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Events • 'Le snobisme de l'argent' appearing on QUEEN MUM'S MAIL – artist, producer and label owner Cosima von Bonin invites to a tea dance in Cologne

12.09.2019 • Le snobisme de l'argent ... Cosima von Bonin, artist and friend of GoSee, invites to a tea dance in Cologne. The occasion: the release party of 'Le snobisme de l'argent' by friend and musician Justus Köhnke on the label QUEEN MUM'S MAIL in Cologne's perhaps hippest club at the moment: our friend Robert's Clubheim Olympia Cologne.

“Two years ago, I suddenly felt like releasing a record after an about 20-year break. Music, which actually needs to be on it, I didn't have at first. I only had a name for my "label": Queen Mum's Mail.” Cosima von Bonin tells GoSee and adds “Viola Klein came to my place for dinner at some point and brought me her latest 12''. I wanted the B side right away and got it too ... but not the A side because that was reserved for Justus – although I didn't know if he had anything or what he had.”

And if you now want to know – what Justus has – and you happen to be in Cologne, then please go see Robert on Sunday at Clubheim Olympia and celebrate with our friends.


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Events • Who was at the end of the line this year at Cannes Lions? – Weischer.Media presented the advertising Oscars in 2019, Scholz & Friends is the best German agency, and GoSee celebrates the Titanium Lion for 'The Uncensored Playlist' by DDB Berlin for 'Reporters Without Borders'

11.09.2019 • Glitter and glamour on stage at an entertaining award ceremony with presenter Steven Gätjen and host Florian Weischer, Chairman of Hamburg-based media company Weischer.Media, followed by an after-show party: Around 300 invited guests witnessed the ceremonial presentation of the “Oscars of Advertising” at Delphi Showpalast in Hamburg. Weischer.Media, the official German representative of the International Festival of Creativity in Cannes for more than 20 years, invited guests once again to the “Night of the Lions” in Hamburg where the German winners were honored and finally received their long-awaited Lion trophies, which they had won in Cannes in June.

A total of only 32 Lions (Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Titanium) were presented to the creatives. Two particularly valuable awards were among the coveted trophies: one Grand Prix and one Titanium Lion. “With the Titanium Lion and Grand Prix, our creatives demonstrate their ability to compete in the highest league of international creatives, even though the German agencies did better in Cannes last year,” Florian Weischer says...

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Events • Back to BASICS – Let the VIEWING begin ! In 2019, renowned Berlin-based HMS agency basics is hosting the Portfolio Library at UPDATE-19-BERLIN for GoSee – and is now open for registration

11.09.2019 • In 2019, we are delighted to once again present you the popular PORTFOLIO LIBRARY at UPDATE-19-BERLIN. And photographers can now contact us to register. For only 180 euros, you have the opportunity to personally place your PORTFOLIO in the library for viewing and get your ticket to UPDATE-19-BERLIN.

At GoSee, we’re positive that art buyers, direct clients and representatives alike will gladly take a bit of their time to view the portfolios. The library is hosted personally by our friends from basics, Barbara Münzing and Heleen Claassen. We couldn’t be any happier !

So, if you’re a photographer and want to have your portfolio viewed, all you have to do is get in touch with us under (first come, first serve). We’ll see you on 15 November in Berlin ! GoSee : &

About – basics
was founded in 1995 by Heleen Claassen and Barbara Münzing, making it one of the first agencies for visagists and stylists in Berlin. Our extensive base of loyal clients is from the areas of fashion, beauty, advertising, catalogues, music, PR, events,...

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Events • Berlin Commercial 2019 (formerly BFFF – Berlin Fashion Film Festival) – a little Cannes on the Spree?

11.09.2019 • BERLIN COMMERCIAL (formerly BFFF – Berlin Fashion Film Festival) just celebrated its second premiere under a new name at Haubentaucher in Berlin. Philipp Ulita, founder and organizer of the event, has set his sights on creating a platform where decision makers from agencies and production companies, established directors, camerapeople and up-and-coming talents of the industry can meet for a tête-à-tête.

The moderate number of visitors gave everyone the opportunity to mingle with other visitors personally. The light, summery flair was reminiscent of a beach party and was described by some visitors as “better than Cannes Lions”. Because the location, scenery and format gave everyone the relaxed feeling of being on vacation – the various items of the agenda, keynotes, screenings, panels, and workshops always sparked interest and inspired visitors with captivating discussions.

Different panels discussed the issues and challenges filmmakers face: Topics once again included the cooperation between producers and editors or the cooperation with agencies, problems and benefits. Also...

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Events • UPDATE-19-BERLIN – Film, Photo, Illustration, Production ... a brief update on our annual GoSee event on 15 November in Berlin. We look forward to seeing you !

14.08.2019 • We know it’s summer ... and don’t want to interrupt things all too much. UPDATE-19-BERLIN is a success even before it has begun. With almost 50 confirmed exhibitors already and still quite a few requests open, we now look forward to a wonderful and well-attended event.

We are delighted to welcome CREATIVE visitors (ABs, CDs, ADs, APs, Editors, Direct Clients, ...) who can attend the Salon free of charge like every year. Simply register online in your GoSeeACCOUNT or send us an email.

Just decided you want to come as an EXHIBITOR? Then please send us a short email, and we will gladly send you further information on the oldest, most established and successful event of its kind. The spot presented here is by Sven Windszus, our 2018 Gold winner in the category CGI & Animation.

About – UPDATE is the longest running industry event of its kind, connecting creative agencies and their clients in the real world. As part of the GoSee family, we reach out to around 150,000 readers; certainly the most exquisite audience in the industry. Mother, Adam&Eve, Jung von Matt, Serviceplan,...

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