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GoSeeAWARDS15 - ART : the 'Patrouille de France' spread by Hamburg-based photographer Kai-Uwe Gundlach flys for Gold

Hamburg-based photographer Kai-Uwe Gundlach´s personal work titled “Patrouille de France” was already created in summer, 2014 – and has just won Gold in the category ART at GoSeeAWARDS15 in Berlin.

For an architecture story on the Le Corboussier skyskraper in Marseilles, Hamburg-based photographer Kai-Uwe Gundlach had just reached the roof of the building, when a roar of thunder flew over his head. “I watched the planes for while before I noticed that it was the Patrouille de France. I was unfortunately not well enough prepared, and besides my heavy large format camera, I only had a small amateur camera with a telephoto lens… The aircrafts flew over Marseille for about 20 minutes in the most amazing formations.” Kai-Uwe Gundlach tells GoSee and continues, “I am not at all a fan of air shows and question what use they are... But knowing I was at a safe distance and had no idea of what expected me there, I was nevertheless still very excited afterward about the 'treasures' I had found, which is justified by your award in the end…"

Kai-Uwe on winning Gold: “I am very happy to hear it. Really cool…!! I hope the event turned out great. I couldn't make it unfortunately due to work as you know.” We know are happy with you.

About - Kai-Uwe Gundlach is one of Germany’s best-known photographers. His bold and graphic landscapes, cityscapes, and portrait work are renowned. Kai-Uwe ceaslessly searches to make his images - at once polished yet unusual - stand out from the ordinary. This determination, combined with abundant creativity, has led to his fame. He always sees something that catches his trained eye, from commissions to personal work, in daily life or not. His work has led to numerous awards - a silver AOP award in 2006, "Highly Recommended" by the European Architectural Photography Prize in 2009, Gold at the New York Photo in 2010. And many others. /studiogundlach


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GoSeeAWARDS15 - ART, Gold for CLEMENS ASCHER's 'Dystopian Garden Vision'

CLEMENS ASCHER’s latest series 'In the Garden' depicts scenes from an indoor garden complex. The world he represents appears to be entirely artificial, a plastic utopia carefully designed to deliver happiness and comfort to its inhabitants.

About - Clemens Ascher is an award-winning photographer based in Vienna, Austria. Clemens opened his Vienna studio in 2008 and with his art director’s eye and talent for concept and creating distinctive images quickly developed a roster of international clients including The Lincoln Motor Company, Toyota, BP, Swarovski, Tropicana, L’Equipe, Accor Hotels, Rewe, Enbw, Jack Wolfskin, Mirabell, ASI Travel and Red Bull. Clemens is hired for his clean, graphic, minimalist style and his epic and stripped down concepts and compositions. Industry awards include the Epica 2009, the One Show 2012, Cannes Lions 2012 and Lürzers Archive 200 Best Ad photographers 2014.


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GoSeeAWARDS15 – ART, the Silver Award for the fashion collage art of Belgian Ismael Moumin

Ismaël Moumin is a fashion photographer of Belgian origin. His sensual, highly aestheticized approach to the feminine form and his signature collages have graced the pages of Les Inrocks. He recently collaborated with the artist Sage (for whom he equally directed a music video) or has been at the service of high-end fashion brands such as Cacharel or Léa Peckre.

Clients - Cacharel, Woodkid, The Shoes, Sage, Raf Simons, ... Editors - Les Inrockuptibles, Hero Magazine,Wonderland Magazine...


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GoSeeAWARDS15 - ART Bronze goes to photographer DOMINIK MENTZOS and the 'touching' base motifs of the Forsythe Company poster campaign

The Forsythe Company is known by dancers around the world. And the company also places high priority on modern aesthetics in its campaign visualizations. This time they were once again realized by Dominik Mentzos. The dance motifs were just awarded Bronze at GoSeeAWARDS15 in the category ART.

About - Dominik Mentzos Born 1964 in Hamburg. Studied architecture at TH Darmstadt. Studied photo design at FH Dortmund. Collaboration with William Forsythe since 1989. Works on advertising, fashion, portraits, landscape, architecture and stage photography. Studio based in Frankfurt. Clients include Hugo Boss, Deutsche Bahn, Telekom, Aral, Nestlé, Nintendo, Sony, ABB/Busch-Jäger, Daimler Financial Service, Schumacher Fashion, Condor, MasterCard, Fraport, DHL, Germanwings...


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GoSeeAWARDS15 - ART; 'True Fiction' New Yorker phototgrapher NASHALINA SCHRAPE convinced the expert GoSee readers. The prize: PUBLIC VOTING WINNER ART 2015

"This is so exciting. I am so so happy. And feel very lucky!!" the New York resident by choice Nashalina Schrape is our GoSeeAWARDS15 public voting winner with her black & white photo series titled 'True Fiction'. Nashalina Schrape also won GoSeeAWARDS Reportage Gold in 2015.

Nashalin Schrape on her project True Fiction: "This project attempts to make sense of a world that can be at once beautiful, uncertain, fragile and frightening. Like fairytales, I hope my photographs inspire awe, otherworldliness, and mystery. Wavering in between the realm of ethereal and everyday, darkness and light, my images give the viewer the opportunity to become enlightened through their own projections. A happy ending is possible but not a given. The viewer is asked to create their own dialogue and story.

I was born in Berlin, Germany with the legacy of violence of World War II, the shame of Nazism and the separation of my family by a heavily armed wall that was fortified by a heavy Soviet occupation. As the Russian Army was invading Berlin at the end of WW2, my grandmother burned all of the photos of her husband in his German SS uniform, to protect her and her daughter from violent retribution. Using my art, I attempt to bridge the disappearance of the image of my grandfather and him to the representation of my families story and every person's story that is at once a myriad of feelings, deep with emotional material mostly outside the possibility of verbal articulation.

My images provide metaphors for feelings, experiences and memories. It is in the journey into the beautiful dark forest that we find ourselves and the hard cycles of life. It is in the not knowing, the in between spaces that we meet ourselves. Artists who have inspired me are Eastern European children's book illustrators including Janosch, Ivan Bilibin, along with the painter Caspar David Friedrich and the photographer Diane Arbus."

About - Nashalina Schrape was born in West Berlin. Her family continues to live in East and West Berlin. Growing up, she came to America. All of her adult life she has lived in New York City where she continues to be most at home with all the different cultures and beautiful faces. Parts of her heart will forever live in East Berlin but her soul is free-est in Gotham City. Nashalina has a Master's of Science in Art Psychotherapy and occasionally uses photography with her pediatric clients. Otherwise, she uses the camera to express herself and showcase faces, lights and dreams.


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GoSeeAWARDS15 - ART, Merits for the Fine Art photographers Kai-Uwe Gundlach, Nashalina Schrape, Bert Löwenherz, and René Riis

The GoSeeAWARDS15 ART Merits go to Fine Art photographer Kai-Uwe Gundlach, Hamburg (/studiogundlach), Nashalina Schrape, New York (/nashalinaschrape), Bert Löwenherz, Berlin (/bertloewenherz) and René Riis, Berlin (/reneriis).