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FFF Wellwork : new networking event in Frankfurt with Acht / Visual Catering, GAP & Embassy of Dreams, 'Plastic Planet' by Neue Sentimental Film, ...

FFF-WellWork, a new networking event for Frankfurt-based advertisers premiered last week. The idea: to gain information on the latest production trends and new technology outside of an actual specific project. FFF-Services Frankfurt launched the FFF-WellWork events series to provide these surfaces and teamed up with ACHT FRANKFURT post production for its premier networking event, which was held in their space.

Ralf Ott of Acht Frankfurt and Simon Mayer of Visual Catering, Acht’s design office for moving image, were speakers at the first event. Their tasks include the conception, design and realisation of moving image and motion graphics, specialising in broadcast design, commercial and corporate film. As ana example, they presented an animated film, which was used at the last Auto Show in Shanghai, as well as dancing coffee beans in a commercial.

Tom Gläser of Neue Sentimental Film presented commercial spots from Spain, which highlighted the move away from 35mm film material and the importance of digital cameras, particularly in the commercial sector. This was followed by a talk with ‘Plastic Planet’ documentary director Werner Boote, who has researched the sustainability of plastic and our plastic consumer habits for over ten years. Watch the trailer here.

Helmut Hartl of EMBASSY OF DREAMS and Andreas Simon of GAP came up especially from Munich with their photo and director agent Kristina Korb and director Torben Liebrecht. Torben presented his ‘Diego’ graduate film, a satire about a solo entertainer. The great casting went down a storm with the audience.

Ralph Thamm and Detlef Wildermuth, founders of the European School of Design, Frankfurt were also there. Two years ago the two former advertisers founded the school to provide new up and coming talent in the communication sector with the necessary input.

50 invited guests from agencies, film productions and post production companies attended and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere which followed the presentations, where they exchanged ideas and discussed thoughts.

Additional FFF-WellWork events will take place every 3 to 4 months at alternative production partners in Frankfurt. The invitations are emailed out to selected participants. The guest list is limited, so as to create a communicative environment for conversation.

FFF-WellWork was set up by Sabine Schuchmann FFF-Services, who has worked on commercial film projects as a freelance producer for international advertising agencies for almost 15 years and as a freelance FFF-Consultant for the company for almost eight years.

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