03.11.2011  •  Events NEWS


kombinatrotweiss : changing demands in photography and illustration. Exhibition on 10.11.11 in Hamburg.

The agency for photographers and illustrators starts a travelling private view in Hamburg that is scheduled to stop in many other key cities in Germany.

Kombinatrotweiss presents works from their artists on an unusual basis, the aim of which is to create and encourage discussion and shine a light on the constantly changing modus operandi of illustrators and photographers in the age of the Internet – since being able to simply take nice pictures stopped being enough a long time ago.

The requirements that are posed by the Internet are vast and far ranging. The illustrator not only has to illustrate the picture but also animate it. The photographer on the other hand has to be capable of delivering a moving image on top of the ad motif itself, just to make it serve the Internet.

The show will only last one evening in each city; we can’t wait!

The first event will take place on the 10th of November 2011 at Lokal e.V., Konsumkulturhaus (Max-Brauer Allee 207, 22765 Hamburg), beginning at 5pm. The location, and old city building with garden is also known as the 'green mansion' and is a regular host of culture as well as a network and platform for creative minds.

GoSee readers are welcome to attend but should send an RSVP email in advance.