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Events • ADC advertises the ADC Festival May 2019 in Hamburg with 3D images and animations on the topic of 'Creative Intelligence' - with artwork by Mark GMEHLING c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS

11.03.2019 • "In his early years Mark started expressing himself by using spray cans. During his Graphic Design Studies, he discovered his love for animation and started transforming his past works into 3D animations quite brilliantly. It’s obvious how street art has influenced his works: Sparkly surfaces and twisted limbs are two of the things with which he usually fascinates us and a lot of people around the world, as he has been showcasing his art for the past couple years around the globe successfully." VISUALEYES ARTISTS says about the artist represented by them, Mark GMEHLING, who had the honor of interpreting the ADC topic of 'Creative Intelligence' with so much sensitivity. GoSee :

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Events • Best-of CYCLING by Tino POHLMANN c/o STINK

09.03.2019 • A dedicated cyclist himself, Tino POHLMANN c/o STINK has been portraying the Tour de France and its ambience for several years now. His passion for this sport is reflected in his work and makes him an indispensable photographer for the business.

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Events • Judi Dench, Christoph Maria Herbst, Iris Berben, ... SABINE LIEWALD c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS photographed the stars of the ZURICH FILM FESTIVAL 2018

09.03.2019 • "Sabine did it again! Capturing Oscar winner Judi Dench, Christoph Maria Herbst, Janina Uhse, Iris Berben, David Parfitt, Justus von Dohnányi and Florian David Fitz at the Film Festival in Zurich." Zurich Film Festival has taken place annually since 2005 from the end of September in the city on the Limmat. In 2018, it welcomed for the first time more than 100'000 visitors. The main focus of the festival content-wise is the presentation and promotion of new directing talents from all over the world.

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Events • GoSee ART : ANJA NIEDRINGHAUS – BILDERKRIEGERIN, the special exhibition in Käthe Kollwitz Museum Cologne from 29 March – 30 June, 2019

06.03.2019 • For almost a quarter of a century, Anja Niedringhaus (1965–2014) reported from areas of conflict around the globe – the Balkans, Iraq and her much beloved Afghanistan, where she was assassinated while on assignment on 4 April , 2014, at the age of 48. She left an impressive oeuvre.

For the 5th anniversary of her death, Käthe Kollwitz Museum Cologne honors the photographer and Pulitzer Prize winner with an extensive solo exhibition. This first posthumous retrospective comprises more than 80 large-scale photographs and shows why the 'Bildkriegerin' (Photo Warrior) was already an iconic figure during her lifetime.

On behalf of news agencies such as the American Associated Press (AP), legendary photographs were taken, which were printed on the front pages of the world's most important magazines and newspapers and are thus anchored in the collective memory.

The extensive estate includes photos from war and crisis regions as well as brilliant portraits and sports photographs, which are exhibited in Cologne for the first time ever consistently in full color. An extensive...

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Events • Happy Birthday #annefrank! Norman KONRAD c/o COSMOPOLA photographed for the Anne Frank education centre on the topic of Toleranz

05.03.2019 • Sex in old age, role playing, religion, ...... The series, which was shown for the first time in an exhibition for Anne Frank's 89th birthday on 12 June at the Anne Frank educational centre, is moving on. Photographer Norman KONRAD on the eight motifs produced by COSMOPOLA: "Our theme was tolerance, for example two religions sitting at a table, who would not like to sit at a table otherwise (we did indeed have some candidates who refused the motif, particularly the elderly were not very open to sitting down at the table with an 'enemy' religion...), and that the two sitting at a table should be perceived as normal and the "disturber" if anyone should be the body builder. The Tolerance exhibition is thus aimed primarily at young people.

"With a lot of heart and soul, a low budget and the help of friends and family, we were able to realize the 8 motifs. I like to remember my nice conversation with the blind man or the aha moment when I found out how hot it can be in a bikini on skis in Tropical Island – because sometimes you stand in as a model, especially if you can ski ......

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