22nd Edition is marked by excellent presentations, plenty of skin, old friends and solid sales

22.11.2018 • Rolf Scheider was once again at the world's largest photography trade fair this year for GoSee, where he met up with artists, curators, gallery proprietors – and presents his highlights and magical moments exclusively here on GoSee.

"Paris Photo for me is the ultimate international photography trade fair, the place to be in the world of photography." says Rolf Scheider. Some 68,876 visitors, artists, influential institutions, private collectors, sophisticated amateurs and a very international audience visited the salon in Paris over the course of five days this November. The 168 galleries and 31 publishing houses chalked up significant sales.

"I visited the fair several days for hours on end and couldn't get enough of it: There were so many new photos and videos to discover and people who fascinated me. And it was just great to stroll around and catch up with old friends like photographer Iris Brosch or artist Paolo Calia after so many years. I also mingled with the French Minister of Culture by the way."

Rolf continues: "It all took place in a wonderfully inspiring...

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Events • Photographer duo BAM takes home the Public Voting Award with 'Hocke' at the Gosee Awards 2018 in the category 'Transportation' - Congratulations!

09.11.2018 • Right on time for the transportation special and shortly after Update Berlin and the GoseeAwards 2018, we present you once again on Gosee the Public Voting winner spread "HOCKE" in the category Transportation, which was photographed by Cologne-based photographer duo BAM, aka Ben And Martin.

With "HOCKE", the two photographers shift their focus away from styled high-end product photography and high-gloss, polished & perfectly illuminated luxury cars toward authenticity and attitude. The Golf 1 – produced as the VW Rabbit since 1978 in the VW plant in Uitenhage/South Africa – shapes the streetscape of Cape Town just like the Toyota Tazz. Whether Grandma's original or a lowered pussy magnet – they always give their owners real street cred.

BAM tells GoSee: "Shortly after sunset on Muizenberg Beach in Cape Town, they created their very own look & feel with their owners – somewhere between authenticity and surrealism." With "HOCKE", the duo shows a how-to on swag even without a Lambo or Bentley.

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Events • WEITSPRUNG NO.6 - Top art buyers from Hamburg-based agencies once again chose exciting young photographers and gave them insider tips about the industry. Watch out for Frederike Wetzels, Daniel Feistenauer and Lukas Korschan!

05.11.2018 • Taking place just now for the sixth time in Hamburg was the WTSPRNG Event on 25 October 2018. Art buyers from Kolle Rebbe, Jung von Matt, thjnk / loved and Scholz & Friends once again invited young photographers to the big portfolio review, where young talents were granted the opportunity to present their portfolios to the art buying teams and to get the tricks of the trade first-hand. Art directors and photographers had the chance to vote for their favorites at the event so that three winners were chosen at the end of the evening. "Our winners this year are Lukas Korschan from Frankfurt, who lives in London and Berlin, Daniel Feistenauer, who studied under Ute Mahler at HAW Hamburg, and Frederike Wetzels from Cologne," Manja Mutzenbecher tells GoSee.

As an example, GoSee takes a look at the fresh portfolio of Frederike Wetzels, who has worked as Photo Editor at magazines such as PRAISE, SOVA MAG, INTRO, Festival Guide, and NEON MAG. And as a photographer, she has worked for clients and magazines including Asmara Records, Capital, c/o pop festival, Festival Guide, Gentle Rain,...

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Events • UPDATE!8BERLIN : BIG THANKS to all exhibitors, jurors, visitors and the team – we have several impressions from the Salon for Photography, Illustration, Prod & Film for you here on GoSee – including snaps from the XXL JURY DINNER at the GoSeeAWARDS

30.10.2018 • Eight hours for your UPDATE, eight hours for you to meet exhibitors from all corners of the globe, to view portfolios, have your portrait done in watercolor or paper-cut, get your very own iron-on fox, admire our balloons, enjoy a glass of champagne, catch your breath quickly in the production tent to get photographed immediately afterwards in the pop-up pro studio; mingle in the meantime with colleagues, take a mini-break at the Charity Bar followed by hors d’oeuvres in the post-mag-agent corner and get back to the entrance where the AWARDS portfolios await you and cross-over to the viewing area to see who was in line for H&M HOME; then back to the entrance and celebrate the AWARDS winners – time is fleeting – and quickly catch the newest trend, not to mention the latest gossip: “What, her too?”. Before you know it, evening has come – “Who is up for more...?” In a vertiginous pleasure. A day like a film. We gladly quote visitors a plenty:

“How do you manage to create such an international vibe and show us up at home in Berlin? How do you get an entire room full of people to...

