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Support your local band!  •  Colorist : music from Cologne to colour your own movies to

Listen to Colorist. Close your eyes. Do you see three vector graphs dancing – moving in and out of contact in the centre – slowly spinning to the beats? Or do you see something else? Maybe some sad super eight style footage of bored youths running breathless out into a field, running across a bridge as the sunsets, with nowhere to go? A fragment of a Harmony Korine film? Or stolen views out of a train window flashing past? Fleeting moments of everyday life as captured by the point and shoot lens of Colorist drummer Caroline Kox.

Well, whatever you see, if you close your eyes when listening to Colorist, or even leave them open, you are bound to effortlessly see a piece of cinematic mastery unfold before your eyes.

You become the colorist and director of your own film.

It comes as no surprise then, that the three vectors that intermittently link in Colorist like Dervish dancers spinning euphorically in ritual are in fact filmmakers themselves. All three work in different aspects of film and have joined forces to create songs with scenic names like ‘Baby Wolf’, ‘Octagon’ and ‘Octave’, which you can listen to here.

The trio formed in Cologne, 2011. Fridolin Körner is a colorist in the original sense of the word, Antonio de Luca writes and edits film and Caroline Kox directs and writes film. They have played shows for German indie institutions Intro magazine and French/German culture TV channel Arte and with other acts like Future Islands and Chromatics.

Sometimes when you listen to Colorist you will want to keep your eyes wide open – they are not just for shutting yourself away from the world and are also good to dance around to. You will also definitely want to keep them open to see their hypnotic live shows featuring a ukulele and homemade synthesizers.

You can catch them at this week’s must GoSee at Cologne’s King Georg bar on Friday, August 17 2012.

Upcoming shows:
17.08.2012 King Georg, Sudermanstr. 2, 50670 Cologne, Germany
05.09.2012 Golden Pudel Club, Sankt Pauli Fischmarkt 27, 22767 Hamburg, Germany