26.06.2012  •  Events NEWS


CANNES IT BE POOL TIME •  GoSee Recommendation: Quadrolux. The most chilled out place in Cannes with very, very interesting guests

Quadrolux post-production from Mainz and Berlin celebrated their premiere in Cannes this year. What better way to celebrate than with a villa in the mountains complete with pool and catering for peace of mind?

And all this was complimented by the most charming hostess of the week, Anna Freer. So it comes as no great surprise that their first Cannes week was a great success.

Most people like to attend these events in private of course. So it isn’t always easy, even for us, to capture all the guests in their natural habitat, often semi-clothed in a single photo for you.

Still, we did manage to take a couple of pictures for your viewing pleasure. And we scribbled down a pretty nice comment too. Which we obviously got for free.

‘Cannes Lions 2012 was EXTRA! It was a big melting pot of talent and creativity. So many HOT people and events to go to. No cream had a high enough factor to cool that situation down.

Quadrolux was so good we went back for more..... and meeting you guys made it even better!

Most days the roads in and out of town, were said to be jammed or was it The Marmalade ???

Can't wait to do it all again next year’ – the exclusive GoSee quote from Amadin 'Amo' Ryan, Cannes insider and business & communications pro at GoSee Member THE MARMALADE Creative Effects GmbH & Co.KG

We can only agree.
Go & See You in 2013.

And a PS to Amo – if you’re reading this: I’m waiting for my t-shirt ;-) !