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OPENING IN CAPE TOWN •  Erik Chevalier's : The Family Safe, illusions of old memories - an exhibition in Cape Town

Which family photo album should one look at, if there never really was such a thing as family or family snaps? The answer is simple: a self created one. According to Erik Chevalier. In his solo exhibition ‘The Family Safe’ he explores a hypothetic photo album for the individual without any roots. Slightly bizarre? Perhaps. And also worth looking at.

The Photographers Gallery Za & Erdmann Contemporary present albums, which surpass all traditional concepts. The exhibition of the Italian artist’s work encompasses 30 photographs, which comprises a mixture of real family photos and found photographic material. His work concentrates on themes such as expulsion, migration and estrangement and goes far deeper than it may appear upon first glance.

The pictures are covered in spots and discolourations, just like the memories one might associate with them. The motifs recall family holidays, filled with sunbathing and the sea.

Erik Chevalier, born in Rome, grew up in Canada and partly studied in Denmark. The artists lives and works in Sardinia as a Trompe-l’oeil painter. He realises illusionary paintings, which feign non-existent spaces. In his exhibition in Cape Town he feigns non-existent family connections.

The project is linked with an exchange programme between Centro Luigi di Sarro in Rome and the gallery. South Africa’s Italian Ambassdor Elio Menzione will host the opening on 3 February.

A guided walk about the next day will include a bonus special of a visually aided lecture on the ceiling of an 18th century Sardinian villa, which Erik recently restored.

Erik Chevalier - The Family Safe
The Photographers Gallery za
63 Short market Street 8001, Cape Town

3 February – 27 February 2010
Private view: 3 February, 6 pm
Walkabout: 4 February, 11 am
Mon – Fri, 10 am – 5 pm
Sat 11 am – 1 pm

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