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Freundeskreis Fotografie : Walter Schels - Film preview and conversation with the artist at the Deichtorhallen

Walter Scheels, one of the best-known portrait photographers in Germany, has already been exalted into the status of a classic. His pictures of politicians, musicians, animals and – most recently – the dead, are unmistakeable. His portrayals are clear, direct and almost always surprisingly different. Be it human or animal – Walter Scheels tries to unmask and he almost always succeeds. His visual language is dominated by black & white photography.

How does such a great portrait photographer work and how does he go about it ? On 9 April, a film preview and an artist discussion with Walter Scheel will take place at the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg. The photographer and filmmaker Tom Krausz will present his film about the photographer for the first time in public. Walter Scheel will be attending and holding a talk together with Tom Krausz about his work.

The film lasts for 50 minutes. It begins at 7pm and if you're interested you should register for the date upfront.

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