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GET WASHED! •  GoSee trend report: Get Washed! London’s latest guerrilla parties are putting a new spin on laundrettes!

London is a metropolis, one of the world’s cultural hubs. Its choice of free museums and exhibitions, fashion events, delectable dining and special screenings is truly endless.

And yet there seems to be a discrepancy when it comes to club culture. Clubs and bars shut early, with most pubs closing at 11pm or midnight and the majority of clubs shutting by 3am on weekends.

However, strict licensing rules on opening times and over priced drinks have led to an underground counteraction. London’s burgeoning squat parties have become the stuff of legends, often making the headlines with tales of Lauren Bush’s attendance a few years ago at the !Wowwow! collective (founding members include designer Gareth Pugh and artist Matthew Stone) or this year’s Mayfair squat party, which was stormed by over 2,000 party-goers and eventually shut down by riot police.

Illegal warehouse raves, once commonplace in Peckham, South East London, have spread across the river to become regular events in East London areas now too.

The latest locations to be hijacked by London’s indie party scene are laundrettes. With free 24-hour access, no locks on the doors, or security, as well as no CCTV (a real rarity in London), they make for ideal venues. GoSee also found they make for a great photo shoot location!

Private Lives who have organised the latest laundrette events justly call themselves a ‘flash band’. In a strategic guerrilla operation, they send out messages on Facebook with details of the event, take over a public space armed with decks, a tiny tower of disco lights and some great minimal electro tunes. No closing times, no expensive drink prices, just dance ‘til you drop, or the police shut the party down. We like!

To get messages on the latest events planned by Private Lives, which include new exciting public locations, join their group on Facebook.

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