31.08.2011  •  Events NEWS


marsil : the little PRINZ takes over the city - the German city magazine's relaunch featuring Klee (our favourite band)

PRINZ, the monthly magazine for the urban city slicker, published by Hamburg-based JAHRESZEITEN VERLAG, reinvented itself: beginning with issue No. 9/2011 on the 25th of August, the magazine will be available in a slimmed down, more practical city format.

The magazine also extended its focus on service: featuring new columns and service offers. On top of that, the readers will receive vouchers worth a whopping 60 Euro per month: “Go get your city!”.

The new concept was developed by the publisher and brought to life by new editor-in-chief Jörg Schumacher. It renders the pocket magazine a useful companion to 13 of Germany's big cities, in which the magazine is being published.

We are particularly excited about the super-feature on the band KLEE (yes, named after the painter) - accompanied by a Stephan Fengler shoot, which took place in a PRINZ TOP LOCATION, none other than our humble abode, the Marsil in Cologne.

KLEE sets out on a large scale TOUR in October. A must-see for every concert fan. We are great fans of the music ourselves, we love the band, the fans are cool, … but everyone should get to see Suzie on stage. She takes you through the evening old school style. Great cinema, great emotions.

Our secret recommendation: on Friday, 2 Spetember, the KLEE summer festival will take place in Cologne’s super hip Gebäude 9 venue. Click here for further details – GoSee will 100% be in the thick of it – not just there.

Now let’s return to the magazine, which features sections dedicated to music, parties, gastronomy, film and lifestyle, catering for 20-40 year old city dwellers. Editor Jörg Schumacher: “The new little PRINZ is a great shopping-friendly guide for the young generation and their experiences in the concrete jungle.”