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EXHIBITION •  This is London - British heritage, London’s celebrity cult, ..... - 46 artists at Shizaru Gallery plus events series at Shizaru Space

In keeping with the dominant London theme: Shizaru hosts THIS IS LONDON, an exhibition of 46 artists featuring a cross section of contemporary art from London. The artists were invited to cover every square inch of space within the gallery, with artworks hung Salon style.

British heritage is a key theme in the exhibition. English born artist David Harrison shows us his own perspectives of his city and country in a style that can only be described as ʻvery Englishʼ.

Harrison presents his unique London-inspired scents, a result of his recent experimentations with perfume… In stark contrast, Alison Jackson adds an element of modernity to the exhibition with her thought provoking commentary on English society and Londonʼs growing obsession with the cult of celebrity.

Conversely Henry Hudson will be exhibiting a series of works that depict Van Goghʼs flat in Brixton, a reminder of Londonʼs ongoing historic internationalism, whilst Nick Hornby will be exhibiting an edition of his version of Michelangelo’s David, shortlisted for the Victoria and Albert Cast Courts.

Plus: Turner Prize Nominee Paul Noble is also included – it would seem impossible to cram any more art into the gallery space!

London has always been a multicultural melting pot of artists from all over the world who have chosen the city as a place to live and work, and the exhibition seeks to capture Londonʼs tangled internationalism.

The show features artists such as Kelly McCallum, who although Canadian is heavily informed by English Victoriana taxidermy and Bouke de Vries who pays homage to his Dutch legacy through the medium of ceramics.

Goldsmiths graduate Sohelia Sokhanvari from Iran lives and works in London and Alinka Echeverria whoʼs work, although produced in London, deals with subjects from Cuba and Mexico, both highlight the diversity of contemporary London life.

Founder Benjamin Khalili comments on the show: ‘What we wanted to bring to the table during the Olympics was a platform for visitors to see how London has become defined by the creative community and the arts. Each of these artists has a unique connection with London, regardless of where they were born.’

Part of this is the THIS IS LONDON library that will be installed throughout the exhibition. Exhibiting artists were invited to contribute their favourite book about their favourite London-based artist. Guests are invited to come and peruse the library throughout the duration of the show. Who might they pick? Freud? Hirst? Banksy? Bacon? Or Hitler hippies Jake and Dinos Chapman? We can’t wait to find out.

THIS IS LONDON also engages with London’s vibrant community of gallerists. A selection of gallerists and collaborators were invited to join in the exhibition, with a selection of key artists from their stable, as well as events performances and talks organized by the respective galleries at the Shizaru space.

Bouke de Vries, Walter Hugo, Soheila Sokhanvari,Kelly McCallum, Adam Ball, Hugo Wilson, Carlos Zuniga, Jane & Louise Wilson, Annie Kevans, Jonny Briggs,Paul Fryer, Whitney McVeigh,Alex Hoda,James Capper, Mohammed Qasim Ashfaq, Rachel Garrad,Shezad Dawood, Eloise Fornieles, Vanessa Hodgkinson, Alinka Echeverria, Michael Ajerman, Henry Coombes, Paul Insect,Banksy ,Annie Morris, Henry Hudson, Tim Phillips, Gideon Rubin, Vicky Wright, Robert Pratt, Neil Hammon,Justin Coombes, Graham Dolphin, Nancy Fouts, David Harrison, Henry Hudson, Mustafa Hulusi, Nick Hornby ,Alison Jackson, Idris Khan,Hyo Myoung ,Kim Saad Qureshi,Keith Coventry, Russel Young,Paul Noble,Michael Craig-Martin.

20 Projects,Adam Waymouth, Anita Zabludowicz, Edel Assanti, Gazelli Art House, Gagosian Gallery, Hannah Barry Gallery, Josh Lilley Gallery, Lazarides Gallery, Max Wigram Gallery, The Pace Gallery, Paradise Row, Victoria Miro.

About Shizaru
Shizaru is a contemporary art gallery focusing on a unique visual culture. Launched in 2011, Shizaru provides a multidisciplinary platform for artistic dialogue. The gallery is committed to showcasing a selection of the most exciting contemporary artists from the UK and abroad.

Through solo exhibitions developed in close collaboration with the artist to specialty group shows with guest curators, the gallery aims to promote artistic creativity in any medium. Launched by Benjamin, Raphael, and Daniel Khalili, sons of collector and philanthropist Professor Nasser D. Khalili, the brothers have used their informed understanding of art and collecting to develop an innovative contemporary exhibition programme.

In the centre of London’s Mayfair, the distinct interior space holds a sense of fantasy and wit, offering a fresh platform to engage with art. It takes its distinctive name, meaning ‘Do No Evil’, from the lesser known fourth monkey of ‘the Three Wise Monkeys’ – See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil.

This is London
Shizaru Gallery
bis 28ten September 2012
112 Mount Street, London, W1K 2TU