01.03.2009  •  Events NEWS


AWARD •  Profifoto : presents the winners of the Canon Profifoto 09/1 Awards

The winners of the Canon Profifoto 09/1 Awards have been announced. The competition supports projects that have not yet been realized or completed. A total of 256 newcomer applicants with 2077 pictures entered the competition. The winners are Mareike Günsche, Jennifer Odumade, Lisa Ridder, Daniel Seiffert and Andy Spyra.

Daniel Seiffert’s "CTRL - Research Surveillance" series deals with capturing CCTV cameras in public. The viewer becomes a surveyor through the ever increasing amount of surveillance systems.

Mareike Günsche impressed the jury with her "Dragkings" project, which presents biological women that embody masculinity in their everyday environments. Jennifer Odumade, on the other hand, examines the subculture of "Rockabellas".

Lisa Ridder in contrast used herself as the subject of her photographs, her project is titled "My home is my castle".

Andy Spyra’s project is made up of classic black and white reportage style photographs of Cashmere. His work is titled "Valley of Tears", he has been photographing people from the Cashmere region for three years and wishes to return using the prize money.

The CPFP 09/1 jury included Frank Wiedemeier (Wiedemeier Kommunikation), Christopher Simon (Corbis), Guido Krebs (Canon), Peter Bitzer (Laif) and Thomas Gerwers (ProfiFoto).