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GoldenEye-BtoB Photo Award 2011 : last call for entries for the Business to Business Photography Competition! Innovative and creative photos wanted..

Adieu Tristesse, Business-to-Business can be creative, loud, colourful and sexy! That is exactly what GoldenEye stands for. The BtoB Photo Award, created by INDUKOM and Publicis PRO. Instead of dull product photography or interchangeable people portraits, it is all about the imagination. Service providers have the urge to present themselves as recognisable brands even within their own business branches. They are calling for more boldness – clients are also inspired by fresh and exciting ideas.

For the second time, the GoldenEye BtoB-Photo Award 2011 was given to the best Business-to-Business photography from German, Austria and Switzerland. It is the goal to strengthen and emphasise the significance of photography within the field of BtoB communication. Once again, the newcomer category is of high importance and all photography assistants and photographers are allowed to apply, provided they have been active in their profession for a maximum of two years.

“We seek to continue to bring out the main points of exceptional BtoB photography! We show what is possible by addressing all BtoB companies and photographers, which already resulted in an enormous response in 2010, and we asked the jury to browse through a grand total of 517 works (as reported by GoSee). Our jury stands for an open, competent, critical and positive dialogue, further sharpening the focus that rests on BtoB photography and will improve its standing!” – Head of the Jury, Jörg Puphal, Executive Creative Director at PublicisPRO Vice President of INDUKOM.

“Photographs are brand ambassadors, the significance of which must be emphasised when it comes to their role in BtoB communication. This ultimate goal inspires us!” says Katharina Stinnes, CEO of INDUKOM.

12 out of the submitted works for the GoldenEye-BtoB Photo Award 2011 were voted the best BtoB photographs of the year 2010/2011, awarded and published in the GoldenEye calendar 2012. The winning pictures are also endowed with a prize of 1,000 EUR. The special award ‘Fascination Technology’ is presented by the Konradin Media group for the second time in 2011.

The deadline for the following categories is the 7th of September 2011:

• Architecture
• Service
• People/Work
• Product
• Technology / Research and Development
• Newcomer

The criteria that will be part of the judgement process: Appeal and visual impact – does the image attract the viewer? Does it emit power? Is the message in focus? Aesthetics and visual language – can the viewer recognise and identify its distinct style? Does it visualise a topic? Is it dramatic? Best-of-Business – Does it reach the respective target group? Is it unique when it comes to the range of imagery in the business?

The following have confirmed their participation in the 2011 jury:

• Lars Ackermann, Papier Union GmbH, Head of marketing
• Joachim Beigel, Colordruck Leimen, Owner
• Diana Buss, Messer Group, Head of company communication
• Matias Ernst, Siemens AG, Head of Market Communications
• Feico Derschow, Master Class e.V.
• Birgit Hanke, TRUMPF Gmbh & Co KG, Head of Advertising and Fairs
• Dr. Peter Heimerzheim, SMS Meer, Head of company communication
• Katja Kohlhammer, Konradin Mediengruppe, Publisher
• Konrad Müller, Sander Media, CEO
• Rüdiger Nehmzow, Photographer
• Andreas Pfeilschifter, INDUKOM, Publisher
• Jörg Puphal, PublicisPRO - Juryvorsitz, Executive Creative Director
• Ralf Reiter, DATEV e.G., Marketing communication
• Frank Schmitz, GoSee PR Office for Photography;
• Katharina Stinnes, Kommunikationsverband e.V, CEO

GoldenEye sees BtoB photography as pictures aimed at companies, entrepreneurs and their employees. However, the motifs and content are not subject to limitations. The photographs must date from 2010 and/or 2011. Both commissioned works as well as freelance work can be submitted. Apply here.