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CHARITY •  barthouse culture concepts presents the fund raising photo edition for the burundikids e.V. charity

The photo edition has been a popular staple on the art market for a while, now it will also become a favourite of the Burundikids e.V. charity. High quality prints, with strictly limited edition numbers and the total profit of which will be entirely donated to the Burundikids projects.

The prints are of course signed and numbers, the editions are limited to 25 pieces each. There are six motifs to choose from, all of which present momentous shots from Burundi. Size: 30x40 cm. Price: 300 Euro each.

The photographer: Ursula Meissner has travelled the world’s war and crisis regions. Her work has won countless awards and has been published the world over. The photo book bestseller ‘Afghanistan – Roses, Poppies, 30 Year War’ (2008) was recently published.

Her pictures are marked with a sensitive approach to people and their lives – they are expressive, moving documents of a world of change and upheaval, but also of a world of hope.

Burundi is one of the smallest countries in Africa – and one of the poorest states in the world. Burundi is currently in second place on the “World Hunger Index”. The Civil War stretched for ten years, the situation in the country still isn’t stable.

The population suffers from poverty, starvation and diseases; the children are the most severely affected. The Burundikids charity takes care of street children, war and aids orphans and former child soldiers. Burundikids provides them with a new home, welfare support and health care, many children go to school for the first time.

The flexible, unbureaucratic structures and competent local Burundi partners ensure that funds directly flow into projects such as the building of schools, education support and a mother and child home. Famous Burundikids spokespeople include TV presenter Bettina Böttinger and actress Ulrike Folkerts. For more information go to:

This is how: send an email to: burundikids@barthouse.de with the selected picture number and delivery address. The allocation of edition numbers will follow upon receipt. First come, first served.

A project by barthouse culture concepts.

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