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BUTTERFAHRT •  GoSee Recommendation : a booze cruise. With Andreas Bausch – Painting, Dr. Martin Wirtz – Neue Räume, Marsil – Bar & Hotel. Saturday, March 31, in Cologne. We look forward to seeing you there!

Artist Andreas Bausch, trademark lawyer Dr. Martin Wirtz and Hotel Marsil invite you to join them in Cologne’s Hahnenviertel on the last Friday in March. Expect a turbulent journey from location to location, accompanied by expert and theatre actor Maik Solbach.

You will meet with different work groups at three locations, from the oeuvre of Andreas Bausch, which perfectly blend into the respective locations.

Landscapes and interiors in oil, most of which on large-scale canvasses. This is how one might describe the works by painter Andreas Bausch from Cologne. He was born in 1966 in Wiesbaden and finished his art degree in 1993 at the Fachhochschule for Kunst and Design, Cologne – he studied Fine Art under Professor Karl Marx (graduating with a distinction) and film under Robert van Ackeren. He has received countless awards since, such as the Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler Förderpreis, Erster Preis "Offene Ateliers Köln", Internationaler Preis für Malerei, Piran, Slowenien, Heinrich Böll-Stipendium, Achill Island, Irland etc.

The grand finale will take place at the Atelierhalle in the Güterbahnhof, which the artist will leave after 15 years, but not before honouring the location with an exhibition.

Exhibition Schedule

7pm Private View Marsil Hotel & Bar, Marsilstein 25-27, marsil.de

8.30pm Private View Dr. Martin Wirtz, Schaafenstr. 43

Bus transfer to Ehrenfeld area

10pm Private View Rolle 6 Atelier Andreas Bausch, Vogelsangerstr. 231/Tor 6

Return shuttle bus to the city centre at midnight

You are welcome to take part in the commercial sale activities and events. Refreshments will be provided.