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MEET & GREET •  Director's Lounge by BBDO in Düsseldorf : animation made in Brasil/Spain & black/green comedy from Holland

BBDO would like to thank all the guests that managed to make their way to the Nachtresidenz in Düsseldorf on 17 September. And we would also like to say thank you for the invite and the extremely colourful evening. Film creators, directors, advertisers and students came together for a 32nd time to celebrate and exchange their love of film. What once started off as a small meeting behind BBDO doors has developed over the past few years to become a creative and open roaming place.

Steffen Gentis and his team invite directors from all over the world and promising students of renowned film academies, to present their work and give talks. Visitors came from Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne and even Rio – we were happy to catch up with lots of acquaintances from the Cannes Film Festival over a glass of bubbly. Kristina Korb, Rolf Scheider & Julien Pelletier Casting from Paris, the Telemaz Girls, Gloria and Claudia ....

This year’s Regielounge was awash with animation and comedy. We might have guessed : with BUS from Spain and Denis Kamioka, a.k.a. CISMA from South America, whose work was exemplary in demonstrating the current trends in animation techniques.

CISMA, represented on the German market by Parasol Island, specialises in loving details with added depth. His animation and direction career started at the giant LOBO in São Paulo, followed by a creative position with DIESEL in Italy. This was followed by Barcelona, where he continued to work on his career as a director for film and animation. GoSee FILM presents a variety of his visual genius.

Aliaksei Tserakhau aka Cosmosfilm work is distinguished by a kitsch-drenched Soviet-inspired style. The Russian born director was refused a visa from Toronto to Germany, so he made his appearance at the Düsseldorf party location via Skype.

Sterile neon lighting and 4am didn’t aid the creative mastermind in appearing as energetic as his figures which run up and down MTV. However the audience’s standing ovation conjured up more than a smile on the melancholy-loving Russian’s rather sleepy face.

Jake Banks from Stardust (Rokkit / STINK), an award winning creative studio, which specialises in motion design, animation, visual effects and live action media, jetted in from Los Angeles.

The interval was followed by Humour made in Holland. Bart Timmer proved that the Dutch have bucket loads of humour, particularly with his internationally renowned HEINEKEN films. He was in conversation with Steffen Gentis, which might have left many a creative in a sweat, but instead the dialogue was riddled with Bart’s dry sense of humour.

There were, of course, lots more exciting directors and plenty of eye candy to feast on. Guests could also snack on the incredibly delicious hotdogs – which were even available in a vegetarian variety!

The BLUWI music production provided a sensory experience, their songs have been featured in countless spots and the audience could pretty much just hum along to them (let us just say Kinder Bueno !!!). The crew is made up of real musicians who showed off their talents in a live gig afterwards (GoSee reported).

The planned three minutes quickly turned into a wonderful 10 minutes. We would have loved to have listened to singer Timo Blunck and his gloriously eccentric sister Rica for longer. Did we mention that advertisers don’t dance? And that they don’t sway either?

Thank Locomotion Düsseldorf the evening had a generous sponsor. They also took the chance and presented their new showreel.

We are certianly looking forward to the next Director’s Lounge. The reel goes on in February 2010 – and those of you that will be in New York on 27 October should hurry up and book tickets for the Director's Lounge at Board Summits now.

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