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Events • Who’s Zoomin’ Who? UPDATE presents the UPDATE SPEED DATE: H&M HOME, BMW GROUP DESIGN and ANTONI with their own viewing slots for portfolios and artists at UPDATE!8BERLIN

30.10.2018 • Among the classic exhibitors at UPDATE are photo agents, production companies and agencies for post production, illustration, location scouting or film productions and magazines... all in all, creative contractors who present their services to clients from the areas of creation, art buying, brands etc. with portfolios, monitors and artists at their own booths.

We did something new in 2018: CLIENTS such as H&M HOME, BMW GROUP DESIGN and ad agency ANTONI take advantage of UPDATE!8BERLIN as a platform to zoom in on talents. We gave them the perfect opportunity to do so with the UPDATE!8BERLIN SPEED DATE: a VIEWING booth at their collaborative disposal in time slots.

This is an innovation that went down well with exhibitors, visitors and the participating three companies alike. If you’re a CLIENT or AGENCY and interested in a VIEWING SLOT at UPDATE19 – let’s talk about it. We’re open for pretty much everything. From fashion to transportation – we’ll organize your SPEED DATE for you. Meet photographers, agents & artists in person directly at your next UPDATE in Berlin.


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Events • BFF TRIEBWERK BERLIN – an exhibition on the topic of Berlin, vernissage on UPDATE SALON Friday – we have photos from the opening on GoSee

30.10.2018 • More than 50 photographers from the Professional Association of Freelance Photographers and Film Creators (BFF) in Berlin with guests from all over Germany invited to the halls of Berlin’s Kultur Brauerei on UPDATE Friday where they presented their work on the topic of 'Reverse Forward'. "They have thus entered into the area of conflict between moving in reverse, a total reversal and passively stopping for a moment, boldly going forward, overstepping and actively transmitting. The diversity of topic fields dealt with by these photographers leads to very different answers. Melancholy and excitement, parting, joy, progress, and loss, political statements, multi-layered perspectives on ephemerality and striking manifestations in social discourse create an inspiring dialogue," BFF tells us about the exhibition. Plus, 14 photographers grant a glimpse behind the scenes of professional photography in lectures on their projects, in the context of commissioned works and personal concepts.

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Events • 'End of Summer Party' – the unofficial, official UPDATE!8BERLIN After-Party at Welcome Home Studio, Berlin

30.10.2018 • Taking place following a successful UPDATE SALON 2018 in the evening was the 'End of Summer' Party. Invites to the After-Summer and After-Update Party at Welcome Home Studio were given out by Berlin-based photographer Cem Guenes c/o TOBIAS BOSCH. True to the motto: 'after UPDATE is before UPDATE', contacts were cultivated in a relaxed atmosphere while new contacts were established with ease. Photographers, art directors, agents, stylists, visagists, art buyers & art producers all bid farewell to the legendary Summer of '18 together – and that after a good day’s work with a variety of cold drinks. Our thanks for which go to main sponsors König Pilsener, Schweppes, Campari, Jägermeister as well as DRS Delight Rental Services.

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Events • The Winners of the GoSeeAWARDS2018 have been announced at UPDATE!8BERLIN – we congratulate them here on GoSee, and all biographies & project details of the eight short lists are now available on

29.10.2018 • Following submissions, rounds of voting and the announcement of the winners at UPDATE!8BERLIN, we took time last week to add the winners to the GoSeeAWARDS site and update the SHORT LISTS a bit for you. After all, the GoSeeAWARDS are not only meant to be an inspiration for the XXL Jury but also as a high-end treasure trove for all art producers, art buyers, editors and everyone interested in professional photography. So, what are you waiting for? The 8 x 20 finalists are looking forward to you stopping by:

About – GoSeeAWARDS. When PARTICIPATING is already a WIN... You’re at the GoSeeAWARDS, the annual, internationally established top online viewing in the creative industry. For 20 years, GoSee has stood for serious B2B communication in the global creative industry. The GoSeeAWARDS have been organized by GoSee for 15 years and call upon creatives from all over the world to submit their works free of charge – that’s photography, illustration, CGI & animation in 2018 – via GoSee where they are then viewed online by around 120 top jurors from the areas of...

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