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PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL •  Guernsey Photography Festival - June with photo and film, exhibitions and the highly anticipated Photomarathon

If you throw photography and June into one big cocktail shaker, what you get is the wondrous cocktail of the season: Guernsey. The Photography Festival invites you to an array of events, exhibitions, film screenings, competitions by and for professionals as well as amateurs. Samuel Fosso, Richard Billingham and Jocelyn Allen already confirmed their attendance - GoSee already took a look around on the opening night.

Apart from the aforementioned - Samuel Fosso (Cameroon), Richard Billingham (Great Britain) and Jocelyn Allen (Great Britain), the festival also features the likes of Carolyn Drake (USA), Francesco Giusti (Italy), Martin Parr (Great Britain), Nelli Palomaki (Finland), Adam Patterson (Northern Ireland), Dana Popa (Romania) and Tony Ray Jones (Great Britain).

The island will bring together international talents of film and photography from the 1st to the 30th of June 2011 and present their work to an anticipated audience of 20,000 visitors.

And just because it was so jolly last year: Photomarathon is coming back! On the 21st of May, visitors will have six hours, to take 12 pictures on 12 different subjects. Only one picture per subject is allowed, cameras and films will be provided, digital pictures are prohibited.

The marathon does not call for physical aptitude of course, but creativity when it comes to the interpretation of the respective subject. Everyone is allowed to take part, no matter what age. If you happen to be under 14, just bring your folks.

Guernsey Photography Festival
1st – 30th of June 2011