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Events • What a Day ! UPDATE17BERLIN had lots in store: from a live shoot, a live illustration, a book signing, the GoSeeSHOP platform release, an open bar, the Art Buyer's Brunch, ... and lots of presents !

04.10.2017 • What a day ! UPDATE17BERLIN had lots in store from a live shoot, a live illustration, a book signing, the GoSeeSHOP platform release, an open bar, the Art Buyer's Brunch, ... plus lots of presents ! It was once again the place to meet international, business savvy top models as well as star photographers with at least five areas of expertise each, around 70 exhibitors from South America, North America, Africa, Europe... Plus, Art Buyers from Germany, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Prague, and Zurich also attended. We did not promise you too much : The day went by so fast it made your head spin !

And if that were not enough already, we were delighted to personally announce the winners of the GoSeeAWARDS 2017. Eight categories – that means at least eight times Gold, Silver, Bronze, Merits and Public Choice awards. And one more reason to celebrate: Our GoSeeSHOP platform is kicked off – complete with a chic landing page and image search via GoSee. The first SHOPS have already opened. Thank you for being the first to put your trust in our new service: Anatol de Cap Rouge, // show complete news


Events • 'STAY – LOST ART', the HUNTER & GATTI book signing at UPDATE17BERLIN, and book now available online in the GoSee SHOP

03.10.2017 • Star photographer duo HUNTER & GATTI from Barcelona and New York are known for worldwide fashion campaigns and state-of-the-art editorials featuring the celebrities and top models of our day and age. We are delighted to have had the honor of welcoming them at UPDATE17BERLIN where they signed their new book 'Stay – Lost Art' on Friday. The book presents works by the duo from the past year which they posted on their Instagram account. Definitely a must-have!

At their UPDATE booth on Friday, the creative duo also unveiled their latest coup at UPDATE17BERLIN: their freshly launched post production company THE SHARP LINE. Couldn't make it to UPDATE17 in Berlin? Buy the 54-page hardcover book in their #GoSeeSHOP for 35 euros.

STAY – LOST ART a book by HUNTER & GATTI, price: 35 euros, 54 pages, size 21x26cm, 4c or buy online :

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Events • The GoSeeAWARDS 2017 finalists have been chosen – We will have the final votes of the international Art Producer Jury for you soon on GoSee... Plus take part in our PUBLIC VOTING

26.09.2017 • GoSeeAWARDS 2017 have now entered the hottest phase. At this very moment, photography experts from the areas of art buying and art producing are judging which of Top 20 finalists per category will be among the awarded winners. More than 100 industry experts from the areas of art buying, editing, creation, marketing, ... In 2017, entries were once again submitted in eight categories: Fashion, Stills, Beauty, Art, Reportage, Illustration, Nude as well as Screenings, the category which awards the most innovative Web portfolio.

You want to know which of the more than 1000 submissions made it into the final round in 2017? It's this easy: Just log in to GoSee and copy the following link to your browser: .

But that's not all – you too can cast a vote on the website until Wednesday, 4 October and support your favorite artists for the Public Choice Award: So participate in our PUBLIC VOTING! We are excited to see who you like best and appreciate your support. Who knows, perhaps there is an art producer in you too!

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Events • Susanne Stemmer enchants Venice... with her projection 'BENEATH' still appearing thru 25 September on the facade of Palazzo Mora

22.09.2017 • All of Venice is a stage... and the 57th Art Biennale alone is good enough reason to visit the bursting lagoon city. Photographer SUSANNE STEMMER is now presenting her oversize video projection 'Beneath Venice' on a facade of the Palazzo Mora. The project is still running until the 25th of September, so whoever is in the city just simply has to stroll by. For anyone who can't make it on time, we bring you three things to make up for it: a one-minute excerpt from the projection, a making-of film from the opening evening and photos from the vernissage. Susanne's gallery is Wide Painting in Paris with gallerist Alexandre Vieira. Go & See :

About - BENEATH - REAQUAINTANCE WITH THE SELF AFTER IMMERSING UNDER SURFACES - Location: Palazzo Mora, Venice. Specialized in underwater photography, the artist Susanne Stemmer examines the changes that human beings experience after their immersion through the surface. The characters illustrated in her works are free and boundless as soon as they immerse. A physical freedom with the imaginary loss of gravity as well as...

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Events • 'I could only pitch my own opinion' – motifs and film for the campaign for ARTIKEL 1, Initiative für Menschenwürde e.V. – photos and film by Benne OCHS c/o EMEIS DEUBEL

10.09.2017 • (democracy is everything) – Benne OCHS c/o EMEIS DEUBEL photographed not only the campaign motifs for the client ARTIKEL 1 – Initiative für Menschenwürde e.V., which translates to 'Initiative for Human Dignity', but also directed the spot presented here on GoSee for the agency Zum goldenen Hirschen in Berlin. The campaign is meant to kick-start democracy a little and encourage people to get more active, and more committed to basic democratic values. The non-partisan organization Artikel 1 – Initiative für Menschenwürde e.V. was launched in 2015 by experts from the areas of communication, creativity, strategy, education, campaigning and opinion research. Interested? Go & See :

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Events • GOSEEAWARDS17 – STILL OPEN FOR YOUR ENTRIES! New and final deadline : Sunday, 11:59 pm, 03 September, 2017 – So upload now !

29.08.2017 • Speed up ! Our fabulous GoSeeAWARDS2017 are still open for entries. All you have to do is upload your amazing artwork on GoSee and submit it via the banner link in your LOGIN Profile. We and our amazing jury friends cannot wait to Go & See ! The winners will be announced on Friday 6 OCT 2017 in Berlin at

NEW and FINAL DEADLINE: 03/SEP/2017. So don't let us wait too long :-) !! Our jury members* are looking forward to our unique online viewing – so make sure your artwork is seen ! Our awards are internationally known as the Art Producers Awards – ad agencies, art producers, photo agencies, ... are always on the lookout for new talents. This is your chance to leave your mark !

And please help us to SPREAD the GoSeeAWARDS17 by telling your creative friends, clients, neighbors, Facebook followers, Instagram stalkers, Pinterest-ies... Extended and final deadline for your upload is Sunday 03 September, 2017. So please : DO SHARE !

Jury by name* : Vicky Lawton, Michelle Hopkins, Achim Lippoth, Anne Katrin Trybek, Maja Dabrowska, Atila Martins, Bianca Winter,...

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Events • The new AI social robot ‘Musio’ is coming to Berlin – the new robot friend that understands, remembers, and interacts with users – on presentation at the DDR Museum, Berlin

25.08.2017 • After a successful launch in Japan, Musio is now coming to Berlin! The team consisting of developers and AI experts is flying in from Korea to present Musio to journalists and tech bloggers in Berlin. Based on AKA’s AI engine MUSE, Musio is a social robot capable of interacting with people of all ages. Assisted with NLP, vision, and AKA’s rich interactive content ecosystem, Musio aims to meet the world’s growing demand for a robot companion.

Launched in Japan this year, Musio quickly became a no. 1 bestselling social robot. The driving force behind it is the English conversation feature configured through MUSE’s context-aware deep learning algorithm.

Journalist presentation: Thursday, 7 September, 2017, 10 am to 12 pm, St.-Wolfgang-Str. 2, 
10178 Berlin, Big Conference Room, DDR Museum, Accreditation at

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Events • Tragicomedy 'Ingrid Goes West' in theaters with posters by photographer and 2nd Unit Director Collin ERIE c/o GIANT ARTISTS

23.08.2017 • 'Ingrid Goes West' is an American tragicomedy by Matt Spicer, which celebrated its world debut at the Sundance Film Festival on 20 January, 2017, and opened in US movie theaters on 4 August, 2017. Photographer and Director Collin ERIE was on the job as 2nd Unit Director. Leading roles are played by Elizabeth Olson as a social media star and by Aubrey Plaza as her somewhat crazy and increasingly dangerous stalker Ingrid. Collin Erie also photographed the original poster for promotion of the film - including one for the impressive digital wall of the Arclight cinemas in Los Angeles. Original statements by the director and the actors at the premiere? Go & See:

